Alat by WEMA – Best Way Bank and Earn Free Extra Income.

ALAT app, Wema bank’s digital banking app, is one of the best banking apps in Nigeria. This application is dedicated to providing its users with the best digital experience possible, with cool features and an improved interface.

Users can conduct a variety of transactions on it because it functions like a banking application. It not only allows you to send and receive money from your account, but it also has a feature that allows you to earn money by simply referring the app to others.

You can open an account and manage your money with ALAT by Wema without even going to a bank or branch; this app gives you access to exclusive group and personal savings. This award-winning app provides you with a free debit card, lifestyle benefits, and annual interest rates of up to 4%.

But wait, there’s more! Participating in the ALAT by WEMA Bank app referral campaign entitles you to a grand prize of 200,000 Naira (N200, 000). Everything you need to know about the ALAT app is right here.

With its simple design, dependability, and ease of use since its release in 2017, the ALAT app has continued to dominate other online banking platforms.

Requirements for Opening an ALAT Account

The process of acquiring an ALAT account is unlike physical banks where you spend long hours in queue with tonnes of documents to open an account. It is very easy to open an ALAT by Wema bank account. Here are the requirements for opening an account;

  • BVN
  • Mobile phone (with connection to the internet)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • A photo of your face
  • A photo of your signature

How to Get Started with Alat by Wema

To join, use our referral code G67NJF and enjoy the digital banking experience. Use the link to Download the Alat App

Copy our Invitation Code: G67NJF paste this code when you get to that registration stage. Feel free to contact Wema Bank through the App in case of needs for resolving issues. 

The follow the illustrative guides below with the picture guides to get your account done in few minutes.

How to Sign Up For The ALAT App

To access the services offered by the ALAT app, you first have to sign up. Here are four simple steps on how to register to the ALAT app:

Section One: Step 1 & 2

You can sign up online or download the App, and here is what you need to do:

  • Confirm your identity by entering your BVN
  • Take a clear picture of your face and
  • Snap your signature that is signed on a white plain sheet.
  • Submit your information to verify your BVN.

Check the image guide below:

Section Two: Step 3 & 4

A new page will pop up where you will upload a photo of your face and signature respectively as well as put in your BVN.

Next thing is to Select the “create ALAT pin” options on the page and proceed to fill in any pin of your choice.

Also important: do not forget to copy our refeal code G67NJ and place it on the Referal Code (Optional) column. You will also earn the registration bonus when you complete your registration.

Now, you can place an order for an ATM. Note that the ATM costs free and it will be delivered to your address in just two working days.

How to Refer With ALAT by WEMA

To obtain your unique referral code, launch the ALAT app, sign in, and select Refer a Friend from the menu. Put this code on your blog, website, or social media account.

How to Download ALAT by WEMA App

To make use of this amazing banking service, you first have to download the app. interestingly this app works for both Android os and iPhone ios, to download this application.

kindly go to the app store on your mobile device either Andriod or Apple device.

next click on the search bar and type in “ALAT by Wema”.

Click on the app icon, and click install to download the app.

once you have successfully installed the application, you can sign up to register in just a few minutes.

ALAT by Wema New Features

ALAT, Nigeria’s only fully digital bank, has introduced two new exciting features: quick short-term loans and a virtual dollar card for international online payments.

All ALAT customers have access to ALAT Loans via the bank’s Android and iOS apps.

The ALAT Virtual Dollar Card is a non-physical, dollar-denominated debit card intended for online purchases. The card, like ALAT Loans, is accessible to all account holders via its apps.

Furthermore, account holders can now link other Nigerian bank accounts to their ALAT profile on the app.

This bank makes the transfer of money more friendly to other banks especially for those who do multiple transactions daily.

ALAT users can fund their accounts in a variety of ways, including through this feature. Other options include using domestic and international bank cards, as well as transferring funds.

We previously published a list of fintech apps that you can use to earn a decent living from the comfort of your own home; you can read about these apps here.

How to Earn With ALAT By WEMA

ALAT by Wema app comes with a campaign option that allows users who participate to earn. The ALAT referral campaign allows you to make money by inviting friends to download and use the application.

Engaging in the referral campaign on the app not only allows you to earn but also makes you eligible to stand a chance to win a grand prize of three hundred and fifty thousand Naira when you engage in at least three transactions in six months.

To participate, simply fund your account with some cash (not less than N500). Return to the main menu and select the “refer a friend” option. Your referral code will be displayed afterwards. You can use it to refer your friends and family to download the application.

The app automatically credits your balance with five hundred nairas with each referral.

If you refer up to ten friends, each of whom funds their account with 500 nairas and uploads the required documents, ALAT by Wema will credit your account with 500 naira, for a total of 10,000 naira.

Final Thought

Wema Bank believes that digital banking is the future of banking, and it is implementing appropriate steps to bring tomorrow’s banking to today’s customers by abandoning the cooperative dogma.

Download ALAT by Wema right now and take control of your finances. Save more money, with no ridiculous fees, no excuses, and no drama.

Get Started with Alat by Wema

To join, use our referral code G67NJF and enjoy the digital banking experience. Use the link to Download the Alat App

Following the link above will help you download the App, and that is where your journey begins and do not forget to add the referral code in the process of account registration. 

You can copy the code: G67NJF and proceed with creating the account. Feel free to contact Wema Bank through the App in case of needs for resolving issues. 

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