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Adult Education is growing rapidly. Cambridge Center for Adult Education is a center that offers quality courses and classes on adult education. This is a great opportunity for most adults to learn in an environment comprising of their age mates.

If you have been looking for information regarding this then your search is over. This is a complete guide on the classes, and course costs offered at Cambridge Center for Adult Education.

In this blog post, you will be informed of who the Cambridge center for adult education is and how to enroll in their quality courses. But first, let’s get a view on who they are.

Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE)

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education also known as CCAE is located at Cambridge, Boston, United States. They are a non-profit organization that provides a range of high-quality and low-cost education. She was established in 1870 and has trained many adults in different fields.

CCAE provides high-quality, place-based experiential education to students from all walks of life coming together to create, explore, and grow in their wide-range of classes. The classes offered here range from art and cooking to languages and literature.

Advantages of studying at Cambridge center for adult education

Studying in a conducive learning environment is always beneficial to any student. The teachers, instructors, and programs are designed in a unique manner to bring out the best in you. Enrolling here will be great because:

  • Diverse Classes: Being in a diverse class of people from different ethnic groups can be a great learning experience. The classes at the Cambridge center for adult education has a variety of people. This can help you learn about other people’s cultures while studying.
  • Fun and Supportive Atmosphere: Even while studying, fun and supportive environment is needed for good learning. The Cambridge center has a fun and supportive environment provided to those who study there. The instructors and lecturers are goal-driven and fun to work with. They also offer supportive measures to their students to make their learning experience great. 
  • Welcoming Community: The Boston community isn’t a harsh one and they are welcoming to its residents. While studying here, you can take a break and visit some interesting sites in the community.
  • Knowledgeable Instructors: The instructors here are very trained and experienced in their respective fields. So expect the best while going through your course or program at Cambridge center for adult education.
  • Central Location: It is situated in the heart of Boston and this makes it easier for you to locate. Getting a cab or transporting yourself there won’t be difficult as it’s a known location.

Courses offered and their costs

This is the part you have been waiting for and I will guide you through. The courses offered at the Cambridge center for adult education is mostly practical based and hands-on. Here is a list of courses offered at Cambridge Center:

  1. Food and Wine
  2. ESL
  3. World Languages
  4. Humanities
  5. Life & Wellness
  6. Business & Technology
  7. Performing Arts
  8. Visual Arts & Crafts

Note: The COVID-19 global pandemic, greatly affected the Cambridge center for adult education and the management. Adopting to the global pandemic led them to look for alternatives in offering their high-quality education classes. This has led to many of the classes being transferred to the online platforms.

This was done for the safety of the students, instructors, staff, and models who enter the Cambridge center for adult education building.

Food & Wine

If you are looking at improving your cooking skills then this course is for you. The classes are hands-on with demonstrations and tasting to allow you to learn cuisines from around the world.

After building up on your cooking skills and wine tasting skills then you will take it to the big stage. Series like date night and celebrity chef master class series is a fun and learning way to master more advanced techniques and dishes. All the cooking classes take place in the Kitchen at 56 Brattle Street.

Cambridge center for adult education also offers the option of private cooking classes which is a virtual way to immerse yourself in different food and wine teachings.

To enroll, visit


ESL simply means English as a Second Language. These classes are set for students of all levels and backgrounds to practice and explore the English Language. English is the most spoken language around the world and this makes it essential for communication. This is beneficial to you because it can improve your professional and everyday life.

Classes are designed for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students. Integrated skills classes that combine reading, writing, listening and speaking are also offered. The framework for your study under this course is drawn from the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Free Assessment days are also offered to help you ascertain which level you are in. This is good because you can know exactly where you need to be and enroll in the right course.

To preview the ESL courses available before enrollment, visit

The best part about the ESL class at Cambridge center for adult education is that no visa is required for your study here. 

World Languages

Learning world languages can be interesting and aid you when communicating with people of other ethnic groups. The framework design here is employed by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Some of the languages offered are Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Russia, Polish and Korean.

For more information, Visit


These classes can help you learn of the world around you in a healthy manner. Here you will be involved in classes that are provided with spaces of learning through lively conversations. To increase your learning curve, there are some classes hosted with regular reading to engage you with the community. Some of these programs are the Blacksmith House Poetry Series, Fall 2020 Virtual Gonson Daytime Lectures and Discussion, and many more.

Visit for more information.

Life & Wellness

Looking for a better way to relax through meditation practices, then this is for you. Here you will be trained on meditation and mindfulness and other means such as movement and recreation which can be used to improve your life and well-being. Experienced instructors here will guide you to confidently achieve your personal goals in an encouraging manner.

For more information on getting enrolled, visit 

Business & Technology

Starting a small business, preparing for retirement, or improving your computer skills is necessary in our evolving world. This course offers you training through instructors that would help you marry your business with technology. Instructors will advise you and give you the knowledge and skill set needed for you to succeed.

There is also a chance for you to have private one-on-one tutoring via zoom with your instructors.

For more information visit

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Performing Arts

This is a fun part of the Cambridge center for adult education. If you are a lover of music, dance, and theatre arts then this is program is tailored for you. Enrolling for the program will help you improve your skill set through a concentrated study and training. Here you will be taught how to play the piano, cello, and a few other instruments.   

For more information on enrollment, visit

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Visual Arts & Crafts

Looking at being creative, here the visual arts and crafts classes will offer you the medium and opportunity to increase your skill sets in the creativity. Your creative talents will be honed at  Cambridge center for adult education thereby increasing your creative muscle.

For more information, kindly visit

Due to the COVID pandemic policies, there are some requirements needed by the Cambridge center for adult education to meet up to and this will affect the tuition price.

To combat this, the online classes are available with costs ranging from $50 – $300. For more information as regards to this, visit the official website

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