10 Best Medical schools in Ghana

Top Medical Schools in Ghana | Best Tuition & Location

This guide helps you discover the top 10 best medical schools in Ghana, ranking from both private medical colleges in this region to the famous Accra College of Medicine. It is also worthy of note that this guide spans other paying medical fields outside Medicine and Surgey’s popular MBBS.

NB: Students who aspire for any medical degree in these schools can follow the official website enlisted in this guide for further findings.

At Jobreaders.org, we are committed to sharing vital information to help global citizens tap into career opportunities. Our effort in this journal it to reveal the most informative and educational view of these student choices across regions in Ghana.

Finally, this review containts the best medical schools in Ghana with thier fees, through their official links. This guide is an unordered ranking of the Best Medical schools in Ghana; for aspiring students who need a comparison between their favourite institutions for locations, tuition fees, and student opportunities.

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Getting Started with Current Career Realities

Time and events have proven the need for more medical experts, it has now become more crucial for medical perspectives to understand the various branches and a number of opportunities aspired.

To achieve a solid background in any of these medical fields we are discussing here, there will be a need for students’ due diligence in terms of finding out what courses match their life aspirations.

In summary, any individual intending to pursue a life career in this profession must seek the best school equipped with the necessary facilities to deliver standard training.

One important factor determining the success of anyone’s career is the training received formally and informally. Ghana, over the years, has accomplished giant strides in its academic sector accruing good medical schools.

A medical school can either be an institution solely or part of an educational institution teaching medicine with the aim of awarding a professional degree to surgeons and physicians.

Best Medical Schools in Ghana 2023 Review (+Tuition Fees)

(Here is a list of the best Medical Schools in Ghana for your consideration)

  • Family health medical school 
  • The university of Ghana medical school, Accra
  • The Kwame Nkrumah University of Sciences and technology, school of medical sciences
  • The University of Allied Health Sciences
  • The University for Developmental Studies, School of Medicine, tamale.
  • Accra College of Medicine.
  • University of cape coast school of medical sciences
  • C4C homoeopathic medical school
  • The Accra school of hygiene
  • Community Health nurse’s training college.

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Top Accredited Medical Schools in Ghana

Description, tuition information and location of the best medical schools in Ghana:

Family Health Medical School

The Family Health Medical School, Ghana is a private research institution at the heart of Teshie, Accra. Close to the school is the Kofi Annan International Peace Training center with its solid affiliation with the University of Ghana.

They offer a wide range of programs and are equipped with modern facilities to complement ranging from, spacious lecture halls to state-of-the-art laboratories.

And students have access to practical hands-on clinical giving them an advantage over students of other medical institutions. They are committed to the holistic training of medical professionals in the advancement of human health. It is accredited by the National Accreditation Board and the medical-dental council of Ghana.

Tuition for local students is Ghc 40,000 whilst $12,000 for international students.

School Website: https://fhu.edu.gh

University Of Cape Coast, School Of Medical Sciences

School of Medical Sciences is a part of the University of Cape Coast and it is situated at the north campus of the varsity. With its recent commencement in the year 2007, it has lesser numerical strength of students but is well known to produce a high calibre of medical professionals.

The medical school is well equipped with facilities to aid pieces of training of students. Also, there is a wide range of medical disciplines of your choosing.

Tuition for local students is Ghc 14,000 whilst $19,000 for international students. Meanwhile, these are not all that saw this institution on the list of best medical schools in Ghana.

School Website: https://uccsms.edu.gh

Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology School Of Medical Sciences

The Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology School Of Medical Sciences is a public varsity- government-owned. Records have posited it as the second-largest medical school in Ghana, till date.

Top medical professionals of the country were hewn from the varsity accruing it a good repute. This is also the best go as it will be less expensive in cost due to ownership.

Tuition for various medical courses starts with about 12,000 Ghc, based on the previous reviews.

However, to learn more about the current events and policies, students are advised to visit a special page for the department of medical sciences at Nkrumah University of Science and technology.

The University Of Allied Health Sciences

The University of Allied Health The UAHS is a private health institution in Ghala; one of the leading medical schools in Ghana that is dedicated to community services.

One of the famous basic requirements for admission into the UHAS as a medical student include but not limited to the UHAS GCE/IGCSE (CAMBRIDGE) ‘A’ & ‘O’LEVELS.

Jobreaders preliminary study show that the University of Allied Health Science is one of the latest top schools in Ghana – it was accredited in the year 2012, according to source.

Based on previous data, tuition at UAHS ranges from $7000 and international students paying more with variation across disciplines for all students.

