2024 Dance Scholarships Programs (17 Dance Schools)

These dance scholarships and study opportunities for dancers in the united states are designed to helps eligible students live their art dreams while studying in their dream institutions. This guide cover details on such existing scholarships, schools perceived as best for dancers in the land and how you can get started with the current school year.

Embark on a journey to turn your passion for dance into a full-fledged career with the 15 best dance scholarships in the United States. Tailored for talented and ambitious dancers, these scholarships are designed to fuel your dreams of becoming a top-notch performer and contributing to the entertainment industry worldwide.

The dance scholarships cover a spectrum of amounts, ranging from $500 to full tuition for Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), and even Master of Fine Arts (MFA) students. Whether you excel in ballet, swing, hip-hop, jazz, or lyrical dance, these scholarships offer opportunities for all types of dancers to showcase their talents through live or videotaped auditions.

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From this section, we will be exploring a number of scholarship opportunities for dancer; and in this list we have over 13 schemes that can fund your dance career, giving you hint on best schools as well.

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Best Dance Scholarships

Embark on a transformative journey by exploring the 15 best dance scholarships in the United States, meticulously curated to ignite the careers of passionate and ambitious dancers. These scholarships are not just financial aids; they are pathways to realizing your dreams of becoming a top-notch performer and contributing to the global entertainment industry.

Dance Discovery Foundations Scholarship Programs

Uncover opportunities with the Dance Discovery Foundation, offering scholarships such as SHINE, ACEEL, and Dream Scholarships. Valued from $500 to $2,000 annually, these programs support exceptional individuals aged 8 and above studying at dance or performing arts institutions throughout Southern California.

Learn more about the Dance Discovery Foundation Scholarship Programs

Career Transition for Dancers

Established in 1985 and sponsored by The Actors Fund, the Career Transition for Dancers scholarship empowers dancers to define their career possibilities beyond the dance floor. Open to those enrolled in competitive dance/training/education programs across the country, selected recipients gain access to individual and group counseling services, referrals for healthcare and health insurance, and emergency financial assistance.

Discover more about Career Transition for Dancers

The Beverly Miller Dance Scholarship

The Beverly Miller Dance Scholarship, awarded by Costume Gallery, beckons U.S. and Canadian citizens aged 12 through 21 who are enrolled in dance courses. Offering one $1,000 and eighteen $500 scholarships, this opportunity usually kicks off around October each year. Don’t miss the chance to step into the spotlight with this prestigious scholarship.

Visit the Official Website for Beverly Miller Dance Scholarship

Undergraduate Dance Merit-based Scholarship

Sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, the Undergraduate Dance Merit-based Scholarships Opportunities provide a unique avenue for undergraduate applicants. The award value varies annually based on funding availability and the number of qualified applicants. Dive into this opportunity to elevate your dance journey and unlock financial support for your education.

Explore the Undergraduate Dance Merit-based Scholarships

Mercyhurst University Dance Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships offered by Mercyhurst University pave the way for applicants willing to participate in the B.A. and B.F.A programs. Awarded by audition only, the audition dates for the year 2020 were held on various dates in January and February. If you have the passion and skills, this could be your ticket to a stellar dance education.

Check Mercyhurst University Dance Scholarships

Performing Arts Scholarship at All Saints College

All Saints College invites dedicated and talented students entering Years 7 to 11 in 2020 to audition for its Performing Arts Dance Scholarship. Valued at 50% of the College’s academic tuition fee, this scholarship is a golden opportunity for those committed to excellence in the All Saints’ College Performing Arts program. Mark your calendars for the audition date on Thursday, April 4th, 2020.

Visit the Official Website for Performing Arts Scholarship

Engage with Arts for Life! Scholarship Fund

Established by former First Lady Columba Bush in 1999, the Arts for Life! Scholarship Fund annually provides financial support to high school seniors graduating from schools in Florida.

With a value of $1,000, this scholarship is available to those demonstrating excellence in creative writing, dance, drama, music, or visual art. The program can provide an extra $1,000 from select schools.

