Ahram Canadian University Admissions- Eligibility and Tuition

This is all you must know about Ahram Canadian University, eligibility, tuitions structure, courses offered, and relative admission requirements for all students who aspire to study at Ahram Canadian University.

Ahram Canadian University is nevertheless a leading modern educational institution with high international standards.

The instituition employs creative education approaches, as implemented in Canadian universities, without being motivated solely by profits, but by academic excellence. 

In Egypt and the Middle East, ACU plays an important role in the comprehensive sustainable human development of Egypt.

And also, in promoting its responsiveness to the demand for high-quality university education that qualifies students to meet the changing labor market requirements.

Furthermore, to pursue post-graduate studies in higher academic and vocational institutes both locally and abroad.

Relatively, the ownership structure distinguishes ACU from other private universities in Egypt.

Since the long defined organizational background, institutional capability, and public spirit of its owner.

Al-Ahram would place it in a more transparent and institutionalized role than that of other private universities whose funding would be more transparent and institutionalized.


Founded in 2004, Ahram Canadian University is a private higher education institution based in Giza, the medium-sized city of October 6 City (250,000-499,999 inhabitants’ population range). 

Ahram Canadian University (ACU) is a small coeducational Egyptian higher education institution (uniRank enrollment range: 2,000-2,999 students) officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt. 

In many fields of study, Ahram Canadian University (ACU) provides courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, such as bachelor’s degrees. 

Ahram Canadian University also provides students with various academic and non-academic facilities and programs, including administrative services.

ACU however strives to become one of the top-tier universities in Egypt, offering quality education and state-of-the-art science. 

ACU train well-educated and motivated graduates who can represent their community and contribute to the advancement of society and contribute significantly to community growth. 

Ahram Canadian University, however, accomplish this by delivering creative niche programs that meet the needs of students and employers;

Also, providing a positive learning atmosphere that encourages honesty, innovation, and self-development;

In the same fashion, recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty and staff that represent our standards of excellence;

And also ensuring that sustainable development is supported by our activities, policies, and procedures.

Ahram Canadian University School and Faculties  

  • Business School
  • Faculty of ICT & Computer 
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Faculty of Mass Communication

Ahram Canadian University Admission 

Ahram Canadian University is dedicated to developing younger young people from Egypt and also abroad, to be leaders and also qualified to fulfill the conditions of the current worldwide framework.

In the world-wide information society, they are well trained to be trustworthy citizens, learning social and also ethical responsiveness. 

Ahram Canadian University Process for Admission  

  • Online application of high school credentials, research, and discovery. 
  • N. B. An application number corresponding to the published number on the application form will be obtained by each applicant. Online applicants will be made aware of their application number. 
  • The submitter of relevant documents upon notification of provisional entry.
  • Selection group for tuition fees. 
  • Payment and acquisition of IDs for tuition fees. 
  • Bus fee payment, if necessary (fees are for one year).

English Language Placements from Ahram Canadian University 

  • An email informing the student about the exact date of the (ELPT) will be obtained by each provisionally approved student. 
  • 360 L has to be paid out by the student. E, as non-refundable evaluation costs. (ELPT) consists of 3 sessions: reading, writing, and the use of language. This examination establishes the learner’s level of English language skills, as lectures are given in English. Textbooks in English are also used. 
  • Those who do not complete (ELPT) is granted a 2nd chance to repeat the test with just one additional free time via a complementary session (ELPT). 
  • Those that do not finish (ELPT) twice can study (Lang 100) for a full semester. 
  • British, U.S., and Canadian Citizen (ELPT) students are exempted from the venue.

Ahram Canadian University Qualification for Admission

Concerning the high school certificate received, the academic requirements for Ahram Canadian University Admission differ regardless.

Nevertheless, You should be aware that any changes may occur in relation to the Ministry of Higher Education’s Enrollment Office for Non-public Universities. 

Ahram Canadian University  

  • Middle Eastern Thanaweya Amma & Thanaweya Azhareya 
  • Acquiring a minimum of 78% for the Pharmacy group and also 60% for Business and Mass Communication to apply. 
  • The “Mathematical Thanaweya Branch” must be for students applying for Computer Science & IT, with a minimum of 65 percent. 
  • “Students applying for pharmacy must be in the” Thanaweya division of biological science. 
  • Any Thanaweya branch may be students applying for leadership or mass communication.

