15 Best Skin Care Specialist Schools in Major City

Discover here, the best skin care specialist schools with License; operating Canada, United Sates, New Zealand and other major cities in he world.

To help you get the best you desire in these countries and cities , this guide comes with names and addresses of the most sought after professionals.

The skin, a remarkably sensitive organ, tirelessly performs vital functions—dispelling unwanted substances through sweat, regulating body temperature, and enhancing sensitivity. As it dutifully operates throughout the day, ensuring our well-being, it deserves meticulous care to withstand the test of time.

Neglecting skin care can lead to significant repercussions, from impaired temperature regulation to vulnerability to external elements, such as sun-induced burns.

In the contemporary landscape, professions like skin therapists and makeup artists thrive on the artistry of skin work. This list directs you towards schools where you can receive top-notch training, transforming you into a skilled and sought-after skin care specialist.

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International Academy of Health and Skin Care

This academy is one of the leading skincare private institutions in South Africa they majored in hairdressing, beauty therapy, and skincare courses.

International Academy of Health and Skincare was established in the year 1991 in cape town. Since then it has been on the increase, they do not serve only South Africa, but they are internationally recognized.

They offer courses and training in the following courses Health and Skin Care, Hairdressing, and Fitness. The International Academy of Health and Skin Care offers international diploma options in the following courses Diploma Beauty Therapy (CIDESCO), Diploma Health and Skin Therapy(SAAHSP), Diploma Health and Skin Care Therapy(ITEC)

Tuition Fee 16,000 Rands

Requirement Grade 12 or equivalent

Address: 4th Floor, 80 Street, Cape Town City Center, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Website   https://www.internationalacademy.co.za/

Contact: 27 21 421-661

Jupiter Beauty Academy

Jupiter Beauty Academy is a private institution that is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The institution accepts only to graduate in their school, which is totalling up to 175 students.

Jupiter Academy is a non-degree-granting school and its programs are cosmetology, aesthetician/esthetician skincare specialist, Nail technician/Manucurist.

In Jupiter academy, their most extensive program is the Nail Technician specialist where the institution has giving out up to $5,269 financial aid to students. Jupiter Academy offers both online and offline learning. 

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Tuition Fee   $715

Address  95 freeport street, Boston, MA 02122-2834

Contact  617-288-1811

Direct Institutional Link   www.jba.edu

Check Disability services www.jupiterbeautyacademy.com

Canadian Beauty College

Canadian beauty college is a private institution that was established in the year 2009, and they are registered under the private college Act that made them be recognized as a beauty school in Ontario, Canada.

The institution programs are hairstyling program, esthetic program, makeup program, and health science which aims at delivering quality education and excellent customer service 

Canadian beauty college has small classes and personal attention, latest equipment, techniques and products, modern facilities, highly trained instructors, high-quality curriculum, full and part-time schedules, etc

Tuition Fee  2,162.14

Address  Main Campus Address at 2700 Steeles Avenue West Suite 201/205 Vaughan, ON L4K3C8

Contact (905) 760-0003

Website  http://www.canadianbeautycollege.com/?

Atelier Aesthetique institution of esthetic

Atelier Aesthetique institute of esthetic is an institution based in the United States of America New York precisely that has a workshop on the following courses like micro-needling for esthetician, Dermaplanning, JB eyelash extension, BB Glow facial, Manual lymphatic Drainage their advanced classes include Aromatherapy and essential oil, Brazillian and Maximillian Waxing. All their courses are approved by the New York State Education Department.

Tuition $10, 947 per year

Website https://aeinstitute.net/about-the-school/

Contact  (212) 725 6130

Address 226 West 26th Street 7th floor New York, NY 10001

Christine Valmy International

Christine Valmy International School for Esthetic and Skincare is a vibrant industry that is growing and full of opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in the field.

Christine Valmy students receive serious training from the certified instructors to learn the theory, science, and practical knowledge of their craft.

They also prepare their students to take state exams with confidence to get a license that will enable them to move into the professional environment.

The institution was found in the year 1965, and the U.S.2nd US Congress recognizes the institution for its contribution to American education.

Christine Valmy has been known for creating their beauty products out of organic materials, and most of the courses they offer include Esthetics, Skin Care and Cosmetology

Tuition Fee   $8,000 per year for both local and international students

Address  285 ChangeBridge Roa, Pine Brook NJ, 07058, United States



Phone 973-575-1050

New York School of Aesthetics

The New York school of esthetic and day spa was established in 1944 from its original institution known as New York State University which currently has up to 8,767 students.

New York School of Aesthetics aims to bring an exciting and well-structured curriculum for the students that will be ahead of the fast-growing industry.

The school also provides the students with an enabling environment to learn the theory and principal of hand-on Esthetic.

Their courses include Microdermabrasion, body treatment, and chemical peels, and major courses are facials, makeup application, and waxing which enable students to understand different approaches of skincare.

Tuition Fee-Tuition fees Include

Registration fee

Books and Uniform


Certification in Microdermabrasion and Body Treatment 

Total of $9,935

Address: 239 Central Avenue 3rd floor, White PN.Y.ns N.Y, 10606

Contact: (914) 631-4432

Email:    [email protected]

Link       http://newyorkschoolofesthetics.com/

London School of Beauty and Makeup

London school of beauty therapy and makeup is one of the largest makeup schools in entire Britain which focuses only on beauty therapy and makeup training.

The school has its mission to be anchored in delivering industry-ready graduates through high-quality makeup education, and their mission leads them to employ the services of international freelance make up artists and beauty therapy lecturer.

The London school of beauty has recorded the enrollment of different students from up to 44 countries where the institution was dated to be established in the year 1995.

