7 Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Corper in Nigeria

Explore these 7 entrepreneurship jobs as a corp member in Nigeria. The world is really changing and the ways to make money has really gone beyond knotting a tie and work specific hours anticipating a pay at the end of the month. Therefore, these entrepreneurship jobs were gathered for you serving.

If you are still a student thinking of how the future would look like when you out of school, let me tell you now and straight! Life is hard!!! And you have to be smart now and start working. So this post doesn’t exclude you…stay with me.

I have made the same mistakes before and I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake again. If you come across this post while still in the university, I’d tell you congratulations and if it’s the other way round, still, congratulations. You have nothing to worry about guys! I have got you covered with 7 Entrepreneurship Jobs you can start as a corper

We all know the present state of the country… this is no time for any youth to play around. You have to work yourself out before you start making money but trust me, I have got the list of easy jobs you can do and still make money out of it.

Yes! It worked for me and still working. I also believe it can work for you… so stay calm and follow me through this path of discovering these jobs…

also, if you need a white collar job in addition to your business, you can check Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria with 100 Genuine Career Websites (Apply Now). we have also written on 10 Most Reliable Job Websites in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates. do well to review as your opportunity may just be waiting for you.

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Note: if you are looking for a scheme that will give you money to buy whatever objects of your dreams, then this post isn’t for you but if you firmly believe in the principle of gradual processes of making wealth, then stay through this post. i will start from the 7th which is actually popular.

7. PPA (place of primary assignment):

I know you got surprised and probably you feeling like “BRO WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY…” but still, you can’t ignore the fact that this is also one of the means Corpers use to make money during their serving years. This is the first job you get to do that pays you extra cash depending on which organization you get posted and if they agree to accept you. You can get to make at least N10,000 each month with your PPA. also, there is also secondary place of assignment if your PPA is not too demanding. you can run home lessons, set up trainings about a particular skill you have.

6. Graphic design:

Listen guys this is real, I was able to learn graphic designing before serving and during service, I gave out my business cards to people I thought would need my service and most of the jobs I got were through referrals. I got a lot of works done for some people while serving and I got well paid.

I did jobs like printing banners, stickers, flyers, signage, and business cards. So I think this is also qualified to be among 7 Entrepreneurship Jobs you can do while serving.

5. Photography:

We both know you must be experienced here before you start making money. You can’t just compare the pictures you take with your phone with the camera I bet you’d take a bad picture using your phone experience with the camera and the editing.

If you are a photographer, I think this is the time for you to let people know your skill. Most people tend to appreciate Corpers and what they do. You can use this ground to showcase your skill and get paid real good. 

4. Makeup/makeover:

This is a business for both men and women. Nigeria is a country accommodating beautiful creatures and every Friday and Saturday are party days for Nigerian ladies.

Most ladies pay the make-up artist to beautify their look for important occasions. Some ladies even do makeup during working days. Why can’t you just learn this skill and “chop” these women’s money? Yes I am talking to you

3. Dry cleaning and ironing:

I can see your face squeezed with disbelief but if only you can calm down and just stay with me till the end, you’d have realized that this jobs pay only if you believe the gradual process of making wealth. Get some buckets, good soups, good water, good iron, good starch, and start making cool cash from your neighbors and friends while serving.

2. Referrals:

I think anyone who is going to escape poverty in this country is the one with the mind to make money but if your mind is zeroed on making good money, then I’m not sorry to tell you that it won’t work. But wait why would you decide not to make money in this country? Now, this kind of job is rare because most people don’t have high self-esteem and have low communication skills. How do you make money with referrals?

Just like market affiliates, you get to sell people’s products and you get commissioned a small amount. It’s a cool deal actually, all you need do is get out there, find entrepreneurs with no face (not yet recognized) yet, and use your enthusiasm to sell their products and make some money.

1. Computer skills and services:

This is one of the Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start as a Nysc Corper in Nigeria. The world as a whole is facing a drastic change which leaves no country out of the equation. The rate at which technology is growing in Nigeria has made the presence of computer expertise very essential. Just like the popular slang “no one-way enter market”, trust me, this is one of the ways to making more money during your serving year.

If you have computer skills and you are confident of your skills, then go out there and render services to organizations, small businesses, and other individuals that request your service. You should be imagining yourself receiving a big check for your job. Don’t forget to share the money with you because I just opened your eyes to this… just kidding.

So thats it on the 7 Entrepreneurship Jobs You Can Start As a Corper in Nigeria

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