2 Proven Ways to Make Money With Bundle Africa App

In this guide, you will learn 2 proven mays to make Money with Bundle Africa App; the uses and how to get started with innovative software.

Bundle Africa is a Crypto Platform and one of the Fintech Apps that is used for sending or receiving payment, buying and selling cryptocurrencies etc. with the affiliate feature, you will also learn how to earn some extra income using the app.

In this work we are reviewing everything about this platform, the number of uses, how it works and how you can leverage its features to make some cool cash for yourself.

Previously, we published a list of Fintech Apps that you can use to make some decent earning from the comfort of your homes – you read about these apps here.

Meanwhile, before we continue with Bundle Africa Review – its features and opportunities you need to understand the platform.

What is Bundle Africa?

To make easy payment with cash, buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Ether, BUSD, Bitcoin etc. Bundle Africa has amazing features that make the app one of the best for users in Nigeria and several other parts of Africa like Ghana.

 According to the developers, the goal is to cover payments for all parts of Africa. So, you can check the app to learn if the features are already available in your own country.

If you are searching for other Crypto and Trading App, feel free to visit the Crypto page where we continue to list the best and latest apps with secure fast and more rewarding features.  

However, with Bundle Africa you can literally buy almost all the available Cryptocurrencies but one of the most appealing features is that you can withdraw cash from your bundle app into your bank account.

In Summary, here is what you can get with Bundle Africa:

You can Deposit Naira from your Bank directly into your Bundle Wallet.

With Bundle App One can Buy and Sell Crypto in Naira

With Bundle, withdrawal can be done directly into Bank Accounts

With Bundle, you are not limited to Buyi and Selling Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum (ETH) and US Dollar via Binance USD (BUSD ‘stablecoin’ 1:1 to USD).

You can refer your friends and family – and start making decent cash for yourself.

With Just Phone Number Sending and Receiving Money is made pretty.

In this tutorial, we are going to be covering everything you need to understand Bundle Africa – starting from up to the very bottom, including how you can start extra income from the app.

How to Open Bundle Account

To start using Bundle, CLICK HERE to download the App.

Just like other Crypto, Banking and Trading App, you need to signup with your phone number, email, Bank Verification details and personal information.

STEP ONE: Download the App Here and Enter your Phone Number as shown on the image below, to sign up.

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How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step One

STEP TWO: Enter the Authorization Code sent as Text Message.

How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step Two

STEP TWO: Choose a strong password for your account.

How to Put Bundle Africa Account Step Three

STEP FOUR A: Enter a Valid Email for your account.

How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step Four

STEP FOUR B: Read Terms and Policies and a Check box to accept.

How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step Five 1

STEP FIVE: Link your contacts who use Bundle. You can also skip this step if you don’t want to link your contacts.

How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step Six

STEP SIX: Start Unlocking your Account.

How to Open Bundle Africa Account Step Seven

STEP SEVEN: Enter your personal details to continue.

How to Open a Bundle Africa Account Step Eight

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Bundle

Here is the complete step: Remember that you need to have completed the registration and verification steps.

  • Open the Bundle app a- select the particular crypto you wish to buy.
  • Enter the amount in your currency.
  • Click the Buy button. You can toggle the button to show your currency equivalent with the amount of cryptocurrency that you are about to buy.
  • Now, Enter your Bundle PIN to confirm your order.
  1. Congratulations! You have purchases crypto; you will receive a notification after it is processed.

How to Earn Extra Income/Bonuses with Bundle Africa

You will start making money with the affiliate marketing feature of this helpful app.

When you refer your friends and families with your referral link you will earn NGN500 per head.

You can only earn this amount when they complete their profile and verify their Bank with the BVN or any other means of verification in your country.

Your referrals ( anyone who signs up with your link) will also be paid NGN500.

There is no reward cap on your earning. This means that you can invite as many people as possible, to keep earning N500 on each.

How to Share my Bundle Africa Referal Link

To share your referral link on Buble, Open your Bundle App and log in.

Tap your Profile Picture

Bundle Africa Referal Program How to Make Money with Bundle Africa

Click on Refer and Earn

02 Bundle Africa Referal Program How to Make Money with Bundle Africa

Tap Invite a Friend

03 Bundle Africa Referal Program How to Make Money with Bundle Africa

Choose How and Where you want to share your link.

04 Bundle Africa Referal Program How to Make Money with Bundle Africa

Why you may Not be Paid Referal Bonus in Bundle Africa

There are terms and conditions that you have to read to understand all you need to do or avoid in any referral program.

  1. Make sure that your referals Confirm their BVN (Bank Verification Number)
  2. Encourage them to trade up to N5,000 withing 15 days of joining – without this none of you will earn the referal bonus.


The Bundle Africa is one out of the various trading Apps and Fintech apps that are designed to give you a new dimension of banking, savings, trading or earning money online.

You can as well check out a list of other apps and various ways you can save, earn or even discover new features and technologies.

To learn more about Bundle Africa, kindly visit the onboarding page; perhaps the official knowledge page for the platform from where we create our content about Bundle.

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