All you need to know on How to Book a Driving Academy Online

This is all you need to know on how to book a driving academy online in 2020 for all beginners and also those who wish to gain additional knowledge to enhance their driving technicalities by attending a driving academy.

However, you need to know that driving a car is a privilege, not a right because not everyone drives on the road, it’s either you’re afraid of been caught by the traffic guys or don’t know how to drive.

Nevertheless, you can bridge this boundary by going to a driving academy to obtain the requirements expected of a certified driver.

Driving lessons can be incredibly helpful for those who are still learning to drive or wish to seek additional professionals to brush up on their skills.

This article is provided to guide you through your driving prospects and also how to book a driving academy online.

Why should I go to a Driving Academy?

In the same fashion, there are several ways that upcoming drivers will benefit from going to driving academy which includes:

Learning from a professional

A professional driving teacher, however, will properly instruct a young teenager or adult learning to drive for the first time or help them adjust to different laws and regulations that regard driving. 

Moreover, people that learn driving from friends and relatives don’t realize they are likely aren’t good at complying with traffic laws relatively. 

However, people will often teach their trainees from their experiences and how they were trained regardless. 

In the same fashion, people pass along their bad habits and poor driving techniques but on the contrary, professionals driving tutors are restricted from teaching you just how to drive.

Reduction in Insurance rates

In the same fashion, with a driver training certificate, the cost of automobile insurance could be reduced greatly. 

The amount of discount you will receive will nevertheless vary based on your coverage and the insurance company. 

However, attending a driving academy will not only put you on the right track, but it will also save a considerable amount of money on your car insurance relatively.


Confidence is one of the packages that come with a driving academy, the vibe and enthusiasm involved is different from learning via friends and family

Furthermore, the driver will feel more confident after learning driving as he has learned it from the professional and confidence plays a vital role in driving any vehicle regardless.

Bespoke Lessons

Additionally, driving lessons are not a one size fits all sort of thing; they must be tailored to fit the specific needs of the student regardless. 

However, no two students are created equally, and having driving lessons that are structured to your strengths and weaknesses is very important. 

Nevertheless, being able to take driving lessons that are designed to rectify your weaknesses and further increase your strengths is one of the most crucial benefits that they can provide.

Booking a Driving Academy

In the same light, your benefits as a driver are dependent on the driving school that you choose to attend because all driving schools are not the same.

Therefore, you must select a driving school that is established and approved by the state government.  

1. Automobile Association

The Automobile Association however was created by keen drivers who just wanted fair treatment regardless.

Nothing much has changed on that front since June 1905, when four driving enthusiasts banded together in London to form the AA.

However, from day one the goal has been the same: to protect all customers, the motorist, and put your interests first.

Also, with over 15 million members from the original 90, it’s fair to say this driving academy has grown a bit. 

This driving academy is now the UK’s largest motoring organization, still going strong over a century regardless. 

Furthermore, from setting up the first motorbike patrols to piloting ‘connected cars’, the academy got a unique history of embracing new technology and innovations to better serve all driving trainees.

However, a breakdown cover has always been a priority for this driving academy, but they however branched out into finance, insurance, leisure, and lifestyle services.

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2. National Driving Academy

Similarly, if you want to learn how to drive and have your license from the Road Ready ACT course.

Or you’re looking for a Canberra driving school before you sit your driving test, or wanting to complete the competency-based ACT Log Book, National Driving Academy’s driving school can help.

National Driving Academy is a Canberra driving school providing quality ACT Log Book driving lessons and also ACT and NSW driving license test preparation. 

The academy driving instructors however are accredited in the ACT for Log Book lessons under the competency-based training and assessment system.

However, they also have driving instructors accredited with Keys2Drive and can provide a free driving lesson. 

They also provide both auto and manual driving lessons in 5-star safety rated late-model vehicles. 

The passion National driving academy nevertheless is assisting customers to become safe drivers, for life.

Additionally, they offer professional yet affordable driving lessons Canberra wide, for both ACT Learner Drivers and NSW Learner Drivers.

At any stage of the drivers’ license process – any age and any level of ability, including mature learners and overseas applicants regardless.

National Driving Academy Instructors

The Canberra and Queanbeyan Driving Instructors strive to the highest standards of both customer service and quality of tuition nonetheless. 

In the same fashion, all their instructors commit to the additional requirements which include:

  • Ongoing professional development regardless.
  • Being subject to the quality assurance system nonetheless.
  • And also committed to the highest standard of customer service.

People share the vision of the National driving academy for driver safety and motoring generally. 

However, this ensures that their customers get the very best possible service and standard of training.

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3. Elite Driving Academy

The Elite driving academy, specializes in nervous students, this academy however uses a patient, calm, but firm approach to help all trainees learn safely in their time.

The Academy will be teaching you how to drive, building your confidence, awareness, safety, and also responsibility in a way that you are doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Firstly they will start off with the edges, without the edges complete it’s hard to make the rest of the picture fit together. 

They will also be paying attention to detail, if you’re not comfortable in the driving seat you won’t enjoy or drive well, it’s the small things that matter.  

The elite driving academy will however be explaining to you that less is more and more is less with regards control of the pedals respectively. 

Furthermore, they shall also be explaining the dangers of drink driving, If you come to a lesson with a hangover then be prepared for me to tell you you’re not driving. 

Students always have the idea that parking is the hardest part of the test, this is actually wrong because in an elite driving academy you’ll learn all you need to know.


