20 Best Undergraduate Psychology Schools in the World

20 Best Undergraduate Psychology Schools in the World

We will take you through the 20 best undergraduate Psychology schools in the world, to help you as a high school graduate make the best decision while selecting the best country that will suit you as you apply to study Psychology.

Though different groups of people have been criticizing the study of psychology.

But its overwhelming importance can not be easily overlooked, by anyone who understands the roles that psychology plays in our society on a daily basis.

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There are hundreds of reasons people study psychology. It is undoubtedly an interesting course for anyone who desires for the study. People who study psychology are not just going to gain from employment, but also will be prepared to live awesome lives.

Psychologists understand the way humans behave and why they behave the way they behave, giving them the advantage to be able to interact with anyone effectively more than others.

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Why Are There Psychology Schools in Different Countries

Every country works towards maintaining absolute sanity in their society and that can only be achieved if they have the society filled with citizens with the right mental attitude.

Thus, different countries are pushing resources to psychological sectors; such as schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and others to attain satiable sanity in society.

As a result, there are numerous countries with psychology schools but we have assessed most of these top countries with good psychology schools and came up with the best twenty that will be best for you.

Why Study Psychology?

If you look forward to controlling the way you think, feel, and act, then studying psychology is inevitable for you. Psychology provides you a deeper and unfiltered understanding of human behaving and conditions.

As a psychologist, your reasoning and analytical skills are heightened in solving problems at a shorter space of time.

You will be in control of your environment most of the time as you will have a better understanding of yourself and others around you. The job prospects are awesome.

Your chances of employment as a psychologist are high as places where you can work are uncountable.

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20 Best Undergraduate Psychology Schools in the World

This is a list of the 20 best undergraduate psychology schools in the World with their respective countries and study cost.

1. Stanford University |USA

The psychology department at Stanford University is committed to training undergraduate and graduate international and local students who will be practice-ready in handling advanced theory and addressing societal problems.

Stanford University being the best in the USA and among the best psychology schools in the world covers a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives in preparing students for solving real-world problems related to psychology.

Application: Check/apply for Psychology in Stanford University here.

Tuition Fee/Year: $70,476

2. University of Bath |United Kingdom

The University of Bath in the UK is another outstanding psychology school that has a great team of staff who offer expertise in a wide range of psychology courses to different categories of students.

They prepare students for the real job, which is applying what they have learned in school to the society to solve prevailing psychological issues.

Application: Check/apply for Psychology in University of Bath.

Tuition Fee/Year: $11,792.50

3. Yale University |USA

The Psychology department of Yale University is a great psychology school in the USA that offers professional approaches in giving students the best while studying psychology in their campuses.

They center on biological psychology, social bases of behavior, and cognitive psychology.  

Application: Check/apply for Psychology in Yale University.

Tuition Fees/Year: $56,390.00

4. University of British Columbia | Canada

In Canada, the University of British Columbia is the best psychology school that anyone seeking to study psychology must submit an application with.

The department of psychology at the University of British Columbia has more numbers of students than any other department in the school.

This department offers an enhanced learning experience that prepares undergraduate students for success while doing their graduate studies, as employees in private or public sectors or as scientists.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of British Columbia.

Tuition Fee/Year: $7,670.00

5. University of St Andrews |United Kingdom

The School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews is distinct in its capacity to involve undergraduate students in world-class research and exposure to ultramodern teaching facilities that help them to excel in the disciplines of neuroscience and psychology.

The University of St Andrews is one of the recommendable psychology schools in the UK that has an affordable tuition structure for local and international students seeking admission to apply.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of St Andrews.

Tuition Fee/Year: $2,315.19

6. University College London |United Kingdom

In the University College London, the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences offers a range of courses; they are neuroscience, cognition, linguistics, medicine, education, communication, phonetics,  health, and development to students of different nationalities. 

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University College London.

Tuition Fee/Year: $25,375.95

7. University of Pennsylvania |USA   

The psychology school in the University of Pennsylvania is another recognized psychology school in the USA that offers the students with the best learning facilities and environment to help prepare them for academic and career success. 

