4 Steps to Make money from videos Placed on YouTube

Monetizing your YouTube videos with Google AdSense is one of the most common and easy ways to make money from your YouTube videos


The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. With this platform, Video creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching their content.



In order to place your videos on YouTube and make money, here are the steps that must be taken in order to get it done.

Set up your channel to earn money

So far you’ve associated your YouTube channel with an AdSense account; you will have the option to submit your videos for monetization.

Note: before YouTube videos can be allowed for monetization, the contents (of the channel) must meet up with the requirements you can find out here

# Read and agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, select your account icon >Creator Studio.
  3. In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  4. Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms.



Step 2: Sign up for AdSense

Create a new AdSense account or connect an existing one to your channel. You need an AdSense account to earn money from your videos and get paid. Follow these steps to set up an AdSense account.

In order to receive payments, you need to log into your AdSense account and ensure you have resolved any payment holds. Once any holds are resolved, you’ll be paid when your earnings reach your local payment threshold (as long as monetization is not suspended for your channel and you’re in compliance with our policies)


Step 3: Set monetization preferences

Set what types of ads you want to run on your videos and automatically turn on monetization for all your existing and future videos.

When you set this up, you will start earning money as soon as your channel is approved.

Confirm you want to monetize for all your existing and future videos.

Check the boxes under Ads formats to choose the types of ads you want to show.

Click Save.

You can always change these setting in your monetization default so that every upload is automatically monetized or not monetized, or choose the specific videos you want to monetize.


Step 4: Get reviewed (once you reach 10,000 channel views)

Once your channel has 10,000 views, we’ll review your application to make sure your channel activity adheres to the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube Terms of Service, and our Community Guidelines. We’ll let you know as soon as the process is complete.

If you don’t have enough views for a review yet, keep making original content and growing your audience.

This view count threshold gives us enough information to determine the validity of a channel. It also allows us to confirm if a channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser policies.





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