10 Canadian Universities that Waive IELTS for International Students

The 10 Canadian Universities that Waive IELTS for International Students have been elucidated on this page along with everything you need to know about IELTS requirements, and other opportunities for local and international in Canada.

You know that all English countries need either IELTS or other English exams from foreign students for universities in Canada, not even Canada alone as a requirement for entry.

This is to say, no matter how much you might know, you will never be accepted if you are not able to provide this. 

The requirement, however, is primarily for international students who are not from one of these English nations.

However, Students from English countries are not necessary at some universities to provide this before English. 

In addition to the IELTS challenge faced by international students who want to study in Canada, there are always other issues with things like accommodation, tuition fees, and all the rest, but there is still a way out.


For those who want to sponsor themselves but are only searching for universities without IELTS in Canada.

You’re on the right page because this article explores the 10 Canadian universities that waive IELTS requirement for international students.  

Some Canadian universities charge application fees as high as $150 to $200, and as these fees are not refundable, this is a powerful blow to foreign students financially.

They will not be refunded until they are billed, whether you get admission or not. 

Ok here’s my finding of Canada’s universities that do not charge any application fee. Later, you may thank me, but let’s face the matter that brought us here for now. 

This is about universities in Canada without IELTS, before we lose sight of why we are here. 

If you are not a native English speaker, but there are exemptions, universities in Canada require you to take the IELTS exam as part of the admission criteria.

If you have earned a formal degree in English for three or more consecutive years, either in your country or anywhere else, you may be exempted from submitting a pre-admission IELTS result. 

Whether you have completed either O’level or A’level in English or best put, you will also be exempted if taught in English. 

Below is a list of universities that offer IELTS exemptions in Canada. 

Why study in Canada? 

To become a competent professional in the future, every person wants to obtain international learning exposure.

Keeping in mind the same mission, individuals are searching for lucrative opportunities in the most advanced nations to go and study.

In the UK, Ireland, Germany, and many other countries, the percentage of foreign students is relatively high at this time. 

IELTS is the biggest obstacle in the way of studying aspirants abroad that can often absolutely disappoint the students due to high competition.

Even without IELTS, you can find some well-reputed universities in the UK, studying in Canada still brings ultimate benefits! 

Canada’s economy, for instance, is relatively stable and can enable students to achieve financial stability.

The next consideration is that the country’s climate is very welcoming to foreign individuals, as many institutions allow students to blend into society without any difficulty.

A plus point is a Canadian lifestyle that makes the country the best option to study. 

The success of your study application, however, depends significantly on how you have collected the data showing you to be a strong candidate among all international students.

Therefore to gain admission to Canadian universities without IELTS, you should consider obtaining the services of education consultants close to you. It’s a life-changing decision to represent you as the best!

What you need to know about the IELTS

The IELTS is also known as the International English Language Assessment Method, an international test that uses four different evaluation modules, i.e. Reading, writing, listening, and communicating to determine the linguistic capacity of an applicant. 

In popular study abroad destinations such as the USA, UK, Australia, etc., IELTS scored is a required part of the admission requirements. Canada also needs IELTS ratings, being an English-speaking country. 

There are, however, some provisions that allow prospective students to obtain admission to Canadian higher education institutions without having to take the IELTS exam. 

Any of the reasons why students would consider failing to take the IELTS exams are:

  • INR 13,250 is the price for an IELTS examination submission, which can be overwhelming for certain applicants. 
  • The framework of the IELTS exam includes writing short and long essays, making it challenging for students who are not confident in their writing skills. 
  • As the speaking portion with the teacher is separate from the other sections of the test, IELTS can take more than one day to complete. 
  • The IELTS Speaking Segment Review is done face-to-face, which may scare certain applicants who might be personally anxious about answering questions.

As such, many students do not want to take the IELTS exam because they conclude that their chances of gaining admission to Canadian universities will be hindered.

This article aims to provide students without IELTS scores with the details they need to apply to study in Canada. 

Alternatives for Studying without IELTS in Canada 

When it comes to IELTS criteria for entry, there are some exceptions to the rules.

All exemptions and options available to students who do not wish to take the IELTS test are provided in the following list: 

  1. Other examinations of English proficiency, such as TOEFL and PTE  
  2. 4-year evidence of study at an English-medium school 
  3. Evidence that your country’s official language is English       
  4. For a semester or a year to attend a Canadian English language school

You would be eligible to study in Canada without IELTS if you meet all of the above requirements, provided that your chosen Canadian University is versatile in doing so. 

Many Canadian higher education institutions often accept test results from each of the following English proficiency exams, in addition to the IELTS exam

  • TOEFL (Test of Foreign Language English) 
  • CAEL evaluation (Canadian Language of Scholarly English) 
  • PTE (Test for the Pearson English Language) 
  • CanTEST (Canadian for Scholars and Trainees Test of English) 

Note: Exemptions are decided separately by each school, so be sure to review the criteria on the institutions’ official websites before applying…

Canadian Universities that Waive IELTS for International Students

1. University of Saskatchewan

The University is well-known for producing renowned Nobel Prize winners for important scientific studies.

