Blogs for Business: How to Boost Sales and Earn Hard Currencies

Not owning a blog for business is not totally your faults, maybe you don’t know what it stands to change in the way(s) customers see your business from the internet.

But you must permit us to share this; for years, we have come to learn the two distinct things a blogging does for two different people and organization; from any known industry.

What is a Blog and how can it help businesses?

Understanding what a blog means is different from learning what makes some blogs more professional than some others. You can click here to order a copy of your blogging companion.


Don’t you have a blog for Business?

You own business (s), you want to earn richer, but you don’t have a blog or any form of web page that clearly showcase your offerings.




However, you stand a chance to learn the difference here.


There is one thing that I’m pretty sure you stand to utilize with a professional blog.

This might not be the usual sermons you’ve consumed about the digital employer, but it will interest you to know what it offers you.


  1. Customized Visibility

Through an optimized content size with rich organic traffic, your blog attracts real customers who are already searching for the products or services you offer.


Just as pollinating insects are attracted by pollen grains. It’s not just about the scents, but the contents.


People buy solutions in pack, and a strategic blogger knows how best to tap into their minds through values.


Think about this, before someone will go online for a search on a particular reason, he/she is already in need of the contents of the search terms.

You see, it will be less stressful selling to the Oga or the madam who have already started searching for the products; the services and the ideologies through search Engines.

But to harness the strength of the features above, you need to practically master the importance of content optimization.


Not just the creation.


No matter how beautiful the site can be, you will only be increasing your bouncing rates when you fail with well planned contents.


On the other hand, it means nothing when you have the best contents in the wrong setting.


  1. Ads

This is for the Second group of people and organization.


You may digitally sell nothing, and don’t have any physical products with you.


But tapping from the varieties of blog monetization options, reselling and other money machines, one or group can sell info to millions of audience.


You don’t need a product to be sold. Greater contents created via blogs attract prospects, just as mentioned in the first benefit. But similar products are promoted across contents that have the capability of converting huge sales.

You can call that affiliate marketing, CPC based ads etc. but that is just an example of traditionally selling nothing with nothing.


What are we saying?

While we create blogs, we move some inches away from stuffs regular, and we start from most of the key factors that make blogging business sustainable.


Blogging, to a large extent means more than just publishing information. It is a potential marketplace that can accommodate everyone.


We have seen our brothers; sisters and uncles who blindly dare age, searching for jobs in Nigeria.


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And that is why we insist on revealing career opportunities beyond regular job opportunities.


Just in case you’ve not been informed; considering a weblog for your business will be the biggest move to the new marketing reality.


For professional blog setup, content optimization, monetization and coaching for newbies, do not hesitate to contact me for more details, and services 

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