Apply for Arts for Life! Scholarship Fund

Elevate Your Skills with Cyril McNiff Memorial Scholarship

Presented by the Irish Dance Teacher’s Association of North America (IDTANA), the Cyril McNiff Memorial Scholarship is an extraordinary opportunity for graduating high school seniors with Irish dance experience.

Valued between $750 to $2,500 per student, this scholarship supports those enrolling in accredited bachelor’s programs, especially in the performing arts.

Explore Cyril McNiff Memorial Scholarship

Embrace Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship Award

The Dizzy Feet Foundation is among the 15 best dance scholarships, offering $10,000 annually to talented students enrolled in accredited dance schools in the U.S. This scholarship considers talent, technical skill, dance expression, and the financial need of the student. If you’re 15 years or older and a U.S citizen, you could be the next recipient.

Learn about Dizzy Feet Foundation Scholarship

Celebrate the Legacy with Gene Kelly Legacy Scholarship

Honoring the 100th anniversary of Gene Kelly’s birth, the Gene Kelly Legacy Scholarship, presented by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, supports talented male or female students studying dance. Valued at $10,000 per student annually, this scholarship emphasizes an interest in choreography and interdisciplinary dance expression. If you embody the spirit of Gene Kelly, this scholarship is your stage.

Discover Gene Kelly Legacy Scholarship

Pursue Excellence with Dr. Edward and Anne Link Scholarship

Administered by the Community Foundation of Shelby County, the Dr. Edward and Anne Link Scholarship supports Ohioans pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees in the visual and performing arts. With an annual value of $2,500 per recipient, this scholarship seeks excellence, commitment, and ongoing dedication to the arts.

Learn about Dr. Edward and Anne Link Scholarship

Illuminate Your Dance Journey with Emma Sue Gibbons Scholarship

The Emma Sue Gibbons Dance Scholarship, offered at Texas A&M University-College Station, values exceptional dancers entering the B.S. in Kinesiology Dance Science program at $1,000 per academic year. Application deadline: December 1st. If you meet the criteria, this scholarship not only supports your education but also includes an out-of-state tuition waiver for eligible recipients.

Apply for Emma Sue Gibbons Scholarship

Engage with HLKN Dance Program

In addition to the Emma Sue Gibbons Scholarship, the HLKN Dance Program at Texas A&M University-College Station offers three awards valued at $250, $500, and $750 per academic year. This opportunity is extended to talented dancers entering the B.S. in Kinesiology Dance Science program. Seize this chance to shine in your dance education journey.

Explore HLKN Dance Program

Honor Excellence with Florence Lemke Memorial Scholarship

Administered by the American Legion Auxiliary, the Florence Lemke Memorial Scholarship supports graduating high school seniors in Washington pursuing fine arts majors. Valued at $1,000 per recipient, this scholarship stands as a testament to the commitment and character of deserving candidates. Ensure to submit three recommendation letters attesting to academic merit and character.

Discover Florence Lemke Memorial Scholarship

Seize Iowa Scholarships for the Arts

Offered by the Iowa Arts Council Board, the Iowa Scholarships for the Arts are a dynamic opportunity for graduating high school seniors pursuing artistic professions, including dance. Residents of Iowa gaining admission at in-state institutes can apply, provided they demonstrate strong artistic quality. The application requires a reference letter, five video dance recordings, and a 500-word career aspirations essay.

Apply for Iowa Scholarships for the Arts

Who is Eligible for Dance Scholarships?

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in dance and aspire to unleash your potential while training on scholarship, these opportunities are tailor-made for you. Some scholarships cater to specific dance forms, ensuring that every dancer finds a platform to shine.

For those not eligible for these specific dancer scholarships, there are alternative opportunities available. Discover 20 additional scholarships for international students in the USA, providing a broader scope for financial support.

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Conclusion: Unleash Your Potential in Dance

Don’t let misconceptions hinder your dance aspirations. Despite the competitive nature of dance careers, these scholarships pave the way for dedicated dancers to succeed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of dancers is expected to increase, offering a promising future.

