Assiut University Review Admission, Tuition , Scholarship and Assiut University Acceptance Rate

2023 Assiut University Review: Admission, Tuition & Scholarships

This Assiut University Review tends to shed light on everything aspiring students need to learn about its school fees, ranking, acceptance rate, current admission and requirements.

The highest institutional system of learning is universities. In reality, after you graduate from university, people see you as an expert.

One institution that represents excellent leadership and diversity is Assiut University.

An Overview of the University

Assiut University, established in 1957, is a public, non-profit higher education institution located in the urban setting of the Asyut metropolis. A branch campus in South Vally is also available for this institution. 

Assiut University (AU) is a very large (uniRank enrollment range: over 45,000 students) coeducational Egyptian higher education institution officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Egypt.

Assiut University (AU) provides courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees in higher education, such as;

  • Pre-bachelor’s degrees (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation)
  • Bachelor’s degrees
  • Master’s degrees
  • Doctoral degrees in different fields of research

For further information, see the uniRank degree levels and research matrix regions below. 

This 63-year-old Egyptian higher education institution has a selective policy of admission based on the previous academic record and grades of students.

For registration, foreign students are welcome to apply. AU also provides students with a variety of academic and non-academic facilities and services such as;

  • Library
  • Accommodation
  • Athletic facilities
  • Financial assistance and/or scholarships
  • Study and exchange programs abroad
  • Online courses and opportunities for distance learning
  • Administrative services

Assiut University Mission statement

Implementation of human energy to achieve the future vision of the university by delivering sufficient education to satisfy current and future requirements.

Training distinguished generations of graduates willing to compete in local and foreign labour markets.  Graduates who excel in scientific and technical study; and offer knowledge-enhancing and cooperative research programs

Programs, courses, and schools of Assiut University 

Assiut University has undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs. The University has 16 departments and 3 departments in various departments. 

It has over 2,442 academic employees, including 5,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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Campuses of Assiut University 

There are 4 regional campuses and branches at Assiut University. The first branch is a branch of Minia. The second branch is Branch Sohag. The third branch is Branch Qena. 

The fourth branch is the Branch Aswan. The University has numerous services, such as a study centre, laboratory centre, library centre, sports centre, and faculty centre, on campus.

Assiut University ranking 

Assiut University, ranked 1001 + by the 2019-2020 World University Rankings, has also been ranked as 201-300th in 2019 by the University Impact Index. 

The University was ranked 201-300th by the World University Rankings for Good Health and Well-being for People in 2019.

Achievements from Assiut University 

Assiut University, Chairman, Professor Dr ImanKhader, Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, announced that Tarek El-Gammal won the State Award in Medical Sciences in 2018.

Captain Mustafa Abdel Al, a university student employed as a leisure specialist in the sports activity branch of the Youth Welfare General Department and coach of the Egyptian women’s beach ball team, won the African Games Championship gold medal.

Notable alumni of Assiut University 

  • Shukri Mustafa (Egyptian engineer)
  • Abdel Nasser Tawfik (physics researcher)
  • GamalHelal (diplomat)
  • Mohammed Tayea (political leader)
  • Saad El-Katatni (speaker of the House of Representatives)

Location and contact of Assiut University

Official Website                                  

Address Asyut, Asyut, 71515

Urbanization level Urban

The population of the city is 389,000

Phone +20 (88) 2357007

Fax +20 (88) 235 4130

Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR)-Assiut University Ranking 2019-2020

Institution Name       Assiut University

Location Egypt

World Rank 1192

National Rank 6

Quality of Education Rank –

Alumni Employment Rank 1466

Quality of Faculty Rank –

Research Performance Rank 1144

Overall Score 69.2%

Application Process

The admission process has various criteria, the most important of which is the previous academic success of the applicant. The academic year is split into semesters. 

AU gives scholarships to remarkable students as a state university. You can select from a wide variety of full-time programs here, but students are not confined to them, as online courses and programs are often provided by the university.

The composition of the University

Assiut University, which teaches more than 45,000 students, is considered a large university. Citizens and foreigners are also eligible to apply. There are more than 5 thousand teachers at the university. 

The university provides the participation of its students and academic staff in foreign exchange programs. AU has TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and the following social media sites.

The infrastructure of Assiut University

Students have access to the library from the university. For a dormitory, students may apply. 

It should be noted that the university is also a member of the Association of Arab Universities (AARU) and the Association of African Universities (AAU). 

In addition to being part of the Federation of Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW).

Requirements for registration & university fees (for non-Egyptians).

Applications should be submitted in compliance with the Cultural Cooperation and Scholarship Treaties, through the Embassy of the applicant country in Egypt. 

Correspondence should be addressed to the Assiut University Vice President for Post Graduate Studies and Research, clearly indicating the branch of study. Financial Sponsorship status of the applicant (personal or government).

The Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) should match all degrees previously received from Arab or international universities. 

I. undergraduate studies

Registration fees and £1000. – For the following departments, annual fees: Commerce, Law, Phys. Education, Humanities, and Social Work. 

Fees for registration and £1500. – Recurring fees for all other departments

II. Graduate studies 

For the teaching staff: Commerce, Law, Phys. Tuition, Social Work, and the Arts: 

  • Fees for registration – £1200
  • Diploma Annual Fees – £1000
  • Annual MSc Degree Fees – £1200
  • Annual PhD. Degree fees – £2000

 For other faculties: 

  • Fees for registration – £1700 
  • Certificate Annual Fees – £1300
  • Annual MSc Degree Fees – £1500
  • Annual PhD degree fees – £2500

Requirements for B. Sc. & B. A

Admission requirements: 

  • Certificate of Egyptian Secondary School or equivalent having regard to credit degrees
  • Regional distribution
  • Actions provided in this regard by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities

Requirements for Diplomas – Masters and Doctoral Degrees

I- Enrollment for Diploma:- 

The student should have a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent of another science degree from one of the Egyptian universities approved by Assiut University. 

(Based on each faculty’s curriculum, the study duration is one or two years)

II-Registration for Master 

The student should have a bachelor’s or license degree from one of the Egyptian universities or an equivalent degree with a minimum degree of “nice” from another approved scientific institute. 

NB: The period for registration is at least 2 years. And it is not allowed for a student to be enrolled in some faculties for more than 4 years and in others for 5 years unless otherwise defined by the faculty council after consultation with the supervisor and the approved department.)

III-Registration for a Graduate Degree:- 

  • A student should have a Master’s degree from one of the universities in Egypt or an equivalent degree from another approved scientific institution 
  • To apply for a PhD degree

NOTE: The duration of registration is not less than 3 years, as suggested by some faculty bylaws 

Documents Required:- 

You may receive all forms and applications from the General Administration of Post-Graduate Studies and the university.

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