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Information and solution automation is part of the integral career and business needs that can foster economic growth. Our services and outreach is focused on impacting lives and businesses through innovative tech-powered solutions.


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Jobreaders employ excellent project management strategies proven for effective delivery - for businesses, inventions and community-based services.


We perfect business productivity goals by helping brands grain visibility through known channels, to reach larger audience and sell more.

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Our global hubs ( blogs, workshops and mentorship) now serve as gateway for thoundsands of young peoople from developing nation who tap inot career opportunities.

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Our community is dedicated to study, development and implementation of critical analytics models that grow economies and give power back to the people - we empower with skills and information.

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Jobreaders has demonstrated consistent commitment in mass education through various platforms - we have immensly been impacted.
Matthew Johnson
My digital marketing journey was made seamless - the simplicity and team commitment to building a community of solution is commendable.
Luis Carloz
Coming across some of your blogs have helped me shape a though system around the nature of impact that young people should aim at - my sincere review is the price I have to pay.
Alice Miles

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