10 Best Medical Schools in Tennessee 2020|Application

Best Medical Schools in Tennessee 2024 Ranking

Diving into the list of top medical schools in Tennessee unveils a plethora of benefits for prospective students. Get started with required information you need the diverse educational landscape encompassing renowned institutions like Vanderbilt University and Meharry Medical College. As a students, it is recommended that you tailor your academic journey to align with your passions and career aspirations.

Studying in Tennessee offers a unique and enriching experience for several compelling reasons:

  1. Diverse Educational Landscape:
    • Tennessee boasts a diverse range of universities and colleges, each with its own distinctive strengths and specialties. From research-intensive institutions to liberal arts colleges, students can find a variety of academic environments to suit their preferences.
  2. Rich Cultural Heritage:
    • With a deep-rooted cultural heritage, Tennessee provides a vibrant and unique backdrop for students. From the music scene in Nashville, the birthplace of blues in Memphis, to the picturesque landscapes, students can immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience.
  3. Top-tier Medical Education:
    • Tennessee is home to renowned medical schools and health science centers, such as Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Meharry Medical College. Students pursuing medical education benefit from high-quality programs, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a commitment to healthcare excellence.
  4. Affordable Cost of Living:
    • Compared to some other states, Tennessee offers a relatively affordable cost of living. This includes reasonable housing costs, making it an attractive option for students looking to manage their expenses while still enjoying a high standard of living.
  5. Music and Arts Scene:
    • Tennessee is synonymous with music, particularly country and blues. Students with an interest in music and the arts can indulge in the vibrant scenes of Nashville and Memphis, attending live performances, exploring museums, and experiencing the unique fusion of cultural influences.
  6. Natural Beauty and Outdoor Activities:
    • The state is blessed with diverse landscapes, from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Students can take advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and water sports, providing a refreshing balance to academic pursuits.
  7. Friendly and Welcoming Community:
    • Tennesseans are known for their hospitality and friendliness. Students often find a warm and welcoming community that makes them feel at home, contributing to a positive and supportive learning environment.
  8. Opportunities in Healthcare and Research:
    • With a strong emphasis on healthcare and research, Tennessee’s institutions provide opportunities for students to engage in groundbreaking research projects and gain hands-on experience in the medical field.
  9. Culinary Delights:
    • Tennessee is famous for its culinary scene, offering a delectable array of Southern comfort food. From barbecue to soul food, students can explore a diverse range of flavors and cuisines.
  10. Networking Opportunities:
    • Studying in Tennessee provides access to extensive networking opportunities, especially in industries such as healthcare, music, and technology. Building connections within these thriving sectors can open doors to exciting career prospects.

Whether you’re drawn to the academic excellence of its institutions, the rich cultural offerings, or the welcoming community, studying in Tennessee can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience.

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Here is a list of best 10 medical schools in Tennessee in 2024:

East Tennessee State University (ETSU)

Located in Johnson City, ETSU is a public university committed to eliminating discrimination and harassment. With an acceptance rate of 87% and a graduation rate of 39%, ETSU offers a welcoming environment.

To apply for their admission simply check out this link of the East Tennessee State University

Meharry Medical College

Established in 1876, Meharry Medical College in Nashville, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, stands as the oldest historically black academic health science center in the U.S. With an impressive endowment of $159.1 million USD, Meharry welcomes aspiring physicians, dentists, researchers, and health policy experts

To apply for simply check out the Meharry Medical College official website.

Lincoln Memorial University

Situated in Harrogate, this private liberal arts university spans 1,000 acres and offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a scenic campus. With an acceptance rate of 60% and a graduation rate of 53%, Lincoln Memorial University is dedicated to providing aid to students

To apply, simply check out the official website of the Lincoln Memorial University.

University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Located in Memphis and founded in 1850, the University of Tennessee College of Medicine is part of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Uncover the path to medical excellence through their [official website](Link to UofT College of Medicine).

To apply for the University of Tennessee  College of Medicine simply check out this link of their official website

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is a graduate medical school of Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee.

As part of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, this graduate medical school boasts a selective acceptance rate ranging from 6-7%. Dive into the competitive world of Vanderbilt admissions at [Vanderbilt University School of Medicine]

To get more information on how to apply, check out their official website – Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

The University of Tennessee-Health Science Center

The mission of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is to improve the health and well-being of Tennesseans and the global community by fostering integrated collaborative and inclusive education, research, scientific discovery, clinical care, and public service.

