Universal Technical Institute | Cost and Locations

Universal Technical Institute |Cost and Locations

For over 54years, Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has trained over 300,000 technicians. As has been widely seen, the Universal Technical Institute is not just an auto mechanic hub.

But a skills-based trade school that offers an extensive range of transportation-related technician training programs

They have been offering technical training for collision repair, automotive, diesel, marine, and motorcycle technicians including computer numerical control (CNC) and welding technology to numerous students in and outside the USA.  

The Universal Technical Institute being a  technical training organization has built good relationships with different industrial leaders across the globe, offering training that aligns with different employers’ needs.

They focus more on post-secondary programs through the support of reputable brands such as Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), Motorcycle Mechanics Institute and NASCAR Technical Institute (NASCAR Tech). 

Why Universal Technical Institute?

The UTI specialized training prepares you with the right industrial skills that will enhance your career goals within and outside your industry.

The training offered by Universal Technical Institute acts as a yardstick to get you ready to tackle societal problems and also pave way for you to investment skill-wise in order to face economic challenges and/or prepare you for studies in technical schools

Availability of Scholarships in UTI

There is a great hope for you if you desire to go through the UTI to pursue your professional career in whatsoever field you have decided to focus on.

UTI is doing everything possible to create a soft landing ground for different students of different groups.

So they created a diverse option in their operation structure to encourage scholarship programs and financial aid schemes in their institute.

This institute has been in existence for over five decades and is doing everything possible to pave a smooth runway for students who wish to go through their institute before pushing ahead in their study course.

However, depending on the category of training you are focusing on.

Different students enjoy scholarships to be part of UTI from different bodies, such as Non-governmental Organizations, Government bodies, private enterprises, and others.

Though, whether you are on scholarship or you are on paid scheme, you are exposed to the same amount of training by the industry.

Courses Offered in UTI

Automotive Technology

Automotive technology is a 51-week training program offered in the institute.

It is centred on Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) from different automotive big names, such as BMW of North America, International Truck and Engine Corporation, Volvo Cars of North America, Inc., and Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

They offer specialized training in the automotive industry which encompasses manufacturing, repair, and maintenance.

Diesel/Industrial Technology 

The Diesel/Industrial Technology offered by UTI is a scheme pegged to last for forty-five weeks.

There are professional subjects within this course that focus on teaching students how to service Class 3-8 diesel trucks efficiently and effectively.

These include fuel systems, air brakes, diagnostic systems, and power trains.

If you choose to study this course, these are some of the coursework you are expected to be presented with; they are transport refrigeration and hydraulic applications.

You really do not have to be worried about getting the best training in diesel industrial technology as UTI operates with manufacturers like International, Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, Caterpillar a6 Cummins in order to give you the best training and learning experience.

Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

 This is a 51-week course that focuses on the “I-CAR Enhanced Delivery” standard.

This course is certified with ASE/NATEF Master in five areas of standard autobody repairs.

 NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI)

The NASCAR Technical Institute which is situated in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA, is one of the major branches of the UTI which provide relevant and career-based course-works to students in electrical systems, engine construction, drive trains, fuel and lubrication systems, system bodies, racing theory principles, and chassis fabrication. 

Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI)

Students who are focusing on machine mechanics should expect to be provided and grounded with coursework in marine technology which centres in Suzuki Outboard, Volvo Penta, Yamaha, Honda, Mercury Marine, and other major marine manufacturer-specific pieces of training.

Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)

If you are interested in motorcycle mechanics, the UTI will make available coursework that covers career education with big manufacturers such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, BMW  Harley-Davidson manufacturer-specific courses and Kawasaki.

Cost of Enrollment| UTI

If you are interested in building your career in UTI you are advised to budget between $20,000 to $25,000 to ensure you get the best out of the training.

However, you can get a student loan or financial aid to pull through. Or, check out scholarship opportunities.

Is Universal Technical Institute Legit or Scam?

The Universal Technical Institute website is a registered private company affiliated with different Universities in the USA. So, it is unimaginable to say it is a scam.

Students in Universal Technical Institute

These are the nature of students as published on the Universal Technical Institute website, which you can find in this institute.

Asian: 3%

Hispanic: 29%

Black: 3%

American Indian/Alaska Native: 7%

White: 43%

Hawaiian Pacific Islander: 3%

Two or more races: 10%

Unknown: 2%

Location of UTI Branches

These are list if locations where you can undergo the UTI schemes.

Most of these branches do everything possible to give their trainees the best to prepare them ahead for career opportunities and/or for the University of technology in the pursuit of their academic study and career advancement.

  • Motorcycle Mechanics Institute – Phoenix
  • Universal Technical Institute – Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • Universal Technical Institute – Exton
  • Universal Technical Institute – Houston
  • Universal Technical Institute – Rancho Cucamonga
  • Motorcycle & Marine Mechanics Institute – Orlando
  • NASCAR Technical Institute
  • Universal Technical Institute – Avondale

Take your time to select and make appropriate decisions on the best course you wish to undertake in the UTI.

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