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ABE Initiative SDGs Global Leader|Master and PhD. Scholarship 2021

ABE Initiative SDGs Global Leader Masters and PhD. Scholarship 2021 is a reliable platform that supports youthful enthusiasm and offers tremendous opportunities for eligible youths.

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The SDGs Global Leader Program aims to capacitate young or mid-career human resources who are contributing towards addressing challenges faced in various fields.

Through strengthening the collaboration between Africa and Japan, and through the implementation of political-strategic decision-making and implementation.

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The ABE program offers opportunities for young and eligible African men and women to study Master’s courses in Japanese universities as international students.

Also, to experience internships at Japanese enterprises to develop effective skills and knowledge in various fields for contributing to the development of industries in Africa.

At the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), it is recognized that there is a need for human resource development in both private and public sectors of Africa to cultivate a strong human network between Japan and Africa.

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About ABE

African Business Education known as (ABE) is a not-for-profit skill development specialist and awarding organization providing internationally recognized learning, credentials, and quality assurance in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, and employability. 

ABE is a strategic partner of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council and a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies.

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ABE President Dr. Edward de Bono was Nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005, Dr. Edward de Bono, is regarded by many as the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation, and the teaching of thinking as a skill.

He is the originator of the concept of Lateral Thinking and has written over 70 books that have been translated into over 40 languages. 

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How did ABE start?

ABE was founded in 1973, originally with the name The Association of Business Executives.

The organization had a clear social purpose:

  • to improve business education for aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries. This mission required courage, resilience, and the determination to make a difference – all of which have become defining features of the ABE way.

What does ABE do today?

Over the last five decades, ABE has built a network of international partners across four continents.

They develop skills that support businesses, empower individuals, reduce gender inequality, and tackle extreme poverty.

The expertise in operating transnationally, often in challenging environments, makes us a partner of choice in the deployment of economic capacity building projects.

ABE skills development expertise also helps employers transform their workforce with our training solutions, whilst our work with schools develops business and entrepreneurial know-how in children.

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Through the ABE network of high-quality accredited TVET centers, we enable adults to become professionally qualified business practitioners at any age or stage in their career, frequently providing a pathway to higher education for people to whom it would not otherwise have been accessible.

Since ABE started around 1.5-million people globally have gained an ABE professional business qualification

African Business Education is constantly updating business education products and services to help organizations and individuals develop the skills needed to adapt to a rapidly changing environment in both established and emerging economies.

Therefore, in this way, jobreaders.org are contributing to the development of a more skilled global workforce by providing you with these information

As a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping improve economic opportunity, ABE cares deeply about having a positive impact on the environments in which we operate.

As a result, ABE fund and make freely available world-class research around issues such as sustainable entrepreneurship. See ABE’s latest research here.


ABE exists to empower people to transform their lives and communities by gaining high-quality business, management, and entrepreneurial skills.


  • To be the pioneering provider of curriculum solutions that help bridge the global skills gap.
  • To lead the market in customer experience and value-for-money, and to have that commitment at the heart of everything we do.
  • To be passionate about making our educational programs accessible, by working with strategic partners all over the world.
  • To deliver the highest quality experience in all that we do.
  • To ensure that ABE credentials are innovative and recognized by universities and employers.
  • To be focused on responding to the evolving needs of our learners, clients, and centers.
  • To be the international first-choice awarding organization in the arena of business and entrepreneurship.
  • To always act with integrity, openness, and respect for others.

ABE trade memberships

Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council

This is a not-for-profit membership organization with a mandate from Commonwealth Heads of Government to promote intra-Commonwealth trade, investment, and the role of the private sector across the 53 member countries. ABE is a strategic partner.

UK Skills Partnership

ABE is affiliated to the UK Skills Partnership: a collective of leading organizations in the UK skills sector, working together to offer integrated solutions in vocational skills development to international partners around the world.  

Federation of Awarding Bodies

ABE is a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies: a trade association representing the collective interests of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry

Value of Award:

  • Prospective applicants should ideally be middle-management government officials or academics who wish to be involved in policy formulation, political and development issues, and who are passionate about making a difference in public policy administration and economics.
  • Furthermore, participants of the program may wish to participate in “Additional Programmes” which allow for participation in networking fairs with Japanese enterprises and internship opportunities. Participants are also encouraged to participate in the Japan Development Studies Programme (JICA-DSP), which provides knowledge on Japan’s modernization, World War II, and development experiences.

What You Need to Know about the African Business Education Initiative For African students in Japan 2020

The recommendation also mentioned the significance of increasing the number of African people visiting Japan, as well as increasing awareness among Africans.

Pertaining the efficiency of Japanese technologies and systems of enterprises.

The ABE Initiative was launched based on this recommendation.

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Following three (3) types of personnel are expected as Participants;

1. Persons from the Private Sector 

Young individuals who are or will be involved in economic activities in the local private sector maintaining and developing strong ties with Japanese companies.

2. Governmental Officials

Young officials, such as civil servants, who take part in governance and policy-making to enhance industries to whose development Japanese companies can contribute.

3. Educators

Young individuals who are responsible for educating in Higher Education and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions in Africa, to enhance capacity building in related industries.


The scholarship is to be taken in JAPAN.


The scholarship is open to all African students who are interested in studying in Japan.

The African Business Education (ABE) Initiative Eligibility 

The following are basic eligibility requirements written in General Information as guidance.

For making sure, please refer to the JICA office in your country for details.

1. Nationality :    

Citizens of one of the 54 African countries

2. Age:

Between 22 and 39 years old (as of April 1st in the year of your arrival in Japan)

3. Degree:   

A bachelor’s degree holder

4. Job experience:

Applicants from government sectors/ educators who have both of the following: At least 6 months of working experience at their current organization -Permission from their current organization to apply

5. English ability: 

Have adequate English proficiency, both in written and oral communication (IELTS score of over 5.5 is preferred)

6. Clear understanding of the objective of this Program:    

Clearly understand the objective of this program and have a strong will to contribute to the industrial development of their country while broadening and strengthening the linkage between their country and Japan

7. No other scholarship programs : 

Not currently applying or planning to apply to scholarship programs offered by other organizations

8. Health condition:

Have good health condition, both physically and mentally, to complete the program

Number of Participants & Durations

1st batch arrived in 2014 156 participants

2nd batch arrived in 2015 317 participants

3rd batch arrived in 2016 348 participants

4th batch will arrive in 2017 250 participants

It is expected that the duration of stay in Japan will be a maximum of 3 years.

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How To Apply For The African Business Education (ABE) Initiative:

The scholarship application is an online application follow the link below to apply:

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