Blog to Bank is a Professional Blogging Course and full online training written by Valentine Nnanyere and packaged by Jobreaders Digital Services.

Blot to Bank – 7 Figure Blogging Business Course [Start Class]

Blog to Bank is a Comprehensive Blogging course with topnotch training materials for newbies, businesses and individual blogger who crave for steadier cashflow through CPC Ads, Affiliate Products and over 5 effective blog monetization strategies.


At the end of these Masterclasses, you will:

· Discover the various requirements and considerations for setting up a blog

· Research and develop blogging strategies

· Generate long-term blog content ideas and create content

· Market and monetize your blog through various marketing tactics

· Manage your blog and use data to improve performance.

Introduction to Blogging

This blogging class will provide you with the bare necessities to get your blog started. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to describe what a blog is, list the various types of blogs seen online, and outline the technical requirements and skills necessary to start and manage a successful blog.

Blogging for Business

This course is geared towards blog monetisation for Professional/Personal Bloggers, but a lot of the strategies that make a successful blog will still apply. This lesson focuses on the differences between business blogging and professional blogging, the benefits of having a blog for your business and how businesses can use blogs to market products and services as well as drive purchases.

Blog Identity - Planning to Blog

  • At the end of this online class, you will be able to list what factors contribute to a successful blog, identify a niche market for your blog, and outline the relevant branding considerations that you should consider when starting a blog.
  •  How to Choose a Blogging Niche
  • The naming of a Blog  
  •  Content Planning 

Setting up a New Blog from the Scratch

This lesson will teach you about the various platforms that are available for blogging, at the end of this lesson you will have an in-depth understanding of the various blogging platforms and the pros and cons of each. You will also be able to identify what platform you want to use based on your blog.

Blogging Strategies

In order to succeed with blogging, whether it is for professional bloggers or a business blog, a strategy is essential! This class will teach you how to set goals for your blog, outline your target audience and how that affects the content you create, as well as identify the various steps you will take in order to market and amplify your blog.

Developing Blog Content

From this section, you will learn what interests readers and list different types of blog content as well as learn skills for planning for ever-green and long terms blog contents that generate traffic and huge income. 


This training is designed with the users in mind, leveraging simple tools to capture details and correct strategies that have been proven sources of steady cashflow for different bloggers and authors of this contents.

Extra topics and businesses discusses in this course include affiliate marketing, CPC Ads and Ads implementation with a step-by-step guides on how to leverage same systems to create a means of livelihood. 

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