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University of Montreal Acceptance Rate | 2024 Admission

Discover the University of Montreal Acceptance rate, admission processes and opportunities such as scholarships and other financial aids for returning and prospective students.

The University of Montreal is a public research institution located in Quebec in Montreal, Canada. By volume of research, the University of Montreal is one of the best universities in Canada, receiving up to $525 million for the purpose of research alone.

Having a strong base in research, the University of Montreal is ranked among the best student destinations in the whole of Canada. Quality education is the core reason for the massive embrace of most Canadian universities, and this school is providing numerous career opportunities will be discovering.

As at the time of first filling out this guide, the total number of students at the University of Montreal is 67,632 total (and 46,784 without its affiliated schools.

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School Summary

Name of School: University of Montreal (Université de Montréal)

Type of Institution: Public Research University

Location: Montreal, Quebec Province in Canada

Official Website: https://www.umontreal.ca/

The University of Montreal Admission

Admission requirements at Montreal University, Canada, entail the minimum requirements for both domestic and international student applications for admission. In this section, we are reviewing the 2 basic requirements with guides that could help students land their dream admission into the popular institution.

1. English Language Test Requirement

The general admission requirement at Montreal University demand that students meet these minimum scores in any of the following language testing systems:

a) 6.5 in IELTS

b) 104 in TOEFL

c) 1400 in SAT

d) 33 in ACT Or

e) 570 in GMAT

2. GPA Requirement at the University of Montreal

The average academic score that is required or accepted for admission at the University of Montreal is a GPA of 3.0 as the minimum average.

It is also worthy of note that the discovered average GPA does not place any limitation on the academic backgrounds of students can be offered admission into the school.

How to Apply for Admission to the University of Montreal

With a current alumni community of over 4,50,000 graduates worldwide, the University of Montreal has 14% international students.

Getting admission into this University as an international student is relatively easier, considering over 10,000 international students in its various faculties and departments.

Either as a Canadian student or an aspiring student outside Canada, here is a simple step to follow while going for any of the school admission applications:

  1. Apply through the official website.
  2. Choose courses that best fit you.
  3. Fill up the needed personal details.
  4. Upload all required documents.
  5. Pay the University of Montreal Application fee (if the waiver does not apply to you).

University of Montreal Acceptance Rate 2023

The average acceptance rate at the University of Montreal for undergraduates is 57% with application fees ranging from CA$109 to CA$112.

Relatively, Montreal University is one of the easiest schools to get into, in Canada in that for every 100 applicants, there could be up to 57 admission offers.

This rate of admission with the availability of funding for research purposes goes a long way to contributing to the influx of more international students at various levels in the school.

Documents You Need to Apply to the University of Montreal

Here is the list of 8 documents that every aspiring student needs to apply for University of Montreal admission:

  1. Passport-size photographs
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Copy of visa
  5. Financial Statement
  6. High School Graduation Certificate  
  7. Letters of recommendation  
  8. Degree Transcripts (for students applying to undergraduate degree or graduate programs)

General Admission Tips at the University of Montreal

Aside from the general admission requirements stated for the University of Montreal, Canada, it is required of aspiring students to maintain a minimum International Baccalaureate (IB) of 33 to stand better chances of admission.

In the same guide, students must also demonstrate in other activities such as sports, community services or have led some provable projects, to boost their chances of admission to the University of Montreal.

NB: To learn more about the University of Montreal Admission or begin your online application for the chosen course, kindly visit the official admission page of the school to get started.

The University of Montreal Tuition for International Students

Tuition at the University of Montreal varies based on several factors. For example, degree tuition fees for Quebec Students is $1195 per session. while Non-Quebec Canadian Students pay $3701 per session.

On the other side of the coin, the  University of Montreal International Students pays the sum of $7348 per session for the same degree.

Going for master’s and other rehears-based studies at the University, kindly refer to your course page via the official school portal as we customarily include, for a more specific guidance on your required or expected tuition at Montreal University.

Living Expenses at the University

Average Living Expenses at the University of Montreal (Université de Montréal): Reliable studies have summarized the living expenses at the university of Montreal for the following levels of studies:

  • 1. Undergraduate students
  • 2. Masters Students and
  • 3. Students intending to live on-campus

The results from what it takes to live study at the University of Montreal is also summed as follow:

Average living expenses (Bachelors) is CA$41,167; still on average too, the living expenses for students undergoing their Masters degree is CA$41,388 while the average on-campus living expenses hovers around CA$15,600.

NB: To offset tuition and other cost of study in this school, eligible students can apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aids at the University.

University of Montreal Scholarships

Aside the University of Montreal acceptance rate, the tuition and living expenses, the next most important topic for both the local and international students is its scholarships.

The essence of scholarships for international students at the  Université de Montréal is to help best talents from around the world attend one of the best francophone research institutions in Canada.

