Best Clinical Psychology PhD Programs in 2020 | Course Cost

Best Clinical Psychology PhD Programs in 2021 | Course Cost

Here are the list of Best Clinical Psychology PhD Programs in 2021 and Course Cost. clinical psychology is one of the most sort after career in the world. In every country, a professional license is required by authorities before one can practice clinical psychology and without acquiring a PhD in Psychology or becoming a Doctor of Psychology, you can not be issued a license to practice clinical psychology or criminal psychology

The employability for those who have PhD in Psychology or PhD in Philosophy will see a 14% increase between 2016 to 2026 as projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is a decade.

However, you must decide if you want to enrol for a PhD in Psychology (Doctor of Philosophy) or Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) as both have different angles of elevation toward getting a job in clinical psychology or practising clinical psychology. there is also Masters in Robotics Engineering| Best Schools and Course Prices

PhD in Psychology (Doctor of Philosophy) Vs Doctor of Psychology (PsD)

Though both of them are marketable choices, however, you need to understand the intricacies in order to take the right path and excel in your career.

PhD in Psychology (Doctor of Philosophy)

PhD in Psychology (Doctor of Philosophy) is more of academic and research-based studies that are best for students who look forward to working in a research institute or research department.

PhD in Psychology does not focus its spotlight on clinical psychology which is more of practicals but on educational scope such as teaching and research.

With a PhD in Psychology, you can work in these fields: Patient care, Scientific research, Teaching, Forensic Psychology & Clinical practice.

The employability in clinical psychology is low as a PsD certification is given higher preference.

Doctor of Psychology (PsD)

The PsD is practically based. It is for students who focus on practicing psychology at a wide range and not for academic or research purposes. The demand for a Doctor of Psychology in clinical psychology is high.

This degree takes less time to obtain than a PhD in Psychology as it requires less statistics courses and research courses.

The major career path here is clinical psychology as you will be required to work on patients every time. 

Organizations That Employ Clinical Psychologists.

As a clinical psychologist, you have numerous organizations to work in; ranging from private to public sectors, such as mental health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and general healthcare facilities.

You can as well work in Health service psychology, Work with the elderly,  Research at a university, Physical health psychology, School psychology, and even work with children with psychological problems.

Career Path of A Clinical Psychologist

There are different jobs you will be involved in as a clinical psychologist depending on your specialization. Patient care could range from children, adults to veterans.

Though, your day to day lies on the number of patients you are to treat on a daily basis, weekly or monthly.

No matter where you work, you are going to be treating people facing anxiety and depression, though your major jobs are treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Your Work As A Neuropsychologist

To become a neuropsychologist, it does require a rigorous process of the length of years in academic pursuit.

After you complete a Bachelor’s Degree and earned a Master’s Degree, you must complete a doctoral program in neuropsychology to be able to get licensed before most organizations will consider you for employment.

You can work as a specialist in neuropsychology in private or government organizations.

As a neuropsychologist, your job will be specifically to focus on the human brain, the way its activities influence behaviour in humans and how diseases and injuries on the patients’ bodies can affect their lives.

These tasks include but not limited to carrying out brain scans, assessments of patients to ascertain if they suffer from neuropsychology issues, treat patients facing health challenges like strokes, brain tumors, brain injuries or some mental disorders like Alzheimer disease or Parkinson’s disease. Psychology is a high paying course

Clinical Psychology PhD Rankings

We collected and ranked a list of schools globally that offer  PhD in Clinical Psychology.

1. Harvard University | USA

Harvard University is the best school in the world for any candidate who desires to pursue his/her PhD in Psychology.

At Harvard University, they grouped the Psychology department into four sections; which are developmental psychology, clinical science, social psychology and brain, cognition, and behaviour psychology.

At Harvard University, the Department of Psychology curriculums cut across all the possible interests of any PhD students, especially those aiming to build their careers in Clinical Psychology. 

Tuition Fees: Local Student = $35,545 | International Student = $58,780

2. Stanford University | USA

Stanford University is the second largest University in the world that has good resources, facilities and options for PhD students who are seeking careers and primarily dedicated to becoming experts and professionals in direct delivery of clinical psychological treatment and services.

They also offer a one year3 clinical psychology postdoctoral fellowship which is grouped into two programs, which are clinical psychology and child and adolescent psychology.

See the World Bank Young Professionals Program (WBG YPP) 2020

 The clinical psychology consists of these subspecialties: Pain Management, General Adult Psychology/Psychosocial Treatment Clinic, OCD and Related Disorders, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine.

While the Child and Adolescent Psychology involves Child Psychology Fellowship, Eating Disorders Fellowship, Adolescent DBT Fellowship, Autism Fellowship, NICU Fellowship, and Pediatric Psychology Fellowship. You can learn more about the Stanford University Clinical Psychology and also see how to apply.

Tuition Fees: Local Student = $33,555 | International Student = $52,435

3. University College London | United Kingdom

University College London is third is the ranking. This University is one of the world-class research Universities that offer high-rank professional education and training in clinical psychology for local and international students.

They welcome graduate students from UK, EU countries and international students to apply directly to University College London to pursue their career path in clinical psychology.

Tuition Fees: Local Student = $30,600 | International Student = $45,300

4. Johns Hopkins University | USA

Johns Hopkins University offers a flexible graduate program in psychology. They train graduate students in psychological science via general and advanced workshops in the numerous subdisciplines of psychology courses that they offer. Johns Hopkins University actively engages its students in research and training periodically.

However, they do not offer clinical training to the students but focus on training and experience in the research methods necessary for the development of new ideas and knowledge in the various fields of psychology.

You can take a look at the PhD Application Requirements for clinical psychology students.

Tuition Fees: Local Student = $34,977 | International Student = $60,035

5. University of Toronto | Canada

University of Toronto is a good option for graduate students who intend to strengthen their knowledge and experience in clinical psychology.

They offer graduate training in psychology stresses training in general experimental psychology, which leads to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

These are the major subspecialties required to complete the academic voyage in clinical psychology in the University of Toronto: biology and behaviour psychology; perception, cognition, and cognitive neuroscience psychology; social, personality, and abnormal psychology and developmental psychology.

You can apply for Clinical Psychology at the University of Toronto from any part of the world. Just follow the application instructions while you apply.

Tuition Fees: Local Student = $29,675 | International Student = $55,400

There are more schools that offer clinical psychology for both local and international students; they are:

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology | USA

7. McGill University | Canada

8.  University of California | USA

9. University of Oxford | UK

10. Columbia University | USA

11. Karolinska Institute | Sweden

12. University of Pennsylvania | USA

13. Heidelberg University | Germany

14. University of Zurich | Switzerland

15. Eberhard Karls University | Germany

16. University of Melbourne | Australia

17 University of Barcelona | Spain

18 University of British Columbia | Canada

19. University of Edinburgh | UK

20. Boston University | USA

Difference Between Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology

Though they are very much related there is a sharp distinction between the two. You need to understand the difference to help you make the appropriate decision.

Clinical psychology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders, emotional disorders, and behavioral issues.

Which comprises anxiety, depression, hyperactivity among others. While neuropsychology focuses on the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the human brain, brain damage, strokes, brain injuries, or some mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. These are some of the courses you require to study neuropsychology.

Theories of Psychotherapy, Ethics in Psychology, Biopsychology, Neuroanatomy, Research Methods, Neuropsychological Assessment, Personality Assessment, Introduction to Clinical Practice, Psychopathology, Statistics, Clinical Practicum, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Predoctoral Internship.

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For more details about these Universities that offer Clinical Psychology PhD Programs, you can visit jobreaders or leave a comment below.

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