2024 University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate & £220,608 Aid

Stay up to date with the University of Cambridge acceptance rate, the school’s admission processes and opportunities such as scholarships and financial aid. The University of Cambridge is a public multi-college research university in Cambridge, England. In the United Kingdom, Cambridge is a house for one of the best universities in the world, the University of Cambridge founded in the year 1209.

Let us consider, first, looking at the number of top faculties for undergraduate, postgraduate and other research/studies at the University of Cambridge:

Faculties at the University of Cambridge

Here are the top faculties at the University of Cambridge:

  1. Faculty of Architecture and History of Art.
  2. Engineering
  3. Faculty of Law
  4. Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.
  5. Faculty of Classics.
  6. Faculty of Divinity.
  7. Faculty of English.
  8. Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics.
  9. Faculty of Music.
  10. Faculty of Philosophy.
  11. Centre for Research in Art, Social Science and Humanities
  12. Language Centre
  13. Faculty of Human, Social and Political Science
  14. Faculty of Biology

Other University of Cambridge Faculties and Research Institutions include but not limited to:

  1. Veterinary Medicine
  2. Faculty of Earth Science and Geography
  3. Clinical Biochemistry
  4. Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
  5. Trust-Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
  6. Cambridge Systems Biology Centre
  7. MRC Toxicology Unit
  8. Faculty of Economics
  9. Faculty of Education
  10. Faculty of History
  11. History and Philosophy of Science
  12. Institute of Criminology
  13. Clinical Neuroscience
  14. Faculty of Mathematics
  15. Faculty of Physics and Chemistry
  16. Computer Science and Technology
  17. Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
  18. Faculty of Business and Management

To grasp the A to Z of the current faculties and research institutions, kindly visit the official faculty page of the Cambridge institution while we proceed with the University of Cambridge acceptance rate and the rest of the key questions that this guide is created to address.

The University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate 2024

Additionally, admission decisions for applicants who submitted their applications in October 2023 will be disclosed in January 2024. Notably, unofficial sources suggest that the University of Cambridge maintains a competitive acceptance rate ranging from 18% to 21%, underscoring the institution’s selective nature in the admission process.

What is the Cambridge University transfer acceptance rate?

According to consistent ranking data, the University of Cambridge acceptance rate is projected to be 21% for applicants, encompassing both local and international students.

This percentage reflects the competitive nature of admