American Board of Obesity Medicine: Membership and Eligibility

Become a bonafide member of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, This is a corporate body established by a group of medical experts in the different medical fields to give medical aid to the people suffering from chronic diseases of obesity.

This noble organization, the American Board of Obesity Medicine [ABOM] was established by the combined and coordinated efforts of the former American Board of Bariatric Medicine (ABBM) and the Certified Obesity Medicine Physician (COMP) to create a single unified certification process.

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The ABBM has been an independent body that has been in charge of conducting examinations in obesity medicine since 1997

Formally, the ABOM was founded in the year 2011 to serve the public in the field of obesity medicine that was achieved through the establishment.

Also, the maintenance of different criteria and procedures for examinations and certifications of candidate majorly from the field of medical practitioners who wish to showcase their unique knowledge of expertise in obesity medications.

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Physicians who complete the ABOM certification process in obesity medicine are recognized as Diplomats of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

It was discovered from the recent research carried out, that obesity counseling rates remain low among health care professionals.

Among other reasons include;

  • Inadequate time as a result of a busy practice
  • Lack of adequate treatment options and practical tools
  • Low confidence or insufficient training in weight management skills and counseling
  • Low self-esteem mindset that raising the topic will be misunderstood by the patient as being insensitive

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These findings suggest that there is a very big gap between the recommended obesity care and the current trend of medical practice by medical practitioners.

To remedy this ugly situation this now calls for an urgent need to increase the number of physicians that are devoting a reasonable portion of their time to practice obesity care.

The ABOM administers the Certification Examination for Obesity Medicine Physicians once per year with the appropriate supervision of the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME).

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Goals of the American Board of Obesity Medicine

Due to the ravaging effect of obesity in the USA, today from the result of research carried out recently;

It was discovered that the major challenges affecting medical educators today are inadequacy in terms of quality training of future physicians who will stand in a gap for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, in which obesity is one of them.

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Against this backdrop, a good number of physicians are now devoting much of their time to specialize in obesity medicine, this and among other issues leads to the establishment, of this organization

This corporate body was established for the main purpose of providing medical care to obese patients, through the applications of their knowledge of expertise in obesity medication.

This set of individuals employ their different medical approach in handling obesity patience such as,

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Employ therapeutic remedies, including diet, physical activities, and behavioral change, and pharmacotherapy.

Utilize a comprehensive approach, and may include additional resources, such as nutritional exercise physiologist and bariatric surgeon as indicated to achieve optimal results; maintain competency in providing pre and post-surgical care of bariatric surgery patients and promotes the prevention of obesity, and advocate for those who suffer from obesity.

Though this post is not just all about giving you information on the activities of The American Board of Obesity but a highlight on their functions, our major concern in this post is to guide you, if you are interested to be a member of their basic requirements for accepting new members.

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Composition of the Board

This noble organization, The American Board of Obesity Medicine comprises 12 twelve board members, this set of people are representing primary specialty boards from internal medicine, family practice, obstetrics, and gynecology, pediatric and surgery

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Eligibility to certify in Obesity Medicine

For you to be eligible to be certified in obesity medicine in the American Board of Obesity medicine, you must certify the following conditions.

Required Credentials

  • Proof of an active medical license in the U.S.A. or Canada
  • Proof of completion of a residency in the U.S.A. or Canada
  • Active board certification in an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member of the board of osteopathic medicine equivalent

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How can one apply for this exam?

You can submit your applications through the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) online application portal.

How much does it cost for one to participate in the test?

It only cost the sum of $ 1500, to sit for the test. A minimum of 60 credit hours of Continuing Medical Education of physician Recognition Award (CME) recognized by the American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award

(AMA PRA) Category 1 credits on the topic of obesity are required for certification
At least 30 credit hours must be obtained in person live meetings or conferences.
The remaining 30 credits hour must be obtained at a home CME activity

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CME Credit Timeline

All 60 CME Credit must be earned within 36 months of the application deadline
All CME Credit must be earned and documented at the time of the application, except in the case of two specific meetings that take place each fall.

CME credit hour from the Obesity Medicine Association’s fall, The Obesity society’s Obesity week. Once the above criteria are certified with, and CME are completed, candidates are now qualified and may apply to sit for the exam.

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Frequently Asked Question

The following are the frequently asked questions by different people seeking one or more information on this topic and the related topics.
Here are the questions and their respective answers.

When is the deadline for one to apply to qualify to participate in the test?

The final date to apply for this test is December 1

When is the next certification exam coming up?

The next certification examination is coming on 18 February 25,2021

How can you know that you are qualified to take the Test?

