All you Need to Know about Nurses Christian Fellowship in United State | Eligibility and Application

All you need to know about Nurses Christian Fellowship has been captured vividly in this article for Christian nurses to read and know the spiritual connotation it has not just on them but also on patients.

Nurses Christian Fellowship in the United State is a ministry full of compassionate care for the whole world.

Therefore, in response to God’s grace towards a sinful world, that aims to foster optimum health and restores comfort to as many that are in need.

Another vital key you need to know about Nurses Christian Fellowship is that the fellowship is about the relationship.

The Nurses Christian Fellowship is an arm of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, which is one of its kind.

This organization is dedicated to walking alongside nursing students and nurses, as they interconnect their faith and vocation.

It’s a wonderful experience as we see nursing students taking the risk for Jesus, by inviting their classmates to come and to also explore who He is.

Therefore, knowing what it means or takes to be a nurse that follows Jesus Christ.

About the Nurses Christian Fellowship

Nurses Christian Fellowship is a ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA since the year 1948.

It has encouraged nursing students, and nurses to gather the courage to explore and connect Christian faith and nursing.

To also provide the needed resources that would aid nurses to practice from a Christian view of point or rather perspective.

The Nurse’s Christian fellowship also offers support, professional events, networking opportunities, and publications, which include the journal or Christian Nursing.

The benefits of members include a discount on continuing education opportunities and journals.

As a ministry and professional organization, Nurses Christian Fellowship seeks to;

Involve the culture of nursing to improve a Christian worldview in nursing practice and education

Ability to guide nurses and nursing students, by supporting them to incorporate faith and practice

Also, to make available resources that would equip nurses to serve among the poor and people deprived of some right, privilege, or immunity at home and also abroad.

Therefore, logically inspire the moral and virtuous conscience of nursing through publications, education, and personal living.

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Nurses Christian Fellowship

The Nurses Christian Fellowship regularly holds bible studies for nursing students as well as nurses.

The organization’s mandate is to equip Christian nurses to integrate biblical principles in clinical practice, education, leadership, and research.

It is quite optical that nurses deal with a range of physical, emotional, and even spiritual challenges daily.

Whereas, the Nurses Christian Fellowship provides a space for nurses to rest in Christ Jesus, look for community, and arrange for perplexing work.

In the areas where nursing education lacks, such as spiritual care, Nurses Christian Fellowship provides guidance.

There are also able to give them resources for spiritual care, which is what most nurses should know about.

And so, coming alongside them in that aspect, by providing material and examples that might equip them to care more for patients in their time of need.

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The Purpose/Aims and Beliefs

The essential purpose of the nurse’s Christian fellowship is in response to God’s love, grace, and truth.

To establish and advance in nursing as a ministry of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA.

Encouraging Christian nurses and nursing students to live a faith compassionate professional practice.

To adequately support the regional NCFI committees and the National NCF organization in their ministry with nurses.

To also equip, support, and develop leaders who are Christian nurses around the world.

The capacity to represent Christian nursing in the global nursing and healthcare arena.

To witness a large community of nursing students and nurses following the pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By promoting communication, friendship, connection, and collaboration among Christian nurses worldwide.

Deepening the spiritual life and also the cultural awareness of Christian nurses and nursing students around the world.

Thereby, growing in love for God, His words, and also in the statue by fulfilling God’s purpose and will in the world.

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The Doctrinal Basis

The fundamental principles and doctrines are geared towards the existing protocol of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The entire trustworthiness and the unique divine inspiration and also the authority of the scriptures are the basis of its doctrines.

It is in the dignity and value of all people that are created in God’s image and likeness to live in love and holiness by striving to perfection.

NCF believed in Jesus Christ, who came in the form of human and also divine, who lived as a perfect example.

He assumed the judgment and died in our place, He was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as the savior and Lord.

Salvation is the basis of justification by God’s grace to all who repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The togetherness and unity of all believers manifesting in worship and witnessing growth in churches by making disciples throughout the World.

Also, the indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, that gives to all believers a new life and a calling to obedient service.

How to Get Involved or Partnership

It is an open invitation to as many that want to partner in ministry with the Nurses Christian Fellowship by PRAYING.

The act of giving either financially or materially is another way of getting involved locally.

It is advised that you take advantage of the Nurses Christian Fellowship certified network by becoming a member.

The essence is to support your faith and your nursing profession.

Why should you join the NCF?

Joining the Nurses Christian Fellowship paves way for you to become a part of a professional community.

To also be part of an organization that would contribute to your personal growth.

Then, as a Christian nurse or a nursing student you also promote Christian influence in nursing.

How to Apply for NCF

Please ensure you follow the necessary information listed below on how to apply for NCF:

  1. Click on Become a member page will open. Log in or create an account
  2. An Intervarsity login page will open. Create an account
  3. An email confirmation page will open. Check your inbox to verify the email.
  4. Once that is done, click the login button 
  5. Enter your username and password
  6. Complete the membership application
  7. Review your order and click Continue
  8. Paypal will open for secure payment.

Essential Prayers for Nurses Christian Fellowship

For as many that want to partner with NCF in prayers, here are some key areas of focus:

God should be the pivoting factor of many nursing students, by bringing them into a life-changing atmosphere and to follow him into nursing.

Thereby, God should also provide the necessary funding that would help the NCF meets the ministry budget.

Leaders should be raised for both local chapters of students and nurses.

He should grant the NCF expansion and the ability to support and develop a ministry to nurses.

Giving to Nurses Christian Fellowship

The Nurses Christian Fellowship is a supportive platform or ministry of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

The NCF has dedicated staff members who are giving to raising full financial support.

The well-trained ministry partners are known for the level of encouragement and prayers.

All for the spiritual development of nurses, nursing students, and the faculty.

Therefore, you are highly invited to partner in the work of God by giving to Nurses Christian Fellowship.

How to Become a Member of NCF

The Nurses Christian Fellowship is a professional organization and a ministry for nurses, nursing students, and nurse educators.

Now, when you join the Nurses Christian Fellowship, you will become part of a large Christian network of nurses.

These nurses have decided to be devoted to the things of God in the healthcare sector.

 The benefits of members include the CE discount and the award-winning Journal of Christian Nursing.

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