15 Cheapest Online Zoology Degree Programs | Apply Now!

15 Online Zoology Degree Programs | Requirements and costs

15 cheapest online zoology degree programs have been compiled for students inclined to this field. Good news! as you have the liberty to enroll in that zoology degree now despite your location in the world. we have included the requirements, cost and website for easy access. Lets go there.

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Firstly, before we delve in to know this online zoology degree program, lets take a look at what zoology entails.

What is Zoology?

Zoology can be described as the scientific study of the behavior, structure, physiology, classification, and distribution of animals in the world. 

A person who studied zoology and is practicing is known as a zoologist. A zoologist is a professional who studies about variety of animal species, their behaviour, characteristics and evolution.

A zoologist is saddled with the duties of improving the quality of life of the animal kingdom, preserve and also protect them from any kind of threat.

A zoologist conducts research and experiments in coordination with scientists in laboratories and research centres in various aspects that is associated with animals.

Zoology is a perfect match for those who love animals and can work with them. They are called Animal Lovers.

What are Skills and Requirements needed for an Online Zoology Degree Program


  • Scientific interest: a good zoologist needs to have a keen interest in studying a living organism
  • Experimental design and conduct: knowing how science works is the key to any successful zoologist
  • A keen eye for detail: a zoologist needs to be observant and has a keen eye for detail
  • Accuracy: in the documentation, a prospective zoologist needs to be accurate to avoid errors that could prove monumental to the work or survey being conducted 
  • Good communication Skills: all zoologists should have remarkable spoken and written communication skills.
  • Physical stamina: this is major because zoologists spend a lot of time in the wild, so they need to be in great shape.


  • A prospective candidate should have background knowledge of animal science from his/her high school and should have done some works that involved observing and taking care of animals. 
  • Online students need good proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, and Acrobat Reader, as well as access to a media player or webcam

The Costs of Acquiring an Online Zoology degree

The cost can vary from universities but a range of USD3,000 to USD17,000 can be spent at acquiring such a degree.

15 Online Zoology Degree Programs and the University to acquire them

  • B.S. in Animal Behavior: this is an online Zoology degree program offered by the University of New England. The University of New England prepares students to thrive in a rapidly changing world and, in so doing, empowers them to improve the health of people, communities, and our planet. Tuition Fee: To find this out simply check out the web site link here!
  • B.Sc in Animal Science: having a degree in animal science is a bachelor zoology degree, that has provided you with the knowledge of behavior, biology, and physiology of farm animals and pets. This online degree is offered at Becker College and The University of Minnesota Crookston  
  • B.Sc of Zoology: This online zoology Program helps students develop the integral skills needed to work in the field. This also opens the degree holder to careers in local, regional and federal agencies, museums, national and marine parks, and zoos. The best part of this course is that the Bachelor of Zoology (BS) program is designed individually by the student and the scientific advisor. The universities widely known that offer this program are The University of MaineWeber State University

Career options include animal nutritionists, biologists, conservation activists, and veterinary technicians.

  • Online B.S. in Equine Studies: This is an Online Zoology Degree program that deals with the study of horses (equine), to improve the care and wellbeing of horses in their care. This is for horse lovers and this online course provides a comprehensive study into the details that can make one a good zoologist.

This accredited online zoology degree is offered by the universities of Breyer State University and the Global Academy of Horses. So if you are a horse lover, these are the universities in your pool of options

  • B.S. or M.S. in Wildlife Biology: The bachelor degree program of this great online zoology degree program prepares its students for careers in which they study the behavior of animals, monitor their populations, and manage their habitats. This online course will provide students with practical laboratory knowledge and application.

A master will aid a person to fill senior positions in wildlife biology. 

The difference between the bachelor’s degree and the masters is that the bachelor degree holder is involved majorly in the fieldwork aspect.

This online zoology degree program can be acquired at Liberty University and Utah State University.

  • M.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife Management: this course is a rare one and so it is nice to see a university that offers it on its online platform. For some universities, an internship is required so that the student can gain practical knowledge and experience.

Popular Universities that offer this are Texas A&M University and Oregon State

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  • B.S. in Veterinary Technology Online: many have an interest in this course and hence the rise of young individuals going into the course. This course gives students the knowledge to work closely with animals in a veterinary environment.

This Online Zoology degree Program is considered one of the best online degrees for those that love animals.

The Universities offering this course online are the University of Missouri Online and Globe University

  • Online B.S. in Marine Biology: this is a course that deals closely with the study of aquatic animals. The course provides students with a broad knowledge base in the life sciences with a particular focus on marine life, ecology, and oceanography. 

The students of this course will discover how external factors such as pollution or overfishing affect the marine system.

These Online degrees are offered at SUNY Empire State College, Florida Institute of Technology, and the University of Southeast Alaska.

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  • B.S. in Environmental Science: This online zoology degree program in environmental sciences gives the student a creative and intellectual approach to learning about the environment.

It’s a four-year environmental science degree that opens career options in animal health and safety, animal testing, forestry, geotechnics.

This degree is offered by the Oregon State University and University of South New Hampshire

  • B.S. in Biology: bagging a B.S in Biology offers students comprehensive biology training and the flexibility to specialize in specific areas. This opens the career doors in teaching, health care professions, and interdisciplinary areas such as environmental law or biotechnology.

This online zoology degree program is offered at Ashford University and Bellevue University.

  • Veterinary Assistant Career Diploma Program: this course is becoming a widely accepted course. It’s a program that can be completed in seven (7) months 

This program will teach the behavior of animals, the skeletal and muscular system of animals, nervous system, nutrition, pathology, immunology, emergency care, veterinary pharmacology and practice, and veterinary administration

This Online Zoology degree is offered at Penn Foster College

  • Online Zoology B.A: This aids the students with fundamentals on zoology and its research methodology. 

This online degree is offered at the University of Hawaii in Manoa

  • Wildlife Biology: this online zoological degree offers students the opportunity in taking 20-25 hours of courses in areas of interest. Students who want to have a solid background in zoology can opt for this course.

This online course is offered at University of Hawaii 

  • Online Master of Science in Anthrozoology: This online zoology degree program is a subset of ethnobiology that deals with interactions between humans and other animals. It’s an interdisciplinary field that overlaps with other disciplines including anthropology, ethnology, medicine, psychology, veterinary medicine, and zoology.

This online program is offered at Canisius College. To supplement the program students are required to attend a four-day-course on campus to meet with the instructors, professors, and colleagues involved in the course. 

  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program: This course is interactive and fun. Students work closely with their academic advisors. The course has a heavy workload and this requires the student to adjust his/her schedule to meet up successfully with the course.

This online degree is offered at Weber State University

We have come to the end of this review. If it is applicable to you, go on to enroll now.

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