Best Method on How to Get Diamond Bank Transfer Code in Nigeria 2021

The bank sector isn’t left out of technology! diamond bank transfer code is brought you to aid your fast fingering and access to your bank wallet.

You don’t have to go to the bank for transfer purposes, neither do you need to wait in a long queue before getting your goals achieved.

With the code, you can perform any kind of transaction through a Diamond Bank to other banks and within.

I will teach you how to use the Diamond Bank transfer code in this blog post. The diamond bank transfer code is available for diamond bank users. Without stress and tension, it lets them interact.

The pace of modern life is so fast: to be successful and not waste precious time, one has to keep up. The reality that time is money is not a mystery. 

The latter (again!) needs more effort and time. But what if you desperately need to move some money and you don’t have much time (again and again!) to even travel to the nearest bank outlet?

Keep reading until the end, if you are still interested in how to move money from Diamond Bank to other banks, and you will get to know every nuance of the problem.

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Diamond bank transfer code

Because of the digital era, with the aid of e-banking and USSD services, banks have made it possible for your banking to be much simpler and at your convenience.

In this great intervention, Diamond bank is not left behind, you can even be at your office or your home and perform a banking transaction without having to wait in a line that might take ages to get to your turn. 

While Access Bank purchased the bank, it still retained its logo. You don’t have to worry, because you can still carry out your transactions effectively regardless of the merger. The Diamond Bank of Access has you secured.

What are mobile banking services? 

Mobile banking, or USSD banking, is just a way to use your mobile phone to complete all your bank transactions from the comfort of your home. 

Today, using your Diamond transfer code, you can learn how to transfer cash from Diamond bank to other banks in Nigeria. 

You need to complete your registration before you can do mobile banking or USSD banking. And, luckily, it is very easy to complete.

What is the Transfer Code for Diamond bank? 

*426 # is the diamond bank transfer code. This diamond transfer code is the mobile banking code of the bank, where all transactions can be completed through the USSD code. “Simpler banking” is what they call it. 

One of the Bank’s measures to ensure financial inclusion is the USSD service (*426 #). 

It is fast, safe, and easy to conduct banking transactions with convenience for all banked customers, regardless of segment or form of the mobile device.

You must open an account with them before you can use the diamond transfer code. 

You can’t make use of their USSD code if you don’t have an account (old or new).

Benefits of the transfer code for Diamond bank

The detailed benefits of using diamond *426 # simplified banking are given below: 

1. Comfort at the hands of the customer-it is convenient, fast, and easy to use. 

2. USSD software facilitates roaming. When a user is away from the home network, the USSD program will still run. 

3. No internet connection is needed, the GSM network has power. 

4. Accessible seven days a week and 24 hours a day. 

5. The stress of queuing up in the banking halls saves you.

Diamond transfer code features 

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  • The number that is registered with the bank MUST be the telephone number to be used. 
  • It helps you to choose which account to deal with if you have more than 1 DIAMOND account. 
  • The maximum daily transfer cap is N100, 000 (Intrabank and Interbank combination) and the maximum daily purchase is N3, 000 for airtime.
  • The service is available to customers of Airtel, 9Mobile, GLO, and MTN and relies on your telecom provider’s full network signal. 
  • The money is deducted from your DIAMOND account directly. 
  • Inside and outside Nigeria, transactions can be done. 
  • For Airtel, MTN, GLO, and 9Mobile, Airtime Top-up (Self-airtime recharge and Third-Party Recharge) 
  • Inquiry about account balance 
  • Transference of funds (within and outside Diamond Bank) 
  • Request for debit cards 
  • Modification of PIN

Registration of diamond bank transfer code 

You’ll learn how to get a transfer pin for your Diamond bank. This will allow you to complete all of your bank transactions without any stress. With your debit cards, you may complete this registration: 

1. With your registered phone number, dial * 426 # 

2. Enter your debit card number with the last 6 digits. 

3. Specify your account number 

4. Build a PIN with 4 digits-Diamond switch PIN.

The contract with the diamond bank will be sealed by generating your 4-digit Lock. That means this PIN will be needed whenever you request to complete some transactions. 

Your diamond bank transfer code or pin is fully activated after that. That’s how the diamond bank transfer code can be triggered without annoyance.

How can the money be moved to other banks from a diamond bank? 

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Please dial *426*Amount*Account Number # to move money from your diamond bank to other banks. Enter your PIN for your diamond bank transfer. All is that! 

“Please understand that there is a completely different” Diamond Bank USSD Money Transfer Code “and” Diamond Bank Y’ello Account 

You can use both to move money from the diamond bank to other banks, though. You need to learn how to build a transfer pin for diamond banks.

Here’s how to do a diamond bank transfer without the internet. This is the official code for the transfer to other banks of money from a diamond deposit. 

Understand that within and outside DB, diamond bank transfer money operates. This is the diamond bank and diamond USSD code of *426 #.

What you should know about mobile transfers with Access Diamond Bank 

  • You must have your mobile number registered with the bank that you want to use for the transfer. 
  • N100, 000 is the maximum amount that you can pass per day, and N3, 000 is the maximum airtime that you can buy per day. 
  • All network customers (Airtel, 9Mobile, GLO, and MTN) have access to the service if the network signal from your telecommunications provider is completely operational.
  • Whatever amount you pass is deducted from your Diamond account directly. 
  • Your pin can also be modified through mobile transfers. 
  • No matter the network, you will recharge both your phone and that of your friends, acquaintances, and loved ones. 
  • You may apply for a debit card. 
  • Transactions to all diamonds and other banks can be made in any part of the globe. 
  • You will have access to the balance of your account.

To apply, please follow these steps below before you can make a transfer using the Diamond USSD code. You must first apply. 

  • Dial *426 # on your Diamond account registered phone number. 
  • You will receive an on-screen order requesting your debit card number for the last six digits, then go ahead and insert it. 
  • Also, correctly enter your account number. 
  • Using a number you can easily remember, build your 4-digit transfer PIN. You are done!

Codes for Various Diamond Bank Transactions 

Below are split codes on how to execute various transactions on your diamond account. 

Dial *426*Amount#-Airtime (self) purchase 

Input *426 * Amount * Account Number#-To move money (DB within & outside) 

Dial *426 * 0#-Changing the PIN 

Input * 426*Amount*Phone Number#-Airtime (for friends and family) purchase 

Input * 426 * 463#-To sign up for C.R.E.A.M. 

Dial * 426 * 00 # to check the balance of the account.

How to Get in touch with Diamond Bank 

Please call our Contact Centre on +234 700 300 0000 for assistance, send an e-mail to [email protected], or visit any of their local branches.

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I hope it’s helpful to have compiled this post on the diamond bank transfer code. Don’t hesitate to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

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