2024 Secondary School Scholarships in Nigeria (Apply Now)

Discover these top secondary school scholarships and opportunities designed for brilliant students pursuing their secondary school education in Nigeria.

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In this work, you will be learning about scholarship opportunities in Nigeria for junior and senior secondary school students who desire to study at home, or abroad.

Kindly pay attention to the guide in this work, and also learn where to start submitting free online applications for these opportunities.

To begin with, we are listing all the scholarships for secondary school students, their details and official links for you to get started.

Best Secondary School Scholarships in Nigeria

For all eligible candidates, here is a list of scholarships for secondary school students in Nigeria:

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UBA National Essay Competition

The UBA Essay Competition is part of the United Bank for Africa, the UBA Foundation’s education initiative and corporate social responsibility. 

From the previous schedule of both the application and enlistment for this UBA Essay competition, secondary school students remain the target. 

Again, from the previous program, winners went home with a total of 11.5 million Naira. 

To learn more about this program and how you can get started with your application as a secondary school student in Nigeria, kindly visit the official website of the UBA Foundation scholarship.

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OPM Foundation Scholarship Scheme 

The OPM Foundation, through the church and their general overseer, has continued to offer scholarships to students from all over the world. 

Scholarships through the OPM foundation scheme are mostly targeted to university students. However, based on the peculiarity of your own financial needs as a student in secondary school, you can locate the official website for enquiries. 

On the portal, there is a channel that enables you to directly send messages for scholarship considerations. 

To start applying for scholarships for secondary students in Nigeria through the Omega Fire Ministry Foundation Scholarships, kindly visit this portal for the OPM Scholarship information you need.

Sir Emeka Offor Scholarship Program

Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) scholarship is one of the student opportunities in Nigeria that targets students in their secondary school stages, undergraduates, graduates and students pursuing their postgraduate courses. 

For the application for ongoing scholarships under the SEOF, students are advised to visit the official website of the foundation for annual information and submission of their forms. 

However, for eligible students searching for secondary school scholarships, this portal is currently offline and may not be included here until it is live to start receiving your applications.

NLNG Post Primary Scholarship 

The NLNG scholarship is one of the most famous scholarship programs for students in various Nigerian institutions and study levels. 

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) is a liquefied natural gas (LNG)-producing company and a liquefied natural gas plant on Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Prospective students win this scholarship based on an excellent performance at the annual National Examination Council’s (NECO) Common Entrance Examinations.

To stand eligible and shoot your shot on the competitive fully funded scholarship, them get ready and be on time with registrations. 

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From the official website of the providing body, every study who seeks to apply for this secondary school scholarship can learn more about the programs.

Oando Secondary School Scholarship 

This corporate social responsibility is between NNPC, NAOC and OANDO, to assist Nigerian students who fall in the eligibility category. 

The Oando Scholar Programme is a yearly funding program for the three best-performing students from each of the eligible schools and aims at helping students in their secondary school levels. 

Tuition, other expenses such as transportation, books uniforms and examination fees. 

Students are selected by the Foundation in partnership with SUBEB, school heads, SBMCs ( their representatives) and the Local Government Education Authority.

To learn more and possibly begin your online application for the Oando secondary school scholarship in Nigeria, kindly visit this dedicated portal for all funding information. 

Shell Scholarship Programme 

Shell is famous for offering educational scholarships for students from host communities in Nigeria. 

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, the Shell scholarship for secondary school students in this region helps in funding students from these host communities. 

The Shell Nigeria Secondary School Scholarship Scheme is for host communities in Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo Imo and Rivers State of Nigeria.

Annually, the application portal opens for eligible students who desire to submit their applications. 

To learn more about all the Shell Scholarship Programmes, kindly visit the official scholarship page for your headway. 

Scholarships For Nigerian Secondary School Abroad

To help you figure out the top scholarships for Nigerian secondary school students to study abroad, we have compiled this list of over 97 schools abroad that offer scholarships.

Note: Most international scholarships in this setting are designed for students enrolling for their first degrees. 

Students who are leaving secondary school in Nigeria can opt for any of the scholarship programs.

Looking for any of these scholarships for secondary school students to study abroad, you may need to check this list to ascertain your eligibility.

Midwestern Oil and Gass JV Scholarships 

The Midwestern Oil and Gass Company Limited operates in Delta State, Nigeria and is one of the corporate bodies that offer scholarships for secondary school students in Nigeria. 

As part of early investment in human capital development, the scholarship is open to JSSS I and JSS 2 students only. 

For other application requirements and eligibility for this scholarship, students are advised to visit the company’s official website for current development scholarship schemes.  

People Also Want to Know

Students, parents and sponsors also desire to learn more about scholarship opportunities for students in secondary school. 

In Nigeria, there is evidence of difficulty among families and one of the ways to break free from certain funding limitations is through scholarship programs. 

Let us take a look at what others need to know as it may help you get what you are looking for.

Does MTN offer scholarships to Secondary School Students? 

In Nigeria, thousands of students get scholarship funds across various study levels annually, from MTN Foundation scholarships. 

However, secondary school students are not yet part of the beneficiaries of this program. This work only focuses on scholarship opportunities for students in secondary school, in Nigeria. 


There are more Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria for Secondary School students than this post represents. 

However, what makes it difficult to cover all is that most scholarships for secondary school students in Nigeria are local some cases do not have an independent portal for application. 

So, to discover more opportunities around you, you may need to approach your school for information about existing scholarship programs in this category. 

Also, we will keep updating this guide to ensure it covers all the funding programs and awards that will help you live your academic dreams.

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