7 Schools that Offers BFA Courses in the United State | Scholarship, Eligibility, and Applications

Schools that offer BFA Courses are searched for by many students with a passion for arts and you may be one of them. Getting the right art school for the best studies can sometimes be difficult.

In the United States of America, you should know that there are over 300 accredited fine arts schools. This means that there is a pool of schools to choose from and that is why it is of interests to both local and international students. Most fine art schools have updated their academic standards with the changes happening in the world.

Searching the web for information might prove cumbersome as you would want all your information on one page. No need to worry, we at jobreaders have taken care of that problem.

In this blog post, you will be informed of 7 schools that offer BFA courses in the United States. This blog post is purely designed to inform you and make your search an easy one.

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Before diving straight into the topic at hand lets have a look at what a BFA is and what it offers.  

What is a BFA?

A BFA simply means Bachelor in Fine Art. This is a standard undergraduate degree that is recognized in Canada and the USA. If you acquire such a degree it means that you have been professionally educated in visual, fine, and performing arts.

Having a BFA can open a whole new world to you, especially in careers of acting. Many of the movie stars of our generation have had some sort of professional training in the arts.

If on stage activities is what you are passionate about then a BFA can open a career door for you in that path.

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Schools that Offers BFA Courses in the United State

Streamlining your search is what we are after at Jobreaders. Here is a list of 7 schools that offer BFA courses in the United States.

1.Dillard University

Dillard University is located in New Orleans and is a historically black university. They were founded in 1869 and have been growing ever since. Supplying quality and affordable education is what has made them stand out in the academic circle.

Dillard course programs are fully accredited and they are a well-funded private school. Dillard University offers degrees in arts and is known for its top-notch visual arts program. The pace of the program is on a full-time basis with lectures and training offered on the campus grounds.

Duration of course: 4 years

Tuition fees: $15,790

You must complete a total of 122 credit hours of coursework to ensure your graduation.

Visit the official website for more details – https://www.dillard.edu/

2.Aquinas College

Aquinas college is built on integrity with roots in the Catholic and Dominican tradition. Aquinas is located in Grand Rapids, USA. She provides quality education in liberal arts with a focus on the global perspective.

At Aquinas College, you are trained in liberal arts and groomed for your career ahead. This preparation can give you an edge over many.

This course program requires a total of seventy-eight (78) hours for its completion. Finishing the required course hours will put you on the graduation spot.

Duration of course: 4 years

Tuition fees: $25,000

Visit their official website for more information https://www.aquinas.edu/

3.Colby-Sawyer College

Colby-Sawyer is located in New London, USA at the very heart of the scenic Lake Sunapee Region of central New Hampshire. They have a conducive learning environment that encourages growth and development.

At Colby-Sawyer, you will opportune to learn in the fields of ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. As a student, this is beneficial to you because you will be fully involved in the artistic sphere.

They offer financial aid to the students enrolled in their programs.

Tuition fees: $61,624

For more information, visit http://colby-sawyer.edu/

4.Felician University

Felician is located at Rutherford, USA. Felician University was founded in 1942 by the Felician sisters. She has a strong heritage link to the Franciscan order.

Felician University has built themselves over the years and have increased their reputation. This has placed them amongst the hallmark of great art schools in the U.S.

Studying here can be very beneficial to you because it opens your eyes to the beauty of art. This will give a clear picture of the career part with your BFA.

Duration of course: 4 years

Tuition fees: $35,000

Books: $1,300

Housing: $13,140

Scholarships are also available.

To find out more, visit their official website to apply https://felician.edu/how-to-apply/

5.Academy of Art University

This great beauty was founded in 1929 and is located in San Francisco. The Academy of Art University has been family-owned since its inception and is the largest private art and design university in the U.S.A.

The course requires 132 hours of coursework split into eight (8) semesters. The Academy offers online and on-campus educative means. This is great because it allows you to be flexible and study on the go.

The course programs are all taught in English. The language used to communicate on campus grounds and in the classrooms is in English.

One of the reasons why it’s on the list of schools that offer BFA courses in the United States is because of its cheap tuition fees. They also offer aid to students and this can help reduce the financial burden.

Duration of course: 8 semesters

Tuition fees: $46,724

To find out more information and to apply, visit https://www.academyart.edu/

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6.School of The Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), Boston  

The School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston was founded in 1876 as a joint program with the Museum of Fine Arts. She has educated and trained many of our contemporary artists. The School is located in Boston and has become a heritage.

The school has been on the map for its great teaching principles and the ability to produce the best. The school is just a 3 min walk from The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Studying here means that you will be exposed to great artistic surroundings that encourage your growth.

They offer the Bachelor of Fine Arts program which takes you in-depth into liberal arts. Their course programs are conducted at Tufts University and SMFA.

All the courses are taught in English.

To find out more information, visit https://smfa.tufts.edu/

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7.The Cooper Union for the advancement of Science and Art

Founded in 1859 the Cooper Union has stood for the advancement of science and art. It is amongst the schools that offer BFA courses in the United States because of its quality of education.

The school offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts that exposes you to greater heights in the industry. You will be opportune to meet many great minds in the artistic world and learn from them.  

Tuition fees: at the fall of 2014 the fees were $39,600 per year.

You will be qualified for a Scholarship of up to $39,600 per year if you are registered in the school and meet up to the requirement.

For more information, visit http://cooper.edu/

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