Ahram Canadian University Diploma Program 

Meanwhile, after having finished 8 different subjects effectively. 

  • Licensed students must have been educated in the American system in grades 10, 11, and 12. 
  • Subjects are not approved for less than one credit. 
  • The eligible subjects relevant to the study group of choice at Ahram Canadian University should be included in the subjects listed. 
  • Subjects from Grades 12, 11, or 10 may be calculated. however, the minimum number of subjects from G12 to be calculated is 4. 
  • Subjects such as PE, music, yearbook, religion, etc. are not evaluated. 
  • The old SAT will not be recognized nonetheless. 
  • For the academic year (2010/2011), the minimum approved SATI score is 1200/2400.
  • SAT II is not mandatory but provides students with additional bonuses in the study (the minimum accepted score for the academic year (2010/2011) is 900/1600). 
  • Subject to be accounted for in SAT II. 
  • Math is a prerequisite for the Faculty of Computer Science + alternative subjects (physics-chemistry-biology). 
  • Biology is a requirement for the Pharmaceutical Faculty: an alternate subject (physics-chemistry-mathematics).

Current Tuition Fees Payment System for ACU Faculties during Academic Year

Ahram Canadian University Tuition fees, Discounts, Scholar-Ships, Withdrawals & Discounts granted to ACU Students during Academic Year 2020/2021

However, tuition fees are measured on the basis of the overall grade of high school certificates and equivalent certificates, as well as the above-mentioned categories of special discounts (only for Egyptian students). 

Nevertheless, the tuition fees may be charged in dollars or the equivalent of euros or pounds sterling for non-Egyptian students. 

Tuition Fees                

FacultyFeesFees (International Students)
Business &Economics30,000$3,500
Mass Communication (English Sect)30,000$3,500
Mass Communication (Arabic Sect)28,000$3000
Computer Science30,000$3000
Ahram Canadian University Tuition List and Courses

Payment for Late Tuition: 

For all or part of the tuition fees, the student who will be late in paying their fees will be paid 1 percent per week.

However, the deadlines for payment of fees are October 15 for the fall semester and March 15 for the spring semester annually, as delaying the payment of fees is not permitted for the summer semester.

(The beginning of the summer semester after one week of class.)

Students will, however, pay the same tuition fees under the financial regulations that were applied when they enrolled in ACU (i.e. without any fee changes or discounts) before they graduate from ACU. 

Excellency grants for continuing learners (All Faculties): 

The following additional discounts will be given to excellent continuing learners: 

  • Just 3% of the tuition fees will be given to GPA 3.5-3.7 students. 
  • Students with a GPA of 3.7 and also higher would only earn 5% of the tuition fees. 

It should be noted that the overall discounts should not exceed 50% of the tuition fees, given that the accrued GPA is retained by the student.

ACU Withdrawal Policy

1. By filling in the application form for 600 L.E., early registration is available at ACU throughout the year.

The final registration will be announced (non-refundable) after submitting all the necessary documentation and also paying the tuition fees. 

2. A form should be completed by the student or guardian for exemption from ACU and also reimbursement of tuition fees.

The payments on the application form are non-refundable nonetheless.

A check will be released within one month of the date of submission of the withdrawal form nonetheless.

However, the amount to be refunded to the student after deducting administrative expenses, as follows:

  • (L.E. 3000) will be deducted for administrative expenses in addition to the application form fees (L.E.500) in the event of a withdrawal for the fall semester prior to 31 August, or for the spring semester prior to 1 February. 
  • (L.E.5000) will be deducted for administrative expenses in addition to the application form fees (L.E.500) in the event of withdrawal from the 1st of September until the beginning of the fall semester or from the 1st of February until the beginning of the spring semester. 
  • In the event of withdrawal starting from the date of commencement of classes, 35% of the semester tuition fees will be deducted and for three weeks only for both the fall and spring semesters. In very good condition, any textbook should be delivered to ACU regardless.
  • No tuition fees will be refunded for both semesters in case of withdrawal within three weeks of starting classes. Any textbook in very good condition should be sent to ACU nonetheless. 
  • Students shall not be permitted to attend classes after the date stated in the ACU Calendar unless their tuition fees have been paid or reasons approved by the Administration have been given.


However, this article discusses all the required details about Ahram Canadian University and its admission criteria, tuition fees, eligibility, and course structure that you need to know.

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