The University is Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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They hold Health Career Programs (HCP) which prepares the next generation of individuals to become culturally competent and relevant healthcare professionals and educators.

You can apply through the University of Tennessee- Health Science Center website.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The University of Tennessee is a public research university in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Founded in 1794, two years before Tennessee became the 16th state, it is the flagship campus of the University of Tennessee system, with ten undergraduate colleges and eleven graduate colleges.

The University of Tennessee has an acceptance rate of 78% and a graduation rate of 68%.

The university also offers financial aid to its students and applicants.

This is what it looks like in numbers, before the aid $32,010 and after the aid $19,142.

To apply, simply check out the official website of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville for more information on its requirements and application details.

Walden University

Walden University is an online for-profit university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Walden University offers bachelor of science, master of science, master of business administration, and many more sought after courses.

They are amongst the top-notch universities in the world known for their great online learning platform.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and committed to quality assurance and continuous improvement of the institution.

Their average graduation rate is 26%.

They also offer aid to students and prospective applicants.

Here is what you stand to gain with the aid. Before the aid, the average tuition fees is $23,296 and after the aid, it is reduced to $21,276.

To apply, simply check out the official Walden University website

DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine:

The University is committed to providing health care to underserved patients in the Appalachian region, Lincoln Memorial University’s DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine grants doctor’s degrees in osteopathic medicine and occupational and physical therapy and a Ph.D. in Clinical Anatomy. 

Their courses run for four (4) years. You’ll spend your first two years studying preclinical sciences and your final two years participating in clinical experiences in both office and hospital settings.

You can check their official website for more information.

 Lee University

Lee University is a private Christian university in Cleveland, Tennessee.

It was originally the Church of God Bible Training School, a small Bible institute founded in 1918 with twelve students and one teacher.

The university has a great learning environment and a great view that encourages quick and effective learning.

They have an acceptance rate of 89% and a graduation rate of 50% making it easier for you to secure an admission and be done with it soonest.

Lee University offers financial aid and here is what it looks like in actual figures.

Before aid the average tuition fees are $32,500 but after the aid the student can now pay $18,485.

To apply, simply check out the official website of Lee University

Frequently Asked Questions: Exploring Top Medical Schools in Tennessee

1. How Many Medical Schools are in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to a variety of distinguished medical schools. The list includes:

  • East Tennessee State University (ETSU)
  • Meharry Medical College
  • Lincoln Memorial University
  • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
  • The University of Tennessee-Health Science Center
  • The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Walden University
  • DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Lee University

2. What is the Number 1 University in Tennessee?

Vanderbilt University holds the prestigious position as the top-ranking institution in Tennessee, recognized globally for its research and academic excellence.

3. How is Tennessee Ranked in Healthcare?

Tennessee is ranked 37th in the U.S. for healthcare, according to recent reputable rankings. This places it alongside Georgia, which is ranked 46th.

4. How Selective is Vanderbilt University School of Medicine?

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine is highly selective, with an acceptance rate ranging from 6-7%. This competitive nature reflects the institution’s commitment to academic excellence.

5. Are Financial Aid and Scholarships Available at These Universities?

Yes, many of the mentioned universities provide financial aid and scholarships to eligible students. Examples include Lincoln Memorial University, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Lee University.

6. What is the Graduation Rate at Lee University?

Lee University boasts a graduation rate of 50%, offering a conducive learning environment for students.

7. Are Online Programs Available at Walden University?

Indeed, Walden University specializes in online education, offering a diverse array of programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA courses.

8. How Can I Apply to East Tennessee State University (ETSU)?

To apply to ETSU, visit the [ETSU Admission](Link to ETSU Admission) page for comprehensive application instructions and details.

9. What is the Mission of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center?

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is on a mission to enhance the health and well-being of Tennesseans and the global community through integrated education, research, clinical care, and public service.

10. Is Meharry Medical College Affiliated with any Religious Organization?

Yes, Meharry Medical College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, having been established in 1876.

What is the number 1 University in Tennessee?

Answer: A globally renowned center of research and learning, Vanderbilt University takes the top spot on our ranking of the best colleges in Tennessee.

Each year, nearly 5,000 students earn their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree at the university.

What is Tennessee ranked in healthcare?

Tennessee Tennessee is ranked 37th alongside Georgia Georgia that is ranked 46the in the United States, by a reputable recent ranking.

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