7 Things you Need to Learn before you Can Host a Blog and Make Money

Before you Host a Blog, there are core factors that you must master. Else, you will work like a horse and drink like a goad while trying to dominate and make Money Blogging.
This is going to be the last series, and a free coaching to be offered before we start distributing the e-manual to those that have ordered for it.
In order to start dishing out your products to a wider audience ,and start Making Money just as you get more visitors?
You need to learn the recent hacks, and the content and keyword-oriented strategies for firms and individuals who care to make more money playing around contents via their blogs.

Reason for Learning Before Hosting a Blog 

It’s possible that you’ve read and gotten tired of tips and formulas for driving massive traffic to your blogs and making money.
Perhaps, followed experts who couldn’t help you tailor your contents to the right audience via blogging.
You don’t need to worry. We can take it from here.
1. From 2017-2019, we’ve created over 50 blogs for clients and friends, but in all, only about 5 is currently alive.
This is largely caused by the mismatch of expectation and results. Many of the site owners get frustrated and give up, owing to the fact that it couldn’t fund itself anymore.
2. We’ve received several queries from potential blogging firms and individuals about what blogging is truly all about.
This tells that some people are not even aware of the needs to blog around their products, ideas and other products that can invoke more rewards.

Key factors to Master Before Hosting a Blog

To harness the amazing features of most of these blogging platforms and tools, to rapport with top influencers and to be able to promote wide range of products and information as a blogger, you must comprehend the need for the following:
Right Domain names and hosting Choices
Keywords, related Keywords for Blogs
Content Ideas and Genuine approaches
Search Engine (Indexing and Crawling)
Keyword Dominating Strategies
Monetization Options for Blog Types etc.
Apart from the Compiled SKD blogging techniques burnt into BlogToBank, there is a step-by-step guide for creating and running a blog from the scratch.
It’s a guide but a free series for interested business owners and lone bloggers who intend to hack into creating cash from their blogs in 2019.

How to Prepare for a Blog

Just  the blog (or continue with ads and posting), you need to pause and learn the basics.
Have you been struggling with your blogs or failed to hit your targets due to certain technical limitations?
Ask me anything and I will be glad to reach out as soon as Possible.
The essence is that if you can Blog, you can make Money. But you need to be taught. But ordering for a copy of Blot To bank will be a milestone. 
Download Blog to Bank and learn how to Make money Blogging

Blog to Bank (Pro Blogging Manual)

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