Bitcoin Trade Reviews, Available Cryptocurrency and Values

Bitcoin is a currency that accrues out of solving complex issues by computers. The faster and powerful your personal computer is, the more Bitcoin it will make.

As the days go by, it becomes more difficult and unprofitable to mine, but that does not mean that there is no other way someone can earn  in bitcoin.

There is a saying that goes like this when the going gets though the though keeps moving, nothing is static on earth.

The invention of bitcoin trade came along, and it seems as if it is the best way to earn bitcoin as you don’t have to pay for the electricity bill, buy mining equipment’s, and the data consumption likewise another thing like time spent.

You will also discover that all the forex or binary trading platforms have taught the trade of not only Bitcoin but most of the trending and most valuable cryptocurrencies.

That is the reason why we want to explore more how to trade Bitcoin. There are so many online platforms where you can purchase and earn bitcoin, but for this work we have to choose one or two then you make your choice on the one to join.

Available cryptocurrencies and their values

Before we go into available cryptocurrency we must talk about the platform where you can trade and make a profit and the one we are using for this course is, Olymptrade is a nice platform to trade owing to the fact that they provide the necessary signals that help their clients to succeed in bitcoin trade.Bitcoin Trade Reviews, Available Cryptocurrency and Values

There other platforms like,, and they are all excellent but the one I want to talk about is Olymptrade.

The reason why I chose this particular Bitcoin trading platform is that they provide the opportunity to trade the top ten most valuable cryptocurrency.

When you register with this platform which is easy and straightforward, it will bring out an interface like the image above where you choose currencies available to trade under assets such as Litecoin, basic altcoin, Ethereum and Ethereum classic.It brings them out based on their profitability.

At the right-hand side, you also find the rate of return which is ranges from 80% down to 45% the one with the red arrow pointing at 80% means that basic altcoin and Litecoin are profitable and available to trade at the point of making this writeup. In comparison, down the list, you get Ethereum Classic 45%, Ethereum 29%, and ZCash 30%.

They are all available but not profitable to trade at the point of writing this article, and it does not mean that they will be permanent like that they can still change with time.

When you look at those cryptocurrencies in the list, you also find out that Bitcoin is the father of cryptocurrency is missing out there because the price then is not profitable to trade that is why it not there.
One of the good things about this Bitcoin trading platform is that it will provide you with profitable assets to trade.

For the sake of those that are new in the Bitcoin trading market, it will be a beautiful thing if we explore more features of this platform so that those that are new in the trading platform can be able to take action and make a profit. But before that, we go straight to the current analysis of prices of cryptocurrency.

10 Most Valuable Cryptocurrencies and value in dollar   

  1. Bitcoin                                                       $7,272.32
  2. Maker                                                        $334
  3. Bitcoin Cash                                              $209
  4. Ethereum                                                   $168
  5. Dash Coin                                                  $74
  6. Monero                                                      $56
  7. Litecoin                                                      $45
  8. ZCash                                                         $36
  9. Binance                                                      $14
  10. Augur                                                         $10 

The above analysis is the price of the ten most valuable cryptocurrencies as of Wednesday,8th April 2020 and the essence of it is that you will know the current price trend though it fluctuates.

I wanted to conclude this topic here but the question I asked myself is, what if someone that doesn’t know anything about bitcoin trading stumbles upon this write up how the person is going get information that will be of great importance to him or her and that is the reason why I have decided to make a little informative write up about bitcoin trade for beginners.

Bitcoin trade for Beginners

The reason why many people fail when it comes to bitcoin trading is fear of losing their money which is caused by the type of information and orientation they had concerning bitcoin trading, many are of the notion that it is too risky to venture into bitcoin trade while others see it as a stressful and technical work for them.

All these are true, but they are outdated and detrimental mind sect when it comes to bitcoin trading, I also believe that the reason for that is because they have not gotten the right information about the bitcoin trade.

The knowledge they say is power and if you’re not informed you will be deformed. Let me talk in a short course on how to be successful in the bitcoin trade.

We start by opening an account with the trading platform the registration is not a difficult one after which the next thing is to open a trading page like what you see in the image above.

 You are advised not to deposit immediately instead you use the demo account to practice which you will see by the right-hand side, and it was credited with 10,000 Dashcoin when if finish you refill it.

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Under the ‘deposit icon’ you get time duration that is how many minutes, hours, day, week, month you want the trade to last, you can also increase it with the minus plus button under it.

Since our duration has been set the next thing is the amount that you want to trade with, in the image above you will see 3D which means your trading with 3 units of Dash coin which you can increase and your profit depends on the asset you want to trade. Please don’t get confused here let me explain it in a way you will understand it.

Let’s take for instance you deposited $200 Dollars to your account, the Two Hundred Dollar ($200) automatically will convert to Dash coin Equivalent.

Under the Assets (the Cryptocurrencies or Currencies Available to trade) you will get so many assets with their profit return, anyone you choose to trade means that your trading that particular asset with Dash coin and you will be credited in Dash coin but when you want to withdraw it will be in your local currency or cryptocurrency that depends on your choice.

Another important thing you must know is how and when to enter the trade. For instance, if I want to trade, I will make sure that I’m trading on an asset that has a high-profit return of up to 80%, like the case of Ethereum in the image above it has only a 10% profit return which means that even if you win the trade, you will not gain much profit but if you trade on an asset that has a higher profit return you make a high profit.

On the right-hand side, you will get two buttons one up and another down the one up is the RISE button, when you click on the up button you predict that the currency will remain higher within set time duration and if your predictions are right, you win the trade.

If you also click on the red button which is FALL, it means that you predict that the currency will remain low within a particular time frame you have chosen and if it continues like that till your time expires you win the trade.

There is an important analytic tool that is in this platform that helps a lot, and it is called Radar, at the left-hand side, you get a bold line that has two colours Red and Green which also goes with their percentage.

The work of this Radar is to tell you the world-wide predictions as regards the currency your trading. Like in that image above you will see that 68% are predicting that Ethereum will rise while 38% are predicting that it will fall and if you predict that it will increase you will win the trade. 

In that image above you will also see something that looks like this 3D it signifies that a trade is going on and it is being predicted towards rising that is why you will see a little arrow at the front.


The information touched so many areas of bitcoin trading, and I believe that with this there will be no fear again when it comes to bitcoin trade and if you digest and practice the information soon, you start trading like a professional.

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