Criminal Justice Internships: Best 7 Places for Criminal Justice Internships in the USA

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These Criminal Justice Internship opportunities are tenable in the United States, and with this guide, you will discover paying internship roles in your region/country.

Primarily, this post is designed to help you learn how to discover paid criminal justice internship places in the United States, yet we covered how you can discover paying internship positions in your own region.

Therefore, for candidates who are searching from other countries in the world, kindly pay attention to the guide on how to land your next entry-level job as a student or graduate in fields that are related to criminal justice.

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Understanding Criminal Justice

Put simply, criminal justice can be defined as the system through which crimes and criminals are identified, apprehended, judged, and punished. The criminal justice system is comprised of three parts:

  1. Law Enforcement
  2. The Course
  3. Corrections

NB: The three arms of criminal justice work sequentially and this could be explained with an instance below:

Once a suspect is apprehended, the court takes over the case with its different proceedings. When a suspect is found guilty and is sentenced, he or she will be turned over to the corrections (prison).

In the United States Criminal justice is segmented into three categories, that is, the federal criminal justice, the state, and the military criminal justice, and each state also has separate systems for adults and underage.

In a nutshell, criminal justice is, however, the system by which crimes and criminals are processed.

As an intern ( a student or graduate), work and official roles will be to learn these processes outside the four walls of your school, and you are about to learn how to discover paying criminal justice internship opportunities.

How to Get Criminal Justice Internship Job Near You

As a graduate or student in any of the relevant fields, including Criminal Justice, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you land your next job as an intern.

Worthy of note is the fact that most top employees and managers in admirable organizations came in through some of these internship roles.

The reason is that as an intern, the organization sets you up to gain more professional and analytical experience around all the vital justice systems. In that case, you become more valuable and employable.

To Get Criminal Justice Internship Job Near You, follow these simple steps:

  • Step One: Craft a suitable resume – highlight your skills, academic history and all that make your application stand out.
  • Step Two: Leverage recruitment platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor or any platform based on the peculiarities of your location.
  • Once you dive into these platforms, simply search for jobs with the right keywords that reflect your desire. Example: ‘Criminal Justice Internships’ and a list of such roles will flood your timeline, to choose from
  • Step Three: Submit Your Online application with all the required details by the recruiter.
  • Step Four: Prepare and get ready for the interview. Note: Interview formats and questions may vary from one organization to another as a prospective intern, you ought to have read about the backgrounds, aims and objectives of these bodies as they may show up as questions.

Best Places for Criminal Justice Internships in the United States

Criminal justice is not a strange discipline but it takes a relevant parastatal to offer the right insight and possible long-term work opportunities for interns. In that regard, we are suggesting the best locations for prospective interns in the United States.

If you are a student outside the United States, you have these relevant agencies and firms in your home country and you could also try submitting applications via the right channels.

Best Places for Criminal Justice Internship

Here is a list of the best locations for criminal justice interns in the United States:

  • 1. Local Police Departments
  • 2. CIA
  • 3. FBI
  • 4. United States Treasury Agencies
  • 5. Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • 6. US Border Patrol
  • 7. Crime Lab

Additionally, part of many law enforcement education is finding enthusiastic experienced individuals. The seven internship agencies for criminal justice students below will help students understand the right pathway to the field regardless.

1. Local Police Departments

If you are interested in an internship with a police force, you should have to look no further than their local police department. Every police agency also offers different internship programs, with an opportunity to work with a police officer inclusively.

In that regard, you stand to gain an understanding of the differences between an interview, and an interrogation and also aid in criminal investigations.

These programs were also established to provide students with a look into how the police system operates in societies.

Working as an intern in any of your local Police Departments will surely offer you the deepest insight into the various forms and basics of justice in that most criminal offences are first recorded with the police for preliminary investigations and more.

2. CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency has one of the most interesting internship programs in their field. Meanwhile, the CIA operates on a paid internship, which lasts for one year and has been projected to offer interns up to $42,331 per year.

This criminal justice internship job requires students to move to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area for the time the program would take.

However, students will perform some of the same duties and tasks of a Collection Management Officer, helping them to understand the process.

Especially, the process behind the collection and distribution of human and foreign intelligence, and how this intelligence is analyzed. Therefore, it is highly encouraged that students interested in becoming a part of the agency apply as early as possible.

3. FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the home of the Honors Internship Program. The FBI in the same fashion, operates on a 10-week, paid program for undergraduates.

Therefore, students can pick three field offices or the headquarters of their choice in Washington, D.C., or Quantico, Virginia. In the same fashion, allowing them to see what field officers do during their workday.

Additionally, students will also find out that the program will introduce them to the different pathways that are available within the Bureau system. Thereby, giving them the chance to find new career pathways that they may previously not have been aware of.

Therefore, based on a student’s skill set, which is determined by an interview and examination process. However, they may find themselves working with a data analyst, a field officer, or executive management of the agency.

4. United States Treasury Agencies

Correspondingly, most students should know that the United States Treasury Department has its private law enforcement agency that also delivers internship programs.

In the same way, it is an interesting and unique opportunity for students who are interested in financial crimes. The department also has jurisdiction over federal crimes involving fraud, money laundering, and more.

The United States Treasury Internship program nevertheless, is meant to give students a distinct introduction into the investigation of financial crimes. And also, how the law enforcement agency within the department handles those crimes.

Additionally, the program can run from 10 to 12 weeks and is dependent on a student’s skillet and what the department is currently looking for in interns.

5. Federal Bureau of Prisons

Interestingly, the Federal Bureau of Prisons hosts an excellent paid internship program for students applying to the agency nonetheless. Moreover, the Pathway Program was created to enlighten students on how the Bureau works to maintain the prison system in the United States of America.

Furthermore, the program gives students first-hand experience in a federal job and provides on-the-job training as well as educational opportunities. However, The Federal Bureau of Prisons internship program also concludes with a review process.

And also, if the student has excelled immensely, the potential for an employment offer.

6. US Border Patrol

The United States Customs and Border Protection is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the American Community safe nonetheless.

From intruders and terrorists and their weapons while ensuring that lawful trade and those with legal papers can enter and also leave the country smoothly.

However, The US. Custom and border patrol perform their job at more than 300 ports of entry all over the nation. Therefore, Interning with this agency will teach you immigration laws and statistics as well as explain the ways border patrol agents protect the US borders.

7. Crime Laboratory

Crime Laboratory internships are good and lucrative ways to learn forensic science. Also, technology in this field is sporadically advancing so it is important to stay on top of the latest forensic testing ethics and methods and how to use forensic gadgets.

Therefore, interning with a crime laboratory would teach and give you hands-on learning. And also an introduction to evident procedures of forensic testing, drug analysis, and another aspect of forensics education.

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Prospective Interns Also Ask

As a career-based platform that is committed to helping you tap into rich global skills and career opportunities, is collecting queries from users, to help you further get what you are looking for.

Regarding this criminal justice internship , we are putting together what other prospective interns are asking, with answers that will guide you to success.

What is a criminology internship?

Generally, an internship offers students the opportunity to advance their basic academic backgrounds. In this case, a Criminology internship offers students and graduates the opportunity to gain higher experience in law enforcement.

These roles of a criminology intern are as it relates to criminology which includes the research and analysis of crime trends, case assessment, filling as well as other community concerns as a young criminologist.

Where do criminal justice students work?

There are dozens of places for criminal justice internships and other criminology-related entry-level roles.

As we are listing here already, some of these good places for interns include the local police departments, drug enforcement administrations, courts department of homeland security and other arms of criminal justice that are included here.

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