Best 20 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

Taking bible courses at home has never been any easier like these Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion. The list is prepared with up to 20 online courses that you can take anywhere in the world.

Having a calling is not enough to preach the gospel as a pastor or a prophet. Attending a Bible School is a must if you must do well as a man of God in our changing world.

So we are presenting you with the best 20 free online Bible courses with certificates of completion to help empower you for different ministry and services you will be faced with as you grow in Christlikeness and integrity.

Taking one or more of these free online Bible courses with certificates of completion are essential for those who want to build their spiritual life in Christ.

As a Christian, even if you do not have a calling, you can find your way to the top of doing God’s work at well ministries and churches as an evangelist, pastor or apostle.

These free online Bible courses can build you into something extraordinary.

The facet of these best 15 free online Bible courses with certificates on completion is that they are “free online courses”; that means you do not have to pay to study them.

If you are looking forward to growing in spirit and faith and strengthening your knowledge of God, these free online courses are for you.

At the comfort of your home, you can learn much more than you ever imagined with no expenses attached except you wish to add a cup of coffee to your day while you study from your laptop or smartphone.

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Why Do You Need These Best 20 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion?

The importance of taking one or more of these best 20 free online Bible courses with certificates of completion can not be overemphasized as it will definitely build your knowledge and skills of relating with God and people.

It gives you a better understanding of the philosophy of life from a Christian perspective and also increases your ability and experience in things of God.

You do not have better options if you seek to improve on your preparedness for ministerial and evangelical works than to grab the opportunities offered by these free online Bible courses except you are already registered in a conventional theology school.

And even if you are already in a theology school, you still need these courses to add to your study experience and knowledge.

The Importance of Taking These Free Online Bible Courses

One glaring thing about these online Bible courses is that as soon as you finish taking the courses you will be issued a certificate of completion. 

This certificate helps to empower Christians to have a solid biblical foundation in doing most of their ministerial and evangelism works.

You will be acquitted with the basic knowledge and experience of biblical lessons and Christian Theology with no fee charged.

This course is a yardstick for being committed to growing in a Christian lifestyle and character.

There are many more benefits you are going to enjoy from being part of these programs.

So you just cannot afford to miss taking this course to build your knowledge and experience on Christian theology through these courses.

Best 20 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

There are hundreds of free online Bible courses with certificates of completion for you which you can easily take from the comfort of your home and we have us together with the best twenty (20) of these free online Bible courses that you need to enroll to build your knowledge of the Christian faith and also prepare yourself as for the unforeseen.

These best 20 free online Bible courses with certificates of completion will give you the opportunity to study varieties of courses at your own pace with an authentic certification when you complete each of the courses without you paying a cent for them.

The one outstanding thing about this free online Bible courses for those seeking admission into conventional theology school is that they will be prepared for the educational activities and learning tasks ahead of them.

These free online Bible courses will also get you ready for theological exams and other biblical related tests.

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Thus, these best 20 free online Bible courses were selected from different Bible schools, Christian schools and schools of theology that make their learning resources available online for interested students to harness.

The courses are listed below:

  1. Cultures & Contexts by New York University’s Open Education
  2. Biblical Studies
  3. Anthropology 135 A: Religion & Social Order
  4. World Religions & Evangelism
  5. Theology and Culture Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  6. Certificate in Christians in the Marketplace
  7. Anthropology of Religion
  8. 52 Stories of the Bible
  9. Basics of Spiritual Growth
  10. Jesus in Scripture and Tradition: Biblical and Historical
  11. Introduction to the New Testament, history and literature
  12. Foundations Bible 
  13. The Gospel Demystified
  14. Christ-Centered Leadership
  15. Formation of Jesus at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology
  16. Introduction to Theology
  17.  Understanding The Old Testament
  18.  Understanding The New Testament
  19. Christian Apologetics
  20. SoulCare Foundations

Where to Apply for Free Online Bible Courses

These are special links where you can visit to register for free online Bible courses.

Different Universities offer most of the free online Bible courses listed above.

All you need is to click and select the course most appropriate to you.

Christian Leaders Institute

 International School of Ministry

KBM Ministries and Pistis Academy

Our Daily Bread University

Are There Schools Offering Free Online Bible Courses?

There are a good number of schools that offer free online Bible courses for interested students to enroll and study free of charge and get certified at the end of their study program.

These schools range from some conventional colleges and universities to typical theology schools.

Normally, these schools can be found in every continent but its availability online increases their accessibility for interested people.

Some of the schools which offer free online Bible courses are:

Biola University

University of Notre Dame

Biola University

Christian Leadership Institute

University of Notre Dame

Utah State University

University of California, Irvine

Yale University

Grace Christian University

Utah State University

Liberty University Online

University of California, Irvine

Houston Baptist University

Yale University

Groove City College

Grace Christian University

Trinity International University

Apart from these best 20 free online Bible courses that we highlighted above, there are numerous free online Bible courses that you can go for as many Universities and Colleges offer free online Bible courses for interested students but we selected the best among them that will answer your questions on the quests of your biblical studies.

Make sure you went through the courses to choose from the list the most appropriate for you.

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