The expectation of the school is that in return, these students will help fulfil the educational and cultural diversity of the University. UdeM exemption scholarship program is one of the most recent scholarships that the university is introducing as an exemption from the regular tuition at the University of Montreal, for international students.

These scholarships are available for the following category of students:

  1. Undergraduate (bachelor’s, certificate, etc.)
  2. Graduate (master’s, specialized graduate diploma (DESS), etc.)
  3. Graduate (doctorate)
  4. Postdoctoral fellowships

How to Get Scholarships at the University of Montreal

Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will help you bag admission offer with partial or fully-funded scholarships at the University of Montreal:

1. Apply for admission

The first step to gaining school-funded scholarships is to first apply and gain admission into the school. Strictly considered, some school maintain that scholarships are only open for students who indicated interest from the onset ( of their school admission process).

We advice: Considering your hopes for scholarships, you may need to contact your desired school for scholarship information, or check via the official website to learn more, even before setting off for admission application.

Our final guide on admission for any of the courses you choose at the University of Montreal or via any of the schools we have reviewed here, please endeavour to check and be in line with the application deadlines and check the admissions requirements for the study programs of your interest

2. Follow-up for admission offer

Submitting application for admission is not the final stage of the possible admission offer.

Upon submitting your application, the school offers you an access code for the student centre platform. With this code, you will access the student portal and be able to monitor the progress of your application.

It is on this same platform ( for most schools as well) that you can monitor your application and also receive your offer of acceptance letter.

3. Accept offer to start the evaluation.

Once you are offered admission into any of the departments, you need to accept the offer of admission to proceed with their internal evaluation for scholarships.

Being that this guide is tailored to helping you win scholarship at the University of Montreal, here is what you need to know:

Students do not need to apply for a UdeM Exemption Scholarship. It is based on the already filled application that students’ eligibility will be evaluated for the exemption or any of other form of existing scholarships in the school.

Additionally, to explore other scholarship that the University of Montreal is offering, kindly visit this scholarship guide page for a more comprehensive list.

4. Receive the notice of award with the amount

This scholarship award only comes after students have accepted the offer of admission. From this period, the the Université de Montréal will promptly inform the student (usually by email) of the amount of the scholarship to which you are entitled.

Guide: You need to print and keep all these documents in safe place as you will also be needing them as you travel to the best student destination in the world, Canada.


These frequently asked questions and answers are summaries of what other aspiring students and researchers are trying to learn about the university of Montreal, based on their admission requirements, acceptance rate, tuition and a number of opportunities such as scholarships.

How hard it is to get into the University of Montreal?

Reports show that the general University of Montreal acceptance rate is around 57% with a 14% fraction of the entire student list being international students.

Based on the number of previous application from international students, ranking systems are showing that UdeM project acceptance rate to be from 40% to about 50% for international students’ application.

Is the University of Montreal English speaking?

Yes? Many of our research departments are open to creating a bilingual environment for students in graduate-level programs.

Students who are proficient in English are therefore welcome and accepted into some graduate-level programs.

Is French mandatory in Montreal?

If you want to live in Montreal, it is not mandatory to speak French. However, if you wish to work in Montreal it is absolutely mandatory.

It is nearly impossible to get employment without speaking French unless you have established your own business or work. 

Can I go to Montreal if I don’t speak French?

Yes, Montreal is in Canada where English is the most common language. Of course, you can get around town and enjoy a trip to Montreal without knowing or speaking any French, but learning just a little bit will make your trip much more interesting.

The University of Montreal is a co-educational institute having over 34,335 undergraduate and over 11,925 post-graduate students (excluding affiliated schools).

Alumni and former students reside across Canada and around the world, with notable alumni serving as government officials, academics, and business leaders.

What is the University of Montreal Ranking?

The University of Montreal has consistently been ranked in a number of university rankings. The 2020 QS World University Rankings ranked the university 137th in the world and fifth in Canada. 

The following information is vital please take note:

  • The academic session at the University of Montreal begins in the fall, winter, summer, and spring season.
  • Interested candidates can apply by filling the online application form or through a paper application.
  • Students applying through the paper application are sent a mail confirming receipt of the completed application. The same is followed for informing the applicants about the admission decision.
  • Students who apply in Early action will be considered for scholarships.
  • The admissions are open for the International students for different intake seasons as per the semester-based academic calendar.
  • A few of the courses are offered only in the Fall season.
  • Deadlines, admission process, application fee, online application portals, and decision notification vary for each course and session.

University of Montreal Medical School

UdeM Faculty of Medicine has a strong emphasis on training the next generation of Quebec’s medical professionals, with over a third of all physicians practicing in Quebec having graduated from UdeM.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a four year MD program which trains students at an international level.

Like any other Canadian medical school, licensure from this institution opens opportunities across the world.

