All you need to Know about Misr International University Egypt: Scholarships

Misr International University has won the heart of interested applicants from around the world. This institution is a privately owned block situated in the eye of Africa, Egypt.

The institution was established in the late 1999s and since then, it grew to become one of the nation’s leading private institutions. The institution is located in Cairo, Egypt.

The University is unique and peculiar in its way of running educational programs. It ensures to provide her students both local and international with equal access to education.

Thus, the institution has a group of researchers who are competent enough to provide solutions to the problems faced by humanity in the world presently.

It has a special department saddled with the function of balance checking the activities of researches in the institution. Why? To ensure no research works are duplicated or copied.

The foundation is based on a co-educational platform that accepts both local and international students.

It doesn’t treat students base on their ethnicity or tribes. Thus, everyone is treated equally!

Misr International University has acquired a large number of staff and students which makes it healthier for the institution.

The University offers full-time undergraduate and postgraduate academic degrees in various fields of study cutting across science and technology.

In fact, campuses are well laid out with cool facilities like classrooms, a good road network, a very resourceful academic library, and several others.

Admission into this university is quite competitive but the university tuition is affordable.

Misr International University is very adventurous. It has suitable social life activities for students which are aimed at improving the human relationships among students in the university. They engaged in sports activities, events, and trips.

Faculties at Misr University

  • Al-Alsun and Mass communication

The Department has facilities including interpreting labs, computer labs, and digital and multimedia labs, in addition to specialist software to support subtitling and computer-assisted translation.

You also get to enjoy full electronic services from the institution which most institutions wouldn’t do.

The institution is certain to have provided an opening market for their graduates.

How? There will be many job opportunities waiting for graduates from this particular faculty in Media and communication, Journalism, Teaching, etc.

The Department of Alsun has essential facilities including digital studios, Internet and multimedia laboratories and photography studios. You as a student get to enjoy E-library services and data.

Computer Science

This department is a very important sector in the institution whereby it employs competent workers to take control of the faculty.

The school firmly hold on to their belief of affecting the developing structure of the country positively through their programs.

Oral and dental medicine

The faculty doesn’t seize to amaze records for providing many opportunities for both graduates and undergraduates.

The university’s program is innovative and dynamic enough to create an enabling environment for students to acquire skills to lead the profession in a socially responsible manner. There is another university that majorly based on medicine, which might interest you in Egypt.


The faculty awards degree in architecture to students. And the faculty is driven with the major goal of making provisions for students with outstanding scientific and technical competence.

Why? In order to enable them to give back to the community effectively. You can consider it as a community service.

Students will be taught by highly qualified staff members in the areas of academia we are specialized in. Other faculties in the institution are;

  • Engineering and sciences & arts
  • Business Administration and international Trade

Tuition fee

The institution is quite affordable and very competitive still. The tuition depends on the faculties.

But local students can have an average of 4,000 EGP, Domestic tuition 39,750 EGP and International tuition 7,700 USD.

General requirements

  • Birth certificate or certified original. For non-Egyptians, the birth certificate must be stamped by their Embassy then by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in case it wasn’t stamped from their country.
  • Copy of National ID
  • 6 passport-size photos
  • Military Service Form “Namozag 2-3 Gond” (Egyptian males only)
  • Copy of passport and an “Approval Letter” for joining the University issued by the Embassy they are related to (for foreigners only)


  • The institution makes provision for a merit-based scholarship. Egyptian students with high ranking scores in Thanaweya Amma or its equivalent will be awarded scholarships
  • The scholarships are awarded at the time of admissions for one year, after that they will be adjusted according to the student’s academic performance (cumulative GPA)
  • The scholarship will be granted to students for participating in international or regional championships
  • Also, ranking first place in an individual/team played in a most recent championship will fetch you a scholarship.

English Language Program

The program provides an excellent opportunity to students who are weak in English by improving their English language skills.

An English placement test is conducted and students are placed according to their levels.

Research Guidance Center

It acts as a bridge between professors, students, and research resources, and a kind of guarantee that research done is not copied, plagiarized or written by someone other than the student himself/herself.


The library is dedicated to providing a suitable and conducive environment to students. The library set down the following goals which are:

  • Acquiring and organizing sources of information to serve the educational and research process
  • Developing computer systems in line with recent developments in the field of library and information services
  • Providing information and library services to facilitate searching and retrieving information
  • Giving orientation sessions for students and faculty about the services provided, as well as training on how to use the available sources of information

Other services rendered to students are: Student support office, quality assurance center, it department, open access labs, dental clinic, health clinic, food venues, and recreational facilities.

Misr International Hospital is a joint-stock company formed under law 43 concerning the Investment of Arab and Foreign funds. The total investment in cash sum up to £60 million.

Its shareholders include 160 university professor and doctors specialized in all fields of medicine, the Egyptian banking sector and a number of Egyptian, Arab and foreign investors.

GOOD NEWS! The hospital immensely contributed to the community health status by providing the medical centre with sophisticated equipment. You can check this other school in Egypt, it might interest you.

Misr International University also established a special hospital for people and it’s known in the country and it’s called the Misr hospital. They render essential services to people and these services include:

  • Emergency unit
  • Intensive care units
  • Neurology
  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Nutrition
  • E.N.T
  • Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Anesthesiology

More departments and units in the university you have to look out for when finally given admission into the prestigious school:

International Office

The International Office offers support services and activities to MIU students engaged in one of the many Study Abroad/Student Exchange Programs, and to foreign students spending a semester or two at MIU.

Want to get to know more about the functions of the international office? kindly visit this link to have access to what the office is all about.

The International Office participates in and organizes several international seminars, conferences, workshops, and staff training sessions that aim at promoting teaching methodologies in higher education institutions.

  • Accounting Department
  • ARS Department
  • Campus News
  • Drafting
  • English Department
  • Information Technology Dpt.
  • International News
  • Marketing & Communication Department

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