Official school website: www.uhas.edu.gh

Accra College Of Medicine

Accra College of Medicine is a reputable private and independent medical school in Accra, Ghana. ACM is the famous abbreviation for the Accra College of Medicine and was founded in 2013 in view of solving Ghana and Africa’s growing health evolutions anc challenges.

Also, it is equipped with the facilities needed to train professionals to deliver quality health care. Seasoned teachers are available in sync with their vision of raising health personnel to bring solutions to health issues affecting the country.

To learn more about the school (Accra College of Medicine), kindly visit this official website for tuition, admission processes, academic calenders and other current events.

University Of Ghana, School Of Medicine And Dentistry

The University of Ghana ( School of Medicine and Dentistry) ranks top among medical schools in Ghana, as the largest.

UGMS, as it is popularly known as, the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry is a public research institutions leading in medical courses in Ghana.

The University of Ghana School of Ghana as a parent schools to many other school was established in 1962 according to Wikiepedia updates.

UGMS is located in Korlu Bu, as a teaching Hospital as one of the first schools planned as early as 1919.

To learn more about the University of Ghana Medical School, available courses, registration processes and current tuition, kindly visit the official website.

University Of Developmental Studies, School Of Medicine

This varsity is owned by the government and it is also accredited by the national accreditation board, it is well equipped with facilities that deliver the best learning, bridging theory with practice.

According to the school’s website, it adopts a unique teaching method fully equipping students for a smooth and successful career path in the health sector.

The tuition fee for local students is Ghc3,000.

School website: https://uds.edu.gh/

C4c Homeopathic Medical School

Majoring in homoeopathy, this institution is recorded as leading in this field of medicine. It has a core mission of building professionals to the standard required in this discipline.

According to the school’s website, students will be able to incorporate opportunities into the school experience each day. And will meet high academic expectations because their learning is enhanced by the best practices offered.

Accra School Of Hygiene

It has an affiliation with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Its courses also include; occupational therapy, occupational health and safety, and environmental health programs.

Community Health Nurses’ Training College

It’s a public health institution in Tano. All activities are supervised by the Ministry of Education. Also, the University of Ghana awards a diploma in nursing after a three-year training program.


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Which university is best for medicine in Ghana?

On a scale of the top 20 best-accredited schools of medicine in Ghana ( also known as medicine/medical schools) in the region, Accra College of Medicine would be one of the leading schools.

However, this post has summed up based on popular ranking, school reviews from pools of existing studies and in no order of hierarchy.

However, from the University of Allied Health Science to Kwame Nkrumah University of Sciences and Technology, students can have the best medical knowledge in Ghana and here ( this post) explains all these institutions.

Is Ghana a good place to study medicine?

Answer: Yes, Ghana is one of the best medicine and surgery study destinations in Africa, and the world at large.

What, however, will help any students make the most informed decision is meant to go beyond the popularity of the school.

In each of the Ghanaian medical schools listed on this page, we include their official websites and you are encouraged to access the institution to learn more about all the available medical options.

Which school has produced more doctors in Ghana?

Based on internet-based data, Prempeh College has produced the most doctors in Ghana.

Which university in Ghana offers medicine?

These schools offer medicine in Ghana:

  • Family health medical school 
  • The university of Ghana medical school, Accra
  • The Kwame Nkrumah University of Sciences and technology, school of medical sciences
  • The University of Allied Health Sciences
  • The University for Developmental Studies, School of Medicine, tamale.
  • Accra College of Medicine.
  • University of cape coast school of medical sciences
  • C4C homoeopathic medical school
  • The Accra school of hygiene
  • Community Health nurse’s training college.

Who can go to medical school?

Firstly, any student at any age and with the right measure of determination can attend and graduate gloriously with medical certification and deployable skills. However, it comes at a cost that is enumerated in this work ( and guide).

Even if you are not a science student or possess none of the basic subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

What it takes is one’s determination to study and sit for and pass all of the preliminary examinations that decide admission into any of the chosen medical courses.

This block above contains a list of scholarships that are designed for students from developing nations. You can access the 2023 information, get ready, or start online applications for the latest scholarships.


 In Africa, Ghana is spotted as one of the best student destinations for various reasons, one is the quality of education and the relative economic viability among other African countries.

In the before and aftermath of the 2019 pandemic, the need for medical career workers has skyrocketed globally. Suggestively, the result is backing the age-long vitality of good health and quality health services.

On the other hand, becoming a medical doctor comes with a number of demands on the side of the students and as well as their sponsors. Same way, scaling through the financial and academic demands, however, is faced with a career filled with lots of potential and opportunities.

As part of our effort to enlighten millions in Africa and other developing nations, we will be updating this journal (from time to time), to ensure it provides you with the most accurate and solution-driven information.