Best Way to Activate and Get UBA Transfer Code from Different Network

In this blog post, I will be covering UBA Mobile Banking. To make transfers, and learn how to use UBA transfer codes. This is a small service portal that allows you to access your account using your mobile phone as a UBA account holder.

No Internet connection is necessary for this service to run. It’ll work perfectly whether you have data or no data. This works (via SMS) with short codes or text messages.

The UBA money transfer code will help you submit funds, buy airtime, check the balance of your account, subscribe to pay-TV, pay NEPA bill, etc. 

With this service, you no longer need to think about going to the bank for transactions.

What are the benefits of using the UBA USSD transfer code?

  1. It is clear, stable, and safe. 
  2. It works on every phone. 
  3. You can negotiate in your comfort zone very easily and conveniently. 
  4. There is no data link needed, which means it costs you nothing. 
  5. You can use it on any network be it Glo, MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile. 
  6. You should make a fund transaction greater than one million dollars.

UBA Code for Transfer 

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UBA Transfer Code: How to give money to other holders of an account 

This must be okay with a UBA-registered sim card (a number with an active account). To pass money to UBA account holders, follow the steps below.

To use the UBA Mobile Banking Transfer Code, your UBA Mobile Banking Service number must be enabled. 

Dial * 919 # to trigger your number and obey the on-screen instructions to trigger your number. Get your PIN and start using USSD mobile banking from UBA.

To transfer money to a UBA account: Dial * 919 * 3*number of account*amount # i.e.: * 919 * 1234512345 * 1000 #. 

Make sure you enter information about the beneficiary account. Follow the procedure, enter and complete your transaction with the correct transfer pin. 

The above code is known as the UBA money transfer code UBA to UBA.

UBA Code for Mobile Transfer to Other Banks 

When you want to transfer money to other bank holders in Nigeria, follow the steps below.

For example, if you want to send cash to users of the first bank, UBA, Gtbank. 

Just dial * 919 * 4*number of the account*amount # i.e. * 919 * 4 * 1234512367 * 2000 # 

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How do I verify the balance of your account using the UBA USSD code? 

By simply dialing your cell phone, you can verify your bank account balance. 

This is one of UBA’s interesting mobile banking features. This code allows you to get the money balance that stays in your account.

Checking your UBA account balance is easy. Dial * 919 * 00 # to register the UBA account with the telephone number you use. 

Your account balance will be sent to you as a message in a few seconds. This service is not free of charge, and a few are used.

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How to Buy Airtime using code from UBA?

Stay linked with the UBA airtime service at all times. On any Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and Airtel telecommunications networks, you purchase airtime. 

This will save you the stress of hiking down the road to purchase a pin for recharge.

With this service, buying the wrong recharge pin from airtime vendors will not be a problem. 

This service is available for 247 hours and you can use it free of charge at any time.

For Self Top-up This must be the number registered with UBA to re-charge your phone number. Dial the example of * 919*amount # * 919 * 200 #. 

With N200 airtime, you will be recharged. I’ve used this service, and I have to say it’s cool. No service fee was charged.

UBA to another Number Recharge Code

To recharge the phone number of your mate, family, or third party. * 901*Phone Number*Amount # Dial. 

For example, if you want 3000 * 919 * 08104128152 * 3000 # recharge

Mobile banking codes from UBA-Summary

Form of Transaction 

  • Code on Magic Banking 
  • Check balance * 919 * 00 # 
  • Top-Up for Self * 919 * Amount # 
  • 919 * Phone number * Amount # Top-Up for Others 
  • Transfer to UBA account * 919 * 3*account number*amount#*account number * 
  • UBA Prepaid Card Load * 919 * 32 # 
  • 919 * 4*account number*amount # Move to other banks 
  • Charge * 919 * 5 # bills 
  • Withdrawal of ATM Cardless * 919 * 30 * Number

For those that already have UBA Online Bank Details can continue with the portal

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I hope you have learned how to make banking easier by using the UBA transfer code. 

These codes are available for mobile UBA banking only. It’s simple, easy, safe, and efficient. It saves the hassle of making purchases by going to the ATM or bank

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