London school of beauty offers 51 beauty courses, amongst them, are anatomy and physiology, aromatherapy, Asian bridal makeup, Laser training course, beauty specialist diploma, body massage, etc

Tuition fee   £12,300-12,000 

Contact +442077769766

Address  London School of Beauty and makeup 18-19 long lane, London, EC1A 9PL

School link https://beauty-school.co.uk/international-students-london/

Email[email protected]

Aveda Art and Science Institute

Aveda Institute of beauty and cosmetology is known to be located in different places in the world such as Korea, the USA, Canada, and Australia, but they operate in various sectors.

In Aveda, they believe that nature is the best beauty therapist, that’s why most of their products are made of flowers.

Their courses include cosmetology and aesthetics. Students are allowing visiting different locations where the school has hairdressing and skin care centre to get them more acquainted with the practical aspect of the school.

Tuition fee       $18,000

Address     671 .N, Glebe Road, Suite 1280// Arlington,VA 22203// 877.892.8332

Email       [email protected]

Contact    844.440.4422

Link        https://avedaarts.edu/locations/covington/

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Elaine Sterling Institute

Elaine sterline is a standard Educational and training institute that aims at building beautiful training estheticians who believe. 

In the value of esthetic and carry out quality services and procedures.

The school is known to be a non-degree-granting school where 83% of their undergraduate students received scholarships worth $2,247. The number of student enrollment is totalling 134, and the faculty ratio is 16.1 (6.25%).

In Elaine sterling institute, their programs set their students apart from standard beauty school where the students are challenged by the rigorous curriculum.

Elaine institute strives to connect the classroom experience with the real-world experience to provide a seamless transition from work to school. They offer the following programs esthetics, nail care, massage therapy, and continuing education.

Tuition fee  $14,555

Address   3393 Peachtree Rd NE #103B, Atlanta, GA 30326

Email       [email protected]

Contact   404-256-5228

Link     https://elainesterling.com/

Skin Institute New York

The skin institute New York was founded in the year 1979, the institute has a medical team that is best in offering medical and cosmetic dermatological services at their three offices in New York City area, west village and in Brooklyn.

The physicians at Skin institute new York are trained in non-invasive contour procedures with the body’s ability to reduce unwanted scars, sun spots, tattoos, excess hair, blemish, and body fat.

Their programs include cosmetic treatment, medical treatment, surgical treatment, laser treatment, injectable fillers, testing, and screening.

Tuition fee $12,990 for both in and out of state students

Address       67 Perry St, New York, NY 10014 United State

Contact       +1212-675-5847

Link             https://www.sinyderm.com/

Estella Skin Care and Spa Institute

The institution is one of the top skincare institutions that is located at the Skokie Illinois Chicago area. They have up to 17 undergraduate students with 100% acceptance.

The Illinois campus has offered complete 720 hours esthetic course that has been imparting knowledge on skincare professionals, and the esthetic program provides hands-on training in European facials, individual eyelash extension, full body waxing, and makeup artist.

Tuition     $9,975

Address   10024 Skoki Blvd #301, Skoki, IL 60077 United state

Link        https://www.estelle.edu/beauty-school-chicago/

Email         [email protected]

Contact    (847)329-9174

Lytle beauty college

Little beauty college is a family-owned business that has been operating for 43 years in creativity, education, and empowerment in the beauty industry.

They continue to top up in the beauty stylist and esthetician, and the Lytle beauty college is committed to excellence in client service as it is widely recognized. Their programs include cosmetology and esthetics.

Tuition fee

Cosmetology   $11,085

Esthetics         $4,238

Address           186 Wikiup Drive Santa Rosa, CA, 95403

Link                 https://www.lytlesrebc.edu/

Email               [email protected]

Contact           (707) 545-8449


New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis

The New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis was founded in the year 1984 and is located at the centre of Manawatu.

The institution is one of the recent up to date school in New Zealand, and they focus only on electrolysis and beauty therapy which, they creates a conducive atmosphere for students entering into innovative profession also to offer a quality tuition fee for their students.

Tuition fee $21, 500

Address      106 Eskdale Road, Birk Dale, Auckland

Link           https://www.wendyhill.co.nz/blog/577524

Email          [email protected]

Contact       (06) 830 1562

Australian National College of Beauty

Australian National College of beauty is the top beauty school in Australia, recording more than one thousand student enrollment each year.

The college aims at bringing out the student’s passion for beauty and helping them to be fulfilled through their programs. They offer only Beauty and Spa therapy, even dermal practice.

Tuition fee  $51,957

Address       level 5, 235, Pyrmont Street Fortitude Valley 2009

Link            http://www.ancb.edu.au/

Email          [email protected]

Olympian University of Cosmetology

Olympian University of cosmetology is well known as the modern school of beauty, offering courses on cosmetology, which includes the standard milady curriculum, also known as the industry leader in the recent beauty education.

Olympian university has awarded more than 1000 certificates to its students on cosmetology. Their Cosmetology training includes Esthetician, Barber, cosmetology, and nail instructor. 

Tuition fee   $15,495

Address     1460 

Missouri Ave Las Cruces, New Mexico, 88001

Link             www.olympianuniversity.com

Contact        (575) 523-7181

Marinello School of Beauty Los Angelos 

Marinello School of beauty was established in the year 1905, since then the school has been rendering services to the international students on the best education, training, and spa treatment.

The school is known to offer different types of programs such as beauty and spa program that allows the students to choose the best beauty education according to their preferences and interest.

The school name was taken after the founder Marinello Giovanni, and they also offer carer assistance to all students.

Tuition fee  From $10,000-$21,000 depending on the qualification

Address     2230 N University Pkwy #4b, Provo, UT 84604, United States

Link           https://www.raise.me/edu/marinello-schools-of-beauty-las-vegas

Contact     +1-702-431-6200

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