15 Best Boarding School in the United State

The 15 Boarding school in the United States is a comprehensive article guide for parents and guardian that really want their children or ward to attend the best boarding school in the United State.  

Most times parents send their children to the most selective, competitive and influential school within the country 

The essence of these is that parents believe that going to that type of school will open for building door for lucrative social network and values. There are so many benefits of going to one of these 15 Best boarding school in the USA. 

Benefits for attending one of 15 Best boarding school in the United State 

Attending boarding school has so many advantages which one of them is to prepare students for future 

Preparing students for the future

Students who graduate from one of these school usually become great like CEOs, Nobel prize winners, ambassadors, philanthropist, Olympian and judges, most time innovators in their various fields.

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 Parents look for a school that has a specialized program and goes beyond solid in their approach in curriculum

Consideration is giving to the school that takes a proactive approach to whole-person development. Schools have so many responsibilities upon the students because they are expected to teach them value hard work, both in and out the classroom setting.  

Academics Program

Private schools are usually known to be having varieties of educational programs than public school and it is just one reason why they are so appealing to the parents.

Boarding school are being taught by some scholars who hold an advanced degree in their subject’s areas. All of the school on the list of 15 best boarding school in the United State offers a solid academic program and rigorous graduation requirement.

Number of students Boarding

The original meaning of boarding school is any school be it private or government that offers food and lodging to their students. Although it was much more than that and can explain as a thriving community of scholars, athletes, and artist. 

In boarding schools, their staff, faculty and families live within the campus and serve coaching or advising capacities. All these joined together makes a boarding school that is away from home.

For a nice boarding experience, the majority of the kids in the class with you should be also kids in the dorm with you at the chapel and hanging out on weekends with you.


These days boarding school experience is no longer for the rich alone but for all classes of individuals. You will discover that many schools are seeking a diverse students population which spans from multi-cultural students to socio-economic background.

We all know that without students these school cannot exist, in that case, they need to be affordable so that they can attract students in different population.

It will be very important to know that the tuition price on the website is exclusively for textbook, lunches, and other fees, military schools are not part of the list owing to the fact that they have their own prices and experiences, that is not included in the general school

15 Best Boarding School in the United State

Phillips Exeter Academy

This particular school is popularly known as Exeter and it is located in New Hampshire school. In this school students are meant to choose from more than 450 courses in 19 subject areas known as true Exeter style.

The striking feature about their school is Harkness method i.e dialogue-based, learning, math curriculum that focused on problem sets and seminar-based learning, tossing traditional textbook that is not in favour of students owned processes.

The school implemented a financial initiative that provides free education to any students whose family income is less $75,000 or less in 2007, making a truly wealthy world-class education available to any students who qualifies for a rigorous course of study

School details

Students boarding a percentage of 80%

Tuition fee, room and board $46,905

Percentage of students that receives financial aid 46%

Notable Alumni

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Dan Brown Author

Christopher Kimball America’s Test Kitchen

Visit the official web site here: Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Academy( Andover)

Phillip Academy is located in the Andover, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1778. It one of the oldest boarding school in the United State. Phillips Academy has known to be a feeder for Yale University.

School Details

Students boarding Percentage of 75%

Tuition, room and board cost $48,850

Students who receive financial Aid 47%


George W Bush, 

Humphery Bogart, 

Jack Lemmon, 

Julia Alverez

Visit official Website here: https://www.andover.edu/

Putney School

Putney school was found in the year 1935, it is located in Vermont and offers a rigorous progressive, hands-on education to students in grade 9-12. The students of this school are encouraged to pursue their personal academic interest as well as to present their thinking in coherent and compelling ways

Students boarding percentage of 79%

Tuition, room and board $50,000

Students who receive financial aid 43%

Church Farm school

Church farm school was established in the year 1918 and located in Exton, Pennsylvania as a college preparatory, independent boarding school for boys in grade 7-12. 

Students are required to take part in the co-curricular programs which provide opportunities for community service, outdoor experiences, leadership training and cultural art.

Other school Details

Students boarding a percentage of 90%

Tuition, room & board $ 34,300

Students who receive some financial aid $90

Episcopal High School

Episcopal high school is a private that boards 100% students which contribute to the campus community. The name implies that the school has a religious affiliation and such all students must attend chapel three times a week.

Over 85% of the faculty holds an advanced degree and teach over 140 courses. 

Other school Details

Students boarding a percentage of 100%

Tuition, room and board $49,700

Students who receive financial aid 32%

St Pauls school

St Pauls school was Established in 1856 in concord, New Hampshire, St Paul school is exclusively a boarding school for students in grade 9-12. The students and all the faculty staff live within the campus which promote a close spirited campus community.

The student’s community begins with four day week with chapel services to ease the transition to campus life each new student is assigned a big brother or big sister.

Other school Details

Students boarding a percentage of 100%

Tuition, room and board $52,200

Students who receive financial aid 33%

Asheville School

Ashville school is a private coeducational boarding school established in 1900 for students in grade 9-12. Students from this school do challenge themselves academically and personally. In Ashville school, the first-year students go a three-day wilderness camping trip with a high rope. 

The school embraces a series of seminars designed to orientate to students in Ashville.

Students boarding a percentage of 80%

Tuition, room and board $ 47,375

Students who receive financial aid $ 30

Shattuck-St. Mary’s School

The school was established in 1858 located in Faribault, Minnesota and serves students in grade 6-12. The Ashville school maintains the Episcopalian identity and offers weekly chapel services, classes in religion and saying of grace before lunch. Students must meet up with community service before graduation.

Students boarding percentages 75%

Tuition, room and board $45,425

Students who receive financial aid 100%

What is the most prestigious boarding school in the USA?

Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Academy

Putney School

Church Farm School

Episcopal High School

What is the hardest boarding school to get into?

Middlesex School

Deerfield Academy

Cate School

Philips Academy Andover

Thacher School

Groton School

The most expensive boarding school in America?

Two most expensive elite boarding 

St Albans school

The Masters

The two schools charge nearly $58,000

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