Not only that the school is home to many foreign students worldwide. So, compared to other universities, the criteria for English are relatively strict. 

Even you have a chance to get enrolled without IELTS at this prestigious university. Also, the institution recognizes TOEFL.

You may also appear in the advanced Canadian Examination of English for Scholars and Trainees (CanTEST) for emerging scholars.

In the same light, you can participate in the English Language Training program, the other way to get admitted to this university. 

You will only apply if you have 3 years of full-time study with a school that has a Canadian program in English, whether in Canada or not.

Also, you can apply without IELTS if you have an International Baccalaureate diploma or an Advanced Placement English qualification.

Official Website

2. University of Winnipeg

To begin with, if the applicants have proof of proficiency in the English language, the University of Winnipeg does not ask them to have an IELTS certificate.

In the IELTS test, however, students can also appear, but other forms are also available. For example, the English Language Program (ELP) may be used by students to add value to their applications for admission.

The course is offered at the university, and IELTS exempts students who have enrolled in this course. 

Not only this but other forms to get IELTS waived are also available. If you’ve been living in Canada for the past ten years, you don’t need to go to IELTS.

Moreover, students from English-speaking countries are also exempted from the English proficiency test. 

There are other forms, of course, in which English standards can be waived. You are excluded if you have been living in Canada for 10 years or have been studying in Canada for 3 years.

Official Website

3. Brock University

In getting admission to foreign universities, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is beneficial, but it is not a compulsion. The TOEFL is also approved by many universities.

For entry to any study course in Canada, Brock University has its language program called the Brock Comprehensive English Language Program (IELP). 

Besides, the university will approve your application if you have earned the International Baccalaureate diploma.

In addition, three years of educational experience will allow you to access university programs with English as the medium of instruction.

Official Website

4. Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador

Memorial University is one of the top-ranked universities in Canada, with 18,000 students and a 66 percent acceptance rate.

A lot of foreign students would like to be enrolled at the university with its reputation for engineering, business, and medicine. 

Instead of IELTS, you can give a CanTEST, TOEFL or CAEL, Canadian Academic English Language, to those international students who are interested. The university also provides courses and tests for its ESL or ELP. 

By taking an online learning class for English offered at university, you can also get a head start.

Often as long as you can submit documentation that you are fluent in English, including your grades from your school in the English language, the university can exempt you, however, they prefer the previous grades.

Official Website

5. Cambrian College

Cambrian College, a college with a wide emphasis on study and after-school employment, warmly welcomes foreign students.

With other universities in Canada, the college has concluded agreements where foreign students can begin their studies with other educational institutions. The procedure for applying is also very democratic. 

There’s no need for IELTS and TOEFL. In fact, according to their website, once an international student applicant arrives on their campus, the school will assess their speaking and writing skills.

So, there is no need for expensive certifications or hours spent studying for an English proficiency exam at Cambrian College.

Official Website

6. University of Regina                                                   

The University of Regina is a comprehensive, medium-sized university with campuses located in Regina and Saskatoon on the territories of Treaty 4.

And Treaty 6, the ancestral lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakoda, and Lakota nations and the homeland of the Métis, which traces its origins back to the formation of Regina College, a small residential high school founded in 1911 by the Methodist church.

The College increased in size and importance in 1974, becoming a University of Saskatchewan campus and finally an autonomous degree-awarding university, the University of Regina. 

In 2019, the university witnessed 11 consecutive years of increases in enrollment and 37 years of the highest rise in enrollment.

In fall 2019, our student body was 16,501 full-time and part-time students, a record number registered in our 10 schools, 25 academic departments and schools, 18 study centers and institutes.

And three federated colleges. (Campion College, First Nations University of Canada, and Luther College). Colleges bring excellence and diversity to the educational experience offered.

Official Website

7. Concordia University

In the heart of the world-class city of Montreal, Canada, Concordia is an English-language university.

The Concordia culture is resolutely anchored to the real world, open and active, compassionate and caring, from classroom to lab, in our libraries, and on our streets.

In the teaching and study, we are known for our versatile approach to learning, and for our dedication to addressing social problems from a broad perspective.

It’s an approach that is rooted in the 1974 establishment of Concordia, which brought together Loyola College (1896) and the University of Sir George Williams (1926). 

At Concordia, approximately 48,000 students are following their educational and research objectives.

Four Faculties (Arts and Technology, Creative Arts, the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science and the John Molson School of Business), a Graduate School, and a Continuing Education Centre make up the University.

To enrich the world’s wealth of knowledge, to bridge societies, and most importantly, to develop and contribute, we inspire our students to become involved, critical and concerned citizens.

Official Website

8. Carleton University

The Carleton University campus is spread over 62 hectares, situated on Algonquin land between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River near downtown Ottawa. 

The campus houses more than 35 buildings linked by 5 km of underground tunnels to each other. All the buildings have top-notch facilities and are fitted with first-rate services.

