How to Apply For $1,000 Zinch Scholarship 2021

Zinch scholarship 2021 is accessible to all intending or presently college students, residing in the United States of America. If you are searching for financial aids towards reaching your academic goals, then this post is for you.

Having gathered holistic information on the scholarship, I want to intimate you on all procedures to make your application a smooth one.

How did Zinch scholarship Originate?

Finances, often times poses as a challenge to students in their academic pursuits in any institution.

Paying tuition, purchasing course materials, working on school projects and general sustenance requires finances.

One must be financially buoyant to pull through these states. To this, you would concede without an iota of doubt.

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Scholarships are generally to support students and Zinch scholarships is one of those platforms established towards remedying financial challenge faced by students.

Zinch served as a company aiding students find, apply for scholarships and to engage in college networking and recruiting.

It afforded students the opportunity of creating a profile similar to a college application. This was to enable visibility by their schools of interest and build a connection.

The colleges weren’t left out, as they could reach out to interested students.

It evolved as a project at Princeton University in June 2006 by some students; Mick Hagen, Brad Hagen and Sid Krommenhoek. In March, 2007, it was launched for public utilization.

Six years later, 2011 precisely on September, the company was acquired by Chegg. Due to this, the web address now redirects users to the Chegg’s website. Zinch scholarship was renamed to $1,000 Chegg Monthly Scholarship.

What to know about Zinch Scholarships

Zinch scholarships are known to be in two segments. Zinch is famously known for their generating of database to help students apply for scholarships they are eligible to.

In addition to this majorly, they also run a weekly scholarship personally.

The weekly scholarship is quite a less demanding one. Unlike other scholarships with bulky processes, it is very easy but mostly requires utmost creativity.

Also, applicants are required to fill a form online and create a profile as a Zinch user.

Go ahead to visit the website for the first criterion now!

Who is eligible for Zinch Scholarship?

High school student’s residents in the United States of America are eligible for this scholarship and as stated must have created a profile on the website.

Duly note that the scholarship is not restricted to a particular institution. It can be utilized in any accredited institution in the United States.

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How much is the Zinch Scholarship?

As earlier mentioned, Zinch scholarship is worth $1,000. And, it is weekly.

Is there a specified level or field for the Zinch scholarships?

Not at all. Zinch scholarship is not restricted. Students above the age of 16 are liable to apply. In addition, any field of study is encouraged. There is no segregation whatsoever.

Host nationality

Zinch scholarship is hosted in the United States and can only be utilized there. Also, only citizens and legal residents in the United States are eligible to apply.

How to Apply for the Zinch Scholarships

Application procedures for the scholarship is quite an easy one. Firstly, you must have created a profile on the website.

Zinch scholarship is awarded following a submission of an essay prompt. This is always monthly.

Applicants must submit a not more than 600 characters length essay on the prompt. Entries are then reviewed after the deadline to determine winners. And award accordingly successful applicants.

Though it seems easy, one must give his or her best to deliver a top notch writing to wow the panel.

Put your creativity in it totally. Writing that can provoke consideration requires creativity I will add. This is due to the numerous applicants due to the seeming simplicity of the scholarship.

You can visit their website to see samples of prompts and also harness your writing skills in preparation.

Please note that multiple entries monthly from a student is highly discouraged. However, one can apply in the coming month if not successful. Also, if successful once, a student is not legible to apply again.

In selection as a winner, you would be communicated with via email or phone to claim the prize.

This is strongly encourage to respond within three days in order not to risk forfeiting.

There are some requirements to tender when collecting the award like; school Transcript, Zinch or Chegg username, contact information for the financial aid office of your varsity and home address.

Is there an application deadline?

None. However, intending applicants must frequent the Zinch website to get notified of the prompts and apply before it is retracted or expired.

Also, the scholarship database is another great opportunity of getting acquainted with ongoing scholarships one can apply for. You may just be awarded. Do well to check the official website now

Important things to note about the Zinch scholarships

  • The zinch scholarship is now called chegg’s scholarship. This was after chegg; an online book store acquired zinch. This was in lieu of expanding their student digital hub. The zinch web address redirects to the chegg website. On this premise, all intending applicants are rather advised to visit chegg.
  • One must create a profile to be eligible. This is what enables you to submit an entry. Also, profile details are always required to claim a prize. In addition, creating a profile provides a vantage of being seen by colleges awarding scholarships.
  • Prompts are usually given as the test to securing the scholarship. Therefore, one must be an active user or surfer on the official website to get notified on time.
  • Zinch scholarship is hosted in the United States and is restricted to citizens or legal residents. Also, it is utilized in only accredited institutions.
  • One must never submit two entries in a prompt to avoid being disqualified.
  • Other scholarship opportunities are being featured on the website.


This is an opportunity that should not be taken for granted. Do well to visit the website to create a profile now in preparation for essay prompts.

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