What is the University of Montreal Medical School Acceptance Rate

The University of Montreal is easier to get into as a Quebec resident, with the acceptance rate for the MD program being 13%. International students have a 5.3% admission rate and Canadian out-of-province applicants being at 2.9%.

University of Montreal Medical School Requirements

Students seeking admission into the University of Montreal Medical School has to fulfil the following prerequisites;

  • Completed either a four-year bachelor’s degree or a three-year CEGEP diploma. Students with a bachelor’s degree will enter directly into the MD program, while CEGEP graduates will enter into a preparatory year. UdeM Faculty of Medicine does not accept incomplete degrees or diplomas.
  • Have Canadian citizenship or permanent residency; or a CAQ. Applicants who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents must apply for a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ).
  • Be fluent in French. The University of Montreal is entirely a French-speaking school, with an emphasis on the Canadian Francophone community. Applicants must present valid examination papers in oral and written fluency during their first year of school. Useful exams include the International French Test and government-run standardized language tests. Be prepared to take these French language examinations.
  • Pass the CASPer exam. The CASPer exam is a test that evaluates students on non-academic criteria like interpersonal skills, decision-making, empathy, and ethics.
  • Attend the interview. If an applicant succeeds in meeting the academic and French requirements, they must attend an interview. Questions about an applicant’s professional experience, medical experience, and motivations for studying medicine will be asked during the interview.

The MCAT is not accepted at UdeM, and neither is the supplementary application typically required for other schools.

UdeM mostly considers GPA and French literacy results in their admission decision.

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What is the University of Montreal General Admission Criteria?

The University of Montreal is a French-language-based institution and almost all courses are taught in French. Therefore, non-french applicants are advised to learn French.

Also, some departments may require a higher level. Students must secure a minimum GPA of 3.0 over 4.3 in the last two years of their previous program.

NB: In many courses and in various departments, English is used as means of teaching with other forms of communication. Also, GPA and other criteria are singular factors for admission consideration as the school tends to extend their admission offer to people of varied academic and cultural backgrounds.

University of Montreal’s Undergraduate Admission Process

The University currently offers various bachelor’s degree programs with multiple disciplines.

The admission criteria and procedure for different Undergraduate courses are mentioned below:

  • Students are required to submit official test scores, high school academic transcripts, and certificates.
  • Upon graduation, a final high school transcript must be submitted.
  • Almost all courses are held in French. Therefore, French proficiency is strongly recommended. Some departments may require a higher level.
  • Students must secure a minimum GPA of 3.0 over 4.3 in the last two years of their previous program.
  • Applicants must submit at least one letter of recommendation from the home university’s (Academic Head, Advisor, or other appropriate authority).
  • The letter of recommendation must be submitted which highlights an applicant’s career objective and future goals.
  • An official copy of a single official document listing the name of the student as well as the names of the parents.
  • Applicants are also required to pay the non-refundable application fee of $99.

The University of Montreal Graduate Admission Process?

University of Montreal offers over 350 graduate programs in a wide range of disciplines. This school The University of Montreal welcomes graduate applications each year in line with the school’s set standards and outlines.

However, these standards and requirements may vary according to the department, Therefore, graduate applicants are urged to visit the department’s webpage before applying.

Also, there are general admission requirements that apply to everybody:

  1. It is essential to meet the general eligibility criteria (section 11) set by the Educational Regulation for graduate and postdoctoral programs.
  2. Students must have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field from the UdeM or an educational background that is deemed equivalent.
  3. Applicants must have obtained an undergraduate degree with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 over 4.3 (or the equivalent).
  4. International applicants are required to provide a copy of their birth certificate.
  5. Students must provide a copy of their last official transcript showing all grades, including uncompleted programs, courses or programs taken through university exchanges or by distance courses.
  6. Applicants must attach a copy of their official transcripts from the last year of secondary school and every subsequent year of studies, university, or other.
  7. A letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, financial statement of support, Copy of Passport I-20 Application, Financial Affidavit, Official Bank Statement, Passport, and Visa Copy.


The University of Montreal is an outstanding and prominent institution built on a solid foundation to promote innovation and research. Therefore, it is highly recommended for potential scholars alike.

Bagging your dream admission offer from the University of Montreal or any other school in Canada is not any form of rocket science.

However, just as we have outlined, students are advised to carry out sufficient independent research about the school, learn about the application requirements, and deadline and enquire from the school where more help is needed.

In this guide, we have been able to throw some light on the following key topics:

  • Admission processes at the University of Montreal
  • The University of Montreal Acceptance Rate and What to Expect
  • Tuition and projected cost of living at the University of Montreal
  • 2023 and other University of Montreal Scholarships

So, what else are you waiting for? It is now over to you, to learn more about other schools, or get started with your applications and enquires.

Our primary goal here at Jobreaders.org is to help you tap into great career opportunities, learn paying skills and be part of making our communities a better place for all of us.

Visit the official website for more details: https://www.umontreal.ca/

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