$100,000 Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2022 | Application Details

During the pandemic, Africa and the world at large faced challenges, which did not exclude affecting the education and training system; however, the need for an innovative solution meets with the persistent factors of education and training.

While there are significant educational gaps in Africa, significant progress has been made over the years. Despite the progress made, this approach remains a challenge to varying degrees. The AU Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2022 includes a cash grant of $100,000. (100,000 USD). The application portal is currently open to qualified and eligible groups.

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Since its inception in 2018, the AU (Africa Union) Innovating Education in Africa Expo has continued to gather momentum and established itself as the leading Pan-African event promoting the adoption of Education Innovations in Africa.

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There is the need to promote innovation in the entire education sector in Africa to improve the youth in their various fields of academia and also to improve in skills development ecosystems, taking advantage of the digital revolution, to increase its impact and also ensure that disadvantaged groups are not left out.

AU (Africa Union) innovating education in Africa Expo is here again as the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25) states, ICT is an essential tool for ensuring universal access, quality of provision, and empowerment of school graduates for meaningful personal lives, and contribution to social-economic development.  

The advent of COVID-19 has severely challenged Africa’s education system and reinforces the need for fit-for context, innovative and scalable solutions in education.

DOTSS provides an approach for reorienting Africa’s education and training systems to meet the knowledge, competencies, skills, innovation, and creativity required to nurture African core values and promote sustainable development at the national, sub-regional, and continental levels as espoused in CESA.

The AU (African Union) Commission’s call for submissions for the Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2022 is ongoing with an amazing cash grant). This is an initiative that seeks to promote education innovations in Africa.

Note: Please keep in mind that the deadline for applicants to submit their applications is usually around September.

Why Innovations in Africa? 

Innovation should either be in the phase of implementation or adding value in Africa with some demonstrated success and improvement in technology.

The solutions should focus more on aspects of the education delivery system including; data and analytics, teaching and learning management software, teaching and learning materials, connectivity of schools, assessment, education hardware, and infrastructure, and school administration. Additionally, your innovation should satisfy at least one of the following;

  • Enable access to education and improved quality of delivery for those who are unable to access existing services.
  • Demonstrate a scalable, sustainable business, and financing model.
  • Provide services to consumers at lower prices than existing alternatives. 

AU Innovating Expo 2022 Benefits

If your application is successful, you will benefit from one or more of the following;

  • Receive cash grants up to 100,000 USD.
  • Innovation was promoted to policymakers, investors, and practitioners during the Virtual Exhibition Day.
  • Participate in entrepreneurship training, business incubation, and acceleration program towards strengthening business model and scaling up of innovations.
  • Your innovation will be published in the Africa Education Innovations Handbook 2022.
  • Certificate of Recognition from the African Union Commission.

AU Innovating Expo 2022 Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are accepted from entrepreneurs aged between 18-35 years. Your organization should meet the following criteria;
  • Implementing an education innovation in Africa in line with the “background” and “innovations being sought” as defined in the Call for Submissions.
  • Have been a legally registered and operational for not less than 1 year.
  • Should not have previously been awarded in the top 10 categories of the Innovating Education in Africa Expo 2018 and 2019.

Application Procedure 

Submissions should be made online in English or French at www.edu-au.org/submit-innovation and kindly follow the steps below carefully to complete the application successfully :

  • Describe the essential need which the innovation targets, 100 words max.
  • Describe the business techniques for implementing the innovation, 250 words max.
  • Provide useful information on the impact to demonstrate the success of your innovation, 100 words max.
  • Explain how the innovation can be sustainable, 100 words max
  • Show a short clip video that shows your innovation in action.
  • A complete profile of the organization’s leader as applicable. 
  • Upload your business certificate, fully registered, and approved.

Apply now for the AU Innovation Education in Africa Expo 2022 here; https://www.edu-au.org/submit-innovation Let’s create visibility for your brand today and put your business on the world map. 

Visit the official web page for more details: https://edu-au.org/iea

Wrap Up

We must use the digital revolution to expand access to education in Africa. Only by paying attention will we be able to transform Africa into the continent of the future. We hope you found this article informative. Please leave a comment in the box below if you have any further questions or inquiries.

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