A collection of over two million books, recordings, periodicals, microfilms, CDs, maps, government records, and archival materials is available at the MacOdrum Library. 

In various fields of education, such as arts, languages, history, psychology, philosophy, engineering, architecture, law, economics, journalism, research, business, etc.,

Carleton University offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs About 30,000 part-time and full-time students and a team of more than 900 trained and distinguished faculty members are located at the university.

It has many international partnerships to foster research and academic exchange programs in more than 30 nations.

It has also set up industry partnerships that help provide practical training and employment opportunities for students.

The university’s career services plan numerous activities to advise and encourage students on their chosen career path, such as career fairs, networking nights, and workshops.

Official Website

9. Seneca College, Toronto

Seneca provides more than just an education. Seneca’s size and diversity, with campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, give students the advantage of partnerships with industry leaders.

The latest in hands-on computer technology, a variety of class sizes, and options for full-time, part-time, and continuing education.

Education should be versatile and open, so in programs related to applied arts, business, financial services, and technology.

Seneca also employs different teaching methods, from in-class lectures and online learning to co-op and field placements.

Official Website

10. Okanagan College, Canada

Okanagan College retains the right, without advance notice, to make additions, deletions, cancellations, adjustments or changes to its policies, laws and regulations.

Practices, procedures, tuition fees, other fees, availability of classes, delivery modes, schedules, programs, or program requirements at any time. 

Okanagan College reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to admit individuals to its programs and courses Okanagan College. 

Okanagan College is not bound by the publication of details in the Calendar to include classes, programs, resources, or facilities as specified herein. 

The Calendar is not meant to be a full declaration at Okanagan College of all policies, practices, laws, and regulations. 

Students must inform themselves of the processes, policies, and regulations of Okanagan College and the particular criteria associated with the degree, diploma or credential sought.

Okanagan College shall not be responsible for any loss or damage sustained or caused by any student or a third party as a consequence of cancellation, modification, delay, or termination of facilities.

Courses, classes, programs, tuition, or fees as a result of God’s actions, burning, strikes, lockouts, work stoppages or slowdowns, labor disputes, lack of funds, college property damage, failure to obtain.

Official Website

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If IELTS or TOEFL scores are not issued, will there be visa problems? 

Canada has implemented new rules on student visas that not only help to ensure that foreign students study at universities in the country, but also provide them with some degrees of freedom to work.

For example, although former prospective students only needed to demonstrate a desire to study in Canada, they now need to prove their enrollment in a college that accepts visa eligibility for foreign students.

Therefore without having IELTS ratings, students applying for visas need to guarantee their enrollment at the university of their choosing, which does not require IELTS documents.

Since the college of their choice provides them with a letter of acceptance, when applying for a student visa, students can have supporting documentation to prove their English language proficiency.

What’s more, after 90 days of completing their course, students can no longer remain on a study permit.

This is to ensure that after enrolling in a long-term degree course, students do not turn to short-term programs. 

These strict regulatory measures are intended to help Canadian authorities curb the inflow of study permit holders who are unable to undertake studies and instead ensure that student visas are given to legitimate students.

This move is expected to help Canada weed out low-quality educational institutions and offer foreign students pursuing quality degrees with high-standard education. 

Unlike many others, you can look up them when applying for admission without an IELTS outcome. These universities are open to exempt you from IELTS. 

Scholarships are also eligible to study at some of the universities mentioned above, so you can also lookout for some scholarships to study at universities in Canada without IELTS to help you minimize costs.

Interested in studying in Canada without IELTS?

Canada recently revised the Student Visa and Job Rules for foreign students. It has helped to give students tremendous independence, along with foreign lifestyle experience to achieve financial stability. 

Without IELTS, are you able to travel to Canada to study? Ensure that you have an in-depth understanding of admission processes and other admission criteria.

You can get support from education experts in Pakistan to deal with the criteria for language proficiency certificates and other procedures for landing in Canada. 

To pursue a career of your choosing, do not hesitate to choose your study program wisely! All of the best

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are IELTS scores expected at international universities? 

IELTS is a test designed to assess the proficiency of an applicant in the English language comprehensively.

Such results are a requirement since they enable universities to assess whether a potential candidate can keep up with the coursework and whether they will be able to adapt to an environment in which English is the primary mode of communication in all aspects of their daily lives. 

Is it compulsory to take the IELTS exam for foreign students? 

Nope, that isn’t it. It is important to know, however, that not taking the IELTS exam would make it considerably more difficult for you to study abroad, as it will restrict the pool of universities from which you can choose. 

In the article, there are exemptions listed above that will allow you to miss the IELTS exam if you want to study in Canada.

Are there other languages I can use to apply to Canada’s universities? 

If you apply to study in regions of Canada such as Quebec where French is a primary language, you would instead be expected to demonstrate competence in the French language.

However to find out the exams you will have to take, you can visit the university websites of the respective institutes. 


The 10 Canadian Universities that Waive IELTS for Foreign Students have given this article for your perusal in detail. 

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