10 Best Schools in the USA to get a Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence | Apply Now

Getting the best programs for a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence requires a good amount of research and evaluation to conclude on which university has the most adequate resources for the program. In this blog post are the top best schools to apply and acquire your Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in the United States of America.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

This is a branch of science also referred to as machine intelligence. This is intelligence demonstrated by machines and it isn’t natural like that displayed by humans and animals. Another definition can be noted as the ability of a computer or robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that humans can naturally do.

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List of Schools Offering a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence

In light of the global pandemic – COVID 19, many of the universities in the USA have fully adopted the use of online teaching platforms to educate and help each student conclude their respective programs.

  1. DEPAUL University: this is a private university located in Chicago in the United States, it has been named as one of the Best National Universities according to the U.S. News & World Report 2020. And according to Forbes 2020 as “one of the nation’s Best Value Colleges. The average tuition, living costs, and campus accommodation fees per year for Postgraduate studies are $41,600, $17,100, and $14,262 respectively. Their courses are majorly done in English. You can find out more information on how to apply by simply clicking on this link https://grad.depaul.edu/apply
  2. Stanford University: This is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. They have been running since 1891 and are located in Stanford, California. They comprise about 2,219 faculties presently and they are amongst the nations best in Artificial Intelligence. This university can guarantee a great learning experience for those that apply. Here is their official website link for the application. https://gradadmissions.stanford.edu/applying/starting-your-application
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): This technologically advanced school offers postgraduates the opportunity to bag a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. The University is located in Cambridge, MA, USA. MIT produces most of the brightest minds we have in the tech industry and also offers aid to students who can’t meet up to their fees. To find out more information on how to apply for its Ph.D. program and also to receive aid for your study simply visit their official website – http://gradadmissions.mit.edu/
  4. Berkeley University of California: Berkeley has been on the news for great achievements lately and now with the launch of their Ph.D. program in Artificial intelligence, it is gaining the world’s attention. The university has its location in California, USA. The university has a great environment that is highly conducive to learning. To apply for its Ph.D. program, simply apply through this link https://grad.berkeley.edu/
  5. Washington University: The University is a multi-campus university with sections in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell as well as a world-class academic medical center. The university is widely known for its scholarships and great educational programs. Their multi-campus facilities are top-notched and deliver their students with the best. They confer more than 12,000 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and professional degrees annually. Here is their official link to apply https://uw.edu/admissions/
  6. University of Cincinnati: This University is located in Ohio State and is known for its technological advancements especially in areas of Artificial intelligence. The University of Cincinnati is a public research university with an enrollment of more than 46,000 students and has been named “Among the top tier of the Best National Universities,” according to U.S. News & World Report. You can apply by visiting the official website link https://admissions.uc.edu/apply  
  7. Rice University: This University is located in Houston, Texas and since they just started their Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, the price is still unknown. This was largely due to the global pandemic lockdown. Rice University seizes its advantageous position to pursue pathbreaking research and create innovative collaboration opportunities that contribute to the betterment of our world. To apply simply click on this official website link https://graduate.rice.edu/howtoapply. They also offer great financial aids to those who want to study at the university.
  8. Colorado State University: this is a state-owned university located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Colorado State University is one of the nation’s top public research universities and an institution on the rise. In the last decade, CSU has produced record enrollment, built on all-time highs in student diversity and student success. The fee for getting a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Colorado state university is $92,574. For more information on how to apply simply click on this link https://graduateschool.colostate.edu/
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology: The Georgia Institute of Technology is a leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology. Georgia Tech provides a technologically focused education to more than 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students in fields ranging from engineering, computing, and sciences, to business, design, and liberal arts. To find out more information on their Ph.D. programs in Artificial intelligence visit this link – https://www.gatech.edu/academics/doctoral-degree-programs
  10.  Northeastern University: The university has locations in Boston, Massachusetts; Charlotte, North Carolina; San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Maine, and Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada. Locations are strategically located within close proximity to industry leaders and entrepreneurial start-ups where professional networks can be built. The average tuition, living costs, and average private rent fees for a year of Postgraduate studies are $52,610, $4,467, and $9,804 respectively. You can log onto their original website for more information and apply using this link – https://www.northeastern.edu/

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What other thing do you take home?

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Frequently asked Questions  

Q. What do I need to do before applying?

A. Go through the application link of the website, note down the important details needed, and make sure you can provide them all before applying.

Q. Can I apply on Paper?

A. No, most of the universities mentioned in this blog post accept all their applications online.

Q. I am having technical problems with my online application. What do I do?

A. In situations like this always head for the university support section to help you. The universities mentioned above have great interactive platforms making it easier for any applicant to get through their application with ease.

Q. I would like to withdraw my application. Will the application fee be refunded?

A. in most cases the application fee won’t be refunded, so be a hundred percent sure as you make your applications. Good luck!

Q. How do I reach you for further guidance during my application process?

A. You can always drop a comment on the comment section and our team will inform you with accurate information.

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