Whether you aspire to join professional dance companies or explore roles in choreography, production, teaching, or arts administration, these scholarships can be your stepping stones. The intention is to let this guide help you dive into the world of dance opportunities, and let your journey unfold with these transformative scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Dance Scholarships

Q1: How do I apply for dance scholarships?

A: Applying for dance scholarships typically involves researching specific scholarship programs, checking their eligibility criteria, and submitting an application through the designated process.

This often includes providing details about your dance background, academic achievements, and sometimes attending auditions. Always check the scholarship’s official website for precise application instructions.

Q2: What criteria do dance scholarships consider?

A: Dance scholarships may consider various criteria, including your level of skill and proficiency in dance, academic achievements, commitment to the art form, and sometimes financial need. Each scholarship program has specific eligibility requirements, so carefully review these to understand what criteria are emphasized.

Q3: Can I apply for multiple dance scholarships simultaneously?

A: Yes, you can apply for multiple dance scholarships simultaneously. In fact, exploring and applying for various scholarships increases your chances of securing financial support for your dance education. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship and submit the required documentation as per their guidelines.

Q4: Are dance scholarships only for professional dancers?

A: No, dance scholarships cater to a diverse range of individuals at different skill levels. While some scholarships may target aspiring professional dancers, many are open to students studying dance at various levels, including high school, undergraduate, and graduate.

There are scholarships for those interested in pursuing dance as a career as well as those seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Q5: Do dance scholarships cover all styles of dance?

A: Yes, dance scholarships often cover a wide range of dance styles, including but not limited to ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and traditional cultural dances. Whether you are specializing in a specific genre or pursuing a well-rounded dance education, there are scholarships available to support your endeavors.

Q6: Can international students apply for dance scholarships in the United States?

A: Some dance scholarships in the United States are open to international students, while others may have specific eligibility criteria. It’s crucial to carefully review the requirements of each scholarship to determine if international students are eligible. Additionally, there may be scholarships available in other countries for aspiring dancers.

Q7: What is the significance of auditions in dance scholarship applications?

A: Auditions play a crucial role in many dance scholarship applications. They allow scholarship committees to assess your dance skills, technique, and performance abilities. Prepare thoroughly for auditions by showcasing your strengths in various dance styles and demonstrating your passion for the art form.

Q8: How can I stand out in my dance scholarship application?

A: To stand out in your dance scholarship application, emphasize your unique strengths, experiences, and passion for dance. Provide a well-crafted resume highlighting your achievements, letters of recommendation from dance instructors, and a compelling personal statement expressing your dedication to the art. Additionally, showcase your skills through high-quality videos or live auditions.

Q9: Are there scholarships specifically for choreographers?

A: Yes, some scholarships specifically target aspiring choreographers. These scholarships recognize the importance of choreography in the dance industry and aim to support individuals pursuing this creative aspect of dance. Check scholarship descriptions to identify those that prioritize or include opportunities for choreographers.

Q10: How can dance scholarships contribute to my dance career?

A: Dance scholarships can significantly contribute to your dance career by providing financial support for your education, which may include tuition, fees, and sometimes living expenses.

Additionally, scholarships offer recognition, networking opportunities, and the chance to connect with mentors in the dance community. The skills and knowledge gained through scholarship programs can enhance your overall dance proficiency and open doors to diverse career paths in the dance industry.

Best Schools for Dancers in USA

Schools with dance programs play a pivotal role in offering students a comprehensive and enriching education. Beyond the confines of traditional academic pursuits, these programs provide a platform for artistic expression, celebrating cultural diversity through various dance forms.

Emphasizing physical fitness and well-being, dance programs contribute to a holistic development that extends to career preparation for those aspiring to enter the professional realms of dance and theater.

Fostering community, collaboration, and personal growth, these programs contribute to the vibrant performing arts presence on campus. With an interdisciplinary approach and a track record of producing successful alumni, schools with dance programs create a dynamic environment that goes beyond the confines of conventional education, enriching the cultural fabric of the institution.