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  • You are qualified to participate in the test if you certify the following conditions,
  • Proof of an active medical license in the US or Canada
  • present a proof of completion of US or Canadian medical residency
  • Proof of active board certification in America Board Medical specialties (ABMS member board of osteopathic medicine equivalent.
  • You can also certify the following CME requirement to qualify to sit for the test
  • A minimum of sixty (60) AMA PRA Category 1 credit on the topic of obesity
  • At least (30) credit hours must be obtained through the group

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How many questions does the exam contain?

The exam contains a maximum number of 200 questions, which is further broken into four blocks, and each of the blocks containing 50 questions.

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How can one prepare for the test?

Visit ABOM official site here to access the exam resources section of the ABOM website.

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Is there any break during the test?

Yes, there is always a 10 minutes break provided during the exam.

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What does one require to do to re-certify?

For you to be re-certify, it requires completing 120 hours of CME credit on the topic of obesity, you also need to apply and taking the recertification examination.

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What items can you accompany the application to recertify with?

  • Evidence of active medical licenses in the U.S or Canada.
  • Proof of completion of U.S or Canada medical residency.
  • Active board certification in an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member board of osteopathic medicine equivalent.
  • A minimum of 120 credit hours of continuing medical education (CME) recognized by the American Medical Association of Physician Recognition Award (AMA PRA) 1 Credit on the topic of obesity is required for recertification. The 120 credit hours must be completed within the 10 years before recertification. A copy of the applicant’s CME certificates should accompany the application.
  • Recognition by the college of the family of Canada (CFPC) Main pro-MI credit and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) MOC Section 1Credit on the topic of obesity will also be accepted.

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Where can one take the test?

The certification exam is administered during eight days testing period at computer-based testing facilities.

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What are the items required to come to the test center?

You must bring your Scheduling Permit (hard copy or presented electronically) and the required identification described on your Scheduling Permit.

Acceptable forms of identification include the following forms of unexpired identification:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license with photograph
  • National identity card

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Another form of unexpired, government-issued identification

Your name, photograph, and signature must be contained in your identification card.

If it contains your photograph but not your signature, you can use another form of unexpired identification that contains your signature, such as an employee identification card or a credit card, to supplement your photo-bearing, government-issued identification.

Your first and last names on the identification must be the same as the one on your Scheduling Permit.

The only difference that may be allowed is if d difference is only on a middle name, middle initial, or suffix on one document and its absence on the other

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What can one do if he encounters any form of problem with the quality of the testing site while participating in the test online?

If you encounter any form of a challenge during the administration of the test online, you can report such a problem immediately to the test center staff by sending a written notification to ABOM by following the direction below.

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Event of any form of problem you encountered, all complaints with regards to the quality of the testing site, such as the professionalism of the doctor, computer glitches, software glitches, room temperature, distracting noises, lighting, examination interruption, etc.

All this and more challenges not mentioned here shall be sent to ABOM in writing not later than seven(7) calendar days after your examination date via fax or certified mail.
American Board of Obesity Medicine

Attn: Test Center Complaint

2696 S. Colorado Bouleverad, Suite 340

Denver, CO 80222

303.77.9104 (fax)

If any written complaints are received by ABOM after the seven (7) days deadline such complain will not be considered

What if someone failed the test at the first sitting, is there still any opportunity left?

The answer to the above question is yes if you sit for the test and fail it, there is still an opportunity to for you retake the test one more time, all you can do is to pay a retesting, without submitting again the evidence of compliance with the above-mentioned qualifications.

You can do this when the offer for a retest is made or run the risk of forfeiting the retesting opportunity. Further retesting requires re-application to the board.

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What does it cost to retake the test?

It only cost the sum of $450 to retake the test

If you have paid to take the test but decided to opt out, can you be refunded?

If you opt-out by December 15, you will be refunded $1000.
If you opt-out by after December 15, but before December 31, you will be refunded $500.
If you opt-out after December 31, there is no refund for you.

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How can someone schedule the test?

After your application has been approved and you’re your test fee has been fully paid, you will be sent an e-mail with the instructions on how to schedule the test day, scheduling does not open until late fall.

What will happen if one fails to sit for the test on the scheduled date?

If you fail to sit for the test on the scheduled date and will like to reschedule, all you have to do is to contact Prometric by noon of the second but the second business day before your appointment.

The rescheduled date must fall within the testing window, then fees from your previous scheduled test will be transferred to the reschedule exam as follows:

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If you approach Prometric by 12;00 PM ET on the second day, before your test date, it will attract a charge of a $100 fee

If you fail to meet up with your appointment within 2 business days of your test date, when you attempt to reschedule your exam within the testing window, you must contact Prometric Candidate Cares and pay the sum of $100 fee to reinstate your eligibility record.

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If you cancel your appointment within two business days of your test date, when you try to reschedule your exam within the testing window, you must contact Prometrics Candidate Care and pay the sum of $100 fee to reinstate your eligibility record.

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