4. Rightway Driving Academy

However, with over 52 years’ experience teaching Australian drivers relatively, the team at Rightway Driving School is dedicated to providing quality training to all students. 

 This academy is one of the largest driving schools in Queensland and they are still the largest RACQ Approved Driving School in Queensland

Covering Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Logan and also the Gold Coast. 

The motto of the Rightway driving academy is “safe driving, for life”, not just lifelong safe driving skills but also to preserve lives on the road through reduced fatalities from safer driving habits. 

Teaching Queenslanders to drive for more than 50 years the Rightway

1. The automatic and also manual driving lessons you’ll acquire from Rightway will give you the skills to become a better driver for life nonetheless.

2. The driving instructors are highly qualified friendly professionals, subjected to stringent quality control, and also to undertake ongoing professional development.

3. They also use quality 5-star safety rated vehicles with dual control’s for maximum safety during driving lessons.

4. The academy nevertheless works with you to ensure that quality practice supplements are the aim

5. Their professional lessons also come by minimizing lesson hours and maximizing driving competency regardless.

6. You can also book your driving lessons online or through the academy Queensland based booking office, and pay online, over the phone, in the car, or by EFT.

7. The academy is also flexible with start and end locations which can include home, school, work, or other locations within the same area as your primary residence respectively.

8. They don’t however stop at driving lessons. They also provide a useful regular newsletter and post-license training including the nationally recognized Defensive Driving certificate course.

9. Their prices also start at $S9 per hour which represents excellent value for money and they do not charge a surcharge for the weekend nor public holiday appointments or for tests. 

10. The package deals and also specials save you money and relatively their interest-free installment plan package eases cash flow pressure.

11. The team engages with you and that commences from the first inquiry. and then start helping you and your family with “safe driving, for life”.

12. Also, the Driving Instructors are experts in keys2drive free driving lesson, driver License test preparation, and international students. 

13. Their vast experience combined with a real and passionate commitment to reducing the loss of life on roads,

Especially the young driver who represents the highest risk category provides parents.

And also grandparents with a caring, supportive, and uncompromising driver education option.

The motto of this academy is “safe driving, for life”, not just the lifelong safe driving skills but also to preserve lives on the road through reduced fatalities safer driving habits. 

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5. EzLicense

EzLicense takes the hassle out of choosing a driving school by helping student drivers find, compare, and also book verified driving instructors online.

However, the EzLicense online platform brings transparency, choice, and also efficiency to booking.

And relatively managing driving instructors and also driving lessons in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Additionally, EzLicense provides access to the largest number of driving instructors in Australia regardless. 

This is however by simply entering a pickup suburb and transmission preference (auto/manual) respectively.

Student drivers however will be able to view and compare the online profiles of all the driving instructors available in their area.

Profile information includes:

  • Instructor Photo
  • Bio
  • Customer Ratings and also Reviews
  • Vehicle details
  • Experience
  • Language/s
  • Real-time lesson availability

Furthermore, student drivers and parents can rest assured all driving instructors on the EzLicence platform are appropriately licensed and have valid ‘working with children’ credentials.

In the same fashion, the EzLicense platform provides a fully automated experience. 

Furthermore, after choosing a driving instructor, users can make driving lesson bookings online in real-time. 

However, driving lesson bookings are instantly added to the driving instructors’ calendar and notifications are sent. 

Meanwhile, the driving instructor simply arrives at the nominated pickup address on the day/time chosen to deliver the driving lesson.

The ongoing management of driving lessons is done from the students’ drivers’ online account, created during the initial booking process. 

However, from the online account, learner drivers and parents can buy, schedule, cancel, and reschedule their driving lessons. 

The driving instructor can also be changed, no questions asked.

Additionally, EzLicence places all of the choice & control in the hands of learner drivers and parents.

However, get started today by comparing the available driving instructors in your area.

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6. Red Driver Training Academy

The RED Driving Academy nevertheless is the trading name of RDS Driving Services Limited and shall be referred to throughout the terms of business as RED.

However, the RED driving academy engages directly with individual franchised driving instructors.

In the same fashion, driving is an important skill that many have to learn and the proper way to learn is to enroll in a driving school nevertheless.

Your friends and family can teach you how to drive for free, but however, you cannot compare that to having a quality education by professional instructors.

Furthermore, taking driving lessons helps you be more confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

Nevertheless, here at Jobreaders, we offer you thrilling updates on career opportunities, scholarships, and mindblowing articles you’ll like. 

And are self-employed and act in their capacity as franchisees of RED under the terms of a franchise agreement between RED and the instructor nonetheless. 

However, the contract for driving tuition is solely between you and your instructor respectively.

Student Driver– Terms and Conditions

In order to have driving lessons you must:

  • Be aged 17 or older (16 or over 16 if disabled)
  • Hold a driving license that is valid for the UK (provisional, full, or an appropriate foreign license)

It is your responsibility to provide your instructor with proof that you have a valid license to drive before the commencement of your first driving lesson nevertheless. 

However, if you fail to provide this proof, your instructor is entitled to refuse to conduct the driving lesson but may still charge you for such a driving lesson. 

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In the same fashion, driving is an important skill that many have to learn and the proper way to learn is to enroll in a driving school nevertheless.

Your friends and family can teach you how to drive for free, but however, you cannot compare that to having a quality education by professional instructors.

Furthermore, taking driving lessons helps you be more confident and comfortable behind the wheel.

Nevertheless, here at Jobreaders, we offer you thrilling updates on career opportunities, scholarships, and mindblowing articles you’ll like. 

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