Based on a general knowledge, here are top schools offering various dance programs you may need to learn about:

Cornell University

  • Overview: Cornell is renowned for its academic excellence and offers a diverse range of programs. The Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance provides opportunities for students interested in dance.
  • Dance Program: Cornell’s dance program integrates theory and practice, offering courses in dance history, composition, and performance.

University of Michigan

  • Overview: The University of Michigan is known for its strong academic programs and a vibrant campus life. The School of Music, Theatre & Dance is particularly prestigious.
  • Dance Program: The university’s dance program emphasizes both contemporary and classical forms, providing students with a comprehensive education in dance.

Belhaven University

  • Overview: Belhaven University is a Christian liberal arts university. It has a strong commitment to integrating faith and learning.
  • Dance Program: Belhaven’s dance program combines technical training with a Christian worldview, offering degrees in dance performance and dance education. Belhaven University Dance

Carleton College

  • Overview: Carleton is a private liberal arts college known for its strong academic programs and commitment to a well-rounded education.
  • Dance Program: Carleton’s dance program is interdisciplinary, allowing students to explore dance within a broader liberal arts context. Carleton College Dance

Duke University

  • Overview: Duke is a prestigious private research university known for its strong programs in various fields.
  • Dance Program: The Dance Program at Duke offers a range of courses and performance opportunities, emphasizing both theory and practice.

Middlebury College

  • Overview: Middlebury is a liberal arts college known for its language programs and global perspective.
  • Dance Program: Middlebury’s dance program is part of the broader Department of Theatre and Dance.

Oklahoma City University

The Juilliard School

  • Overview: Juilliard is one of the world’s leading institutions for performing arts education.
  • Dance Program: The Dance Division at Juilliard is highly prestigious, offering programs for gifted dancers in ballet and contemporary dance.

Tisch School of the Arts (NYU)

  • Overview: Tisch is part of New York University and is known for its arts programs.
  • Dance Program: Tisch’s dance program is comprehensive, offering training in various styles and preparing students for careers in dance and related fields. NYU Tisch Dance

University of Arizona

  • Overview: The University of Arizona is a public research university with strong programs in the arts.
  • Dance Program: UA’s School of Dance is known for its diverse faculty and programs, including ballet, modern dance, and jazz.

Barnard College (Columbia University)

  • Overview: Barnard is a women’s liberal arts college affiliated with Columbia University.
  • Dance Program: Barnard’s dance program is part of the Department of Dance at Columbia, providing opportunities for students to engage in the rich cultural environment of New York City.

Butler University

  • Overview: Butler is a private university known for its strong performing arts programs.
  • Dance Program: The Jordan College of the Arts at Butler offers a dance program focusing on both technical training and theoretical studies.

Point Park University

  • Overview: Point Park is a private university with a strong emphasis on professional career preparation, particularly in the arts.
  • Dance Program: Point Park’s Conservatory of Performing Arts has a well-regarded dance program that prepares students for careers in dance and related fields.

Southern Methodist University (SMU)

  • Overview: SMU is a private research university with strong programs in the arts.
  • Dance Program: The Meadows School of the Arts at SMU offers a dance program with a focus on classical ballet and contemporary dance.

University of California

  • Overview: The University of California system comprises multiple campuses, each with its own strengths.
  • Dance Program: UC campuses with strong dance programs include UCLA, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara, offering diverse opportunities for dance students.

University of Wisconsin

  • Overview: UW-Madison is a public research university with a comprehensive range of academic programs.
  • Dance Program: The Dance Department at UW-Madison offers a range of courses, and students can engage in performances through the university’s dance program.

Yale University

  • Overview: Yale is a prestigious Ivy League university known for its strong academic programs.
  • Dance Program: Yale does not have a separate dance department, but dance courses are offered through the Theater Studies program, allowing students to explore dance within a broader context.

Remember, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s recommended to check the official websites of each institution and their respective dance programs.

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