10 Best Art Courses with More Career Opportunities in 2023

Every art course is important but not as much as this list of best art courses with more career opportunities in 2023. Take note of the fact that this blog post is not sponsored, but rather based on trends to provide you with the best insight while making your career decisions as an art student.

One major criterion that poses a concern when individuals are about making career decisions is the opportunities available to them. It is a sad thing to study a course and not get the platform to function.

Frustrating defines the state of a graduate who completes a degree without an enabling environment to build a career.

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Understand the Background 

I am a graduate of genetics and biotechnology. Some years back, the course wasn’t known in my country. It was frustrating during my I.T. period because most of the establishments I visited in the health sector both government and private had no idea that such a course existed.

You can imagine the pain when personnel in the ministry of health bluntly told me she had no idea of genetics and biotechnology. In her words “there’s no department like that here”. I had to explain my course to her to see if she could fix me somewhere.

This is the dilemma that most students and graduates face. So this post seeks to give you an insight that will guide your decision.

Don’t be hasty in deciding. Pick one that resonates with your passion. You will affirm when I say that passion thrives despite all odds.

What to consider when picking an art course

Countries vary in the sense that some niches thrive more in some than others. Before making your final decision, do well to understand the needs of the country you are from or presently based.

This knowledge entails opportunities that can arise or are available in a given field. It would inform a better decision.

Another thing to consider is if you can thrive well there. Ask yourself questions like; can I work here. There can be great opportunities in a field and you may not recognize them. Just be passionate about what it is you choose to do.

List of Best Art courses with More Career Opportunities 

I am almost certain that you understand what art is. So I’ll be going straight ahead to list and describe these 10 best art courses that are selling or have more opportunities.


This is a versatile course of study in the art field. Having a degree in English offers lots of marketable opportunities. Most people think studying English only limits you from being a teacher.

A big no, it is more than that. One thing is to know what it is you are doing as well. You can function in the writing sphere; as an editor, proofreader, content creator, lexicographer, magazine or newspaper journalist, author, advertising, librarian, newscaster. These are values on the increasing demand.

Lots of opportunities lie in wait. Know where you can fit in and package yourself.


Law has always been a highly sought-after professional art course. Legal aids are on the demand. One beautiful thing is that the law is no longer stereotyped. It has culminated in itself various niches. One thing necessary is to know exactly where you fit in and be good there.

Some functions of a law graduate are legal drafting, judicial services, criminal prosecution, and civil litigation, administration of a state, arbitration, advising legislative and administrative functions. This can be done in government establishments, private companies, businesses, firms, and so on.

Political Science

This is another popular course of study with great career opportunities. It can be competitive but if you know your grounds, you will excel.

Political science majorly deals with evaluating public policies critically. It encourages your activeness in the community. Also, preparing you for careers in government, law, business, international organization, research, campaign management.

You can become a Policy Analyst, legislative assistant, public relations specialist, social media manager, marketing research analyst, political consultant, and so on.

This art course betters your understanding of people, power, and politics.

Theatre Arts

This is a versatile and marketable art course. The opportunities here are wide. What sustains one here is passion and creativity. If you are passionate about creativity, run here, and grab the opportunities.

This course of study foon modern practices involved in the theatre. It is related to the entertainment industry.

Some opportunities include; broadcasting, media presenting, film production, scriptwriting, directing, costuming, actor, lighting designer, and choreographer. There are lots of opportunities here. Just be good at what you do.

Mass Communication

This is another best art course with really great opportunities. It has to do with the exchange of information on a large scale to crowds with speed and effectiveness.

It impacts skills like research and communication that are relevant in self-employment. Career opportunities in this field range from advertising, broadcasting, public relations, publishing, journalism, digital communications, media management, and sales. 


It is also one of the best courses and affords you with privileges to work in places. I would readily say this because a course isn’t chosen by most persons who don’t rid it of existing opportunities. Rather, it makes you highly sought after if you decide to go for it.

Linguistics opens up accurate knowledge about the structure, nature, grammar, and history of human language. Semantics, morphology, syntax, and phonology are core areas in linguistics. Some opportunities as a graduate of this course are; speech therapy, management, public relations, lecturing as well. 

Foreign Languages

This is another art course. Amazingly, it has great opportunities with less competition. Notable foreign languages to learn to include Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

It opens doors of employment which include working in the embassies, being a private tutor, freelance translator, tour guide, liaison officer, and so on.

International Relations

This is a diverse degree. It affords you the opportunity of investigating relationships between countries. The understanding is then applied to work. Some career opportunities are public affairs consultants, political risk analysts, police officers, intelligence analysts, government social research officers, international aid and development worker, solicitor, external auditor, broadcast journalists, higher education lecturers, and so on.

Counseling and psychology

This is an important course of study. With the rise of depression and concerns in the human race, there is a need for experts in this field. The course opens you up to humans, helping you proffer solutions to their needs.

People are really in search of counselors and psychologists. Some opportunities include psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, research roles, human resource managers, educational psychologists, counselors, and so on.

Fine and applied arts

This has to do with creativity, it has varied niches embedded with great opportunities. One can venture into costume designing, fashion designing, interior, and exterior decorating, and artistry. The list is endless. Just follow where you are passionate about and do well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Courses

Jobreaders readers and other users like you do ask questions online regarding their choice of best art courses. As customary, we give feedback and having these answers included here will further put you through.

1. What is the best course to study in art?

Answer: The best art course to study anywhere will be the art course with more opportunities once you are out of the four walls of that institution.

Here in this post is a list of selected courses with more opportunities. However, you are presented with only a guide that can help you make more informed decision and also advises to carry out an independent study before penning the admission application letter.

2. Which art course pays the most?

Answer: From my background, one could say that Theatre Arts, political science, Law and other popular art courses pay more based on popular beliefs. However, there are many more factors that determine success in any professional/academic fields such as dedication, influence, funding and lots more.

3. Which career is best for art student?

Answer: The best career for an art student is to be able to deploy education and its values into solving problems. As an art student or any other student out there – you can create a world of your imagination but it only becomes befitting when it is solving problems.


Every art course is great and nothing is meant to jeopardize your quest for a better and educated life in any field you find yourself. 

As it has been stated from the onset of this work, this blog post is made to shed light to some of the areas of important – that is opportunities outside the four-walls of the institutions. 

Should I go for this art course or not?

That question has an answer that is buried within your discerning mind. However, this post should serve as a quick guide while making your decisions. 

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