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Pennsylvania.

Tuition Fee/Year: $49,500.00

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8. University of Cambridge |United Kingdom

The University of Cambridge in the UK offers both psychological and behavioral sciences to local and international students at a reasonable tuition fee.

Their broad and flexible psychology degree comprises all aspects of psychology that students require to attain a good height in psychology. It is one of the best psychology schools in the United Kingdom.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Cambridge.

Tuition Fee/Year: $28,291.30

9. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor |USA

The school of psychology in the University of Michigan keeps supporting students and different faculties in research and learning to get them ready for the best performance in their careers after school.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Michigan

Tuition Fee/Year: $51,200

10. Western University | Canada

The Western University in Canada is among the world’s major psychology schools that prioritize the research and learning goals of the students to give them the best education and experience in psychology.

If you are looking at studying psychology in Canada, you may want to consider Western University.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Western University

Tuition Fee/Year: $30,931

11. University of Oxford |United Kingdom

The School of Psychology at Oxford is focused on scientific discipline, which includes rigorous formulation and analyzing of ideas.

They do much work via experiments and systematic teaching in order to give the students the best.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Oxford

Tuition Fee/Year: $45,937.79

12. Macquarie University | Australia

The school of psychology at Macquarie University is the best place for you if you are looking for a good psychology school to expand your reasoning and analytical skills and also your employment potential.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Macquarie University

Tuition Fee/Year: $11,176.64

13. University of Minnesota -Twin Cities |USA

The University of Minnesota is a reputable psychology school that keeps training students through research and teaching to be practice-ready.

They focus on unlocking human behavior and making huge discoveries that improve the standard of living at an optimized cost of living.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Minnesota

Tuition Fee/Year: $33,325

14. Universidad Europea | Spain

You will always be made to receive professional practical training in the school of psychology at the University of Europea to help prepare you for the prospective demanding psychology task ahead.

Application: Check/application for psychology in University Europea

Tuition Fee/Year: $12,340.50

15.  University of Toronto | Canada   

The University of Toronto pairs accessibility and excellence at a rate greater than most benchmarks of other Universities.

This psychology school focuses on excellently training and producing the next generation of equipped psychologists. 

Application: Check/apply for psychology in University of Toronto.

Tuition Fee/Year: $48,325.58

 16. McGill University | Canada   

In Canada, McGill University stands as one of the major psychology schools that interested students who are looking forward to studying in Canada should apply to easily realize their academic goals and achieve their career objectives in the nearest future.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in McGill University.

Tuition Fee/Year:

17. Karolinska Institute | Sweden

This is the best school to study psychology in Sweden, as they do more in providing students with the best research and educational environments for their studies.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Karolinska Institute.

Tuition Fee/Year: $29,450.00

18. Heidelberg University | Germany

The psychology school of Heidelberg University in Germany represents psychology in its thematic form in order for students to gain an appropriate understanding of the subject. This helps the students to do well after graduation.

So, such a student through what he has learned can make competent and informed decisions in his career path within the field of psychology.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Heidelberg University.

Tuition Fees/Year: $31,700.00

19. Edith Cowan University | Australia

At Edith Cowan University, you can also study their undergraduate Psychology online.

It gives you the opportunity to balance family responsibilities and work with being a student.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Edith Cowan University.

Tuition Fee/Year: $23,000

20. Freie Universität Berlin | Germany

Research and teaching are prioritized in Freie Universität Berlin as the University has a good relationship with different practitioners who work with lecturers and processors in the psychology department to give students the much that is demanded.

Application: Check/apply for psychology in Freie Universität Berlin.

Tuition Fee/Year: $21,340.50

Why You Need to Select One of The Above

From the above, you can analyze and choose from the 20 Best Undergraduate Psychology Schools in the World.

Selecting a good psychology school will help you get the best of research and education from the school you selected and also prepare you for employment in the discipline of psychology in the nearest future.

You can always confide in us for the latest information on scholarships and various career opportunities around the world, every moment. All you need to do is to always visit us at www.jobreaders.org. or subscribe to our free email newsletter for notifications on the latest update.

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