American University of Nigeria Scholarships 2021/2022 |Apply Now

The American University of Nigeria Scholarship 2021 is ongoing and this post is tailored to give you detailed information on how and where to apply. The  American University of Nigeria popularly known as (AUN) offer funds or take up students’ school feel as they enrol to study in the institution.

However, the scholarship positions are reserved for intelligent students who posses qualifying criterias.

About the AUN Scholarship

The American University of Nigeria as the name implies is a private University that offers education in the American pattern. it is situated in the Northeastern region of Nigeria. And, offer programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. The scholarship spans across the 37 states in Nigeria, with two beneficiaries picked and 1 nationally.

It is known that the 2021 AUN scholarship ( just like the schemes from various years) is open to encourage students of the reputable school,  and we encourage young aspirants to commence their free online application for this year.

Every year, the application portal opens for the American University of Nigeria (AUN) Scholarships to award students in various funding scopes to continue or start their studies at the university.

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This annual scholarship is part of the institution’s (American University of Nigeria) efforts to give back to society. And the program provides academically promising but financially disadvantaged students with an opportunity for quality higher education.

Annually, the scheme welcomes applications from different African countries; that is sensitive to their communities’ concerns and believe in their ability to make impact change in their communities.

These enrolled students receive comprehensive and part-scholarships, and they are also able to participate in all our leadership development programs.

What is the worth of the American University of Nigerian Scholarship?

The scholarships take care of the following ;

  1. Tuition
  2. Community engagement opportunities
  3. Accommodation
  4. Stipends
  5. Medical Insurance and 
  6. Books and computer

Why Scholarships Focus on Science and Technology 

Developed countries are never tired of accepting students into their top institutions (Universities), to study medicine, computer science courses and others. Although the American University of Nigeria Scholarships has some mix.

This reality has a lot to portray the direct needs and applications of sciences in different areas of human lives. 

Platforms and organizations have always focus on funding international students with the intention of studying science-related courses in some of the recognized institutions; although this does not suggest that there are no other scholarships for non-science students around the world.

I’m just arguing based on the more seen, more ambitious and more corded educational funding schemes in most countries. 

Nations need more technological and scientific solutions that administrative resources, and it has been evident in the number of money schools and countries spend in funding scholarships.

For instance, a travel ban may be placed on a country, yet scholarship opportunities prove to be one of the direct immigration routes for brilliant academia.

It is another proof that the importance of science, workforce in the area of research, and findings also lure countries and institutions to funding young talents.  

Different countries in the world (especially the well-developed countries like Canada, the United States, and the UK and more others) spend millions of robust currencies on international education.

And a vast percentage of the funds go for international students who wish to study in their countries.

But the question has always been, why? 

Visionary countries understand the importance of investing in people, and this could be why education and the quality of education have been the focal point of most governmental budgets. 

Who is Eligible for the American University of Nigeria (AUN) Scholarships for 2020/2021?

The American University of Nigeria Scholarships 2021/2022 is one of the scholarship opportunities that are open for almost every Nigerian student who meets up with certain qualities. In order words, to be eligible for participation, the candidate must: 

  • Be accepted in the American University of Nigeria. 
  • Have reputable academic performance (from the First School Leaving Certificate)
  • Demonstrate Financial needs 
  • Be passionate about social, public, Community and Health Services and 
  • Must not be enjoying any other scholarship

Required Documents for American University of Nigeria (AUN) Scholarships for 2021/2022 Application 

AUN scholarship 2021 requires some means of identification, and this is the reason why you will always have to upload some documents.

The documents you upload are for their consideration. For AUN Scholarships 2021, candidates should submit:

  1. An exact copy of ID National card International Passport
  2. Two recent photos 
  3. FSLC (Original with photocopy) with minimum of credit passes in relevant subjects
  4. jamb result that has minimum of the cut off point or above.
  5. Acceptance letter into the American University of Nigeria

How to apply for the AUN scholarship

All intending applicants for the American Nigeria Scholarship 2021 are to visit the application portal and fill the application form.

Who is Eligible?

The application form for the American University of Nigeria Scholarships 2020 and details for the scholarship are available through the official email: [email protected]

We advise that you make the necessary inquiries to know the terms of the scholarship offers from the reputable institution.

To be fully funded as you study through their university. Also, you do not need any form of external vouch. 

So far, your previous academic records have something good to say about your commitment to scholarly and education at large; your chances of scholarships remain relatively high.

So beyond what may be published by blogs and scholarship portals as the main requirements of the scholarship opportunities, students should always consider the place of their previous academic records as prime factors. 

Do you feel qualified for these scholarship positions? Or are you preparing to hit it next year, we recommend this journal on Best approaches to Learning in High schools. 

If you want to graduate with top CGPA (good academic grades) from your first or second degrees, then you have to buckle up and take the bull by the horn. 

This is not all; securing Visa for travel under scholarship schemes has always been one of the most honorable feelings for students who take pride in their academic excellence.

How can we help?

Seeing you attain excellent academic and career heights has been our calling, and you can attest to that. 

Beyond scholarship positions, we publish the latest career contents that have transformed lives and helped a thousand taps through their real potentials.

With Email Broadcast below, you can sign up and start receiving free updates from our portal, regarding opportunities around your discipline and other interests. 

Based on the scope of this scholarship, you can also know when (correctly) the application begins, by leaving a comment below this article. Our guides will freely put you through procedures and time.

You can also follow this page for other ongoing undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria.

When will 2021 AUN Nigeria scholarship Going to be released?

If you are one of the students asking when will AUN scholarship is going to be released, we encourage you to visit our homepage to receive updates and other vital information that maybe useful to you.

We also believe that if you have further questions regarding the 2021 AUN scholarships, that you can reach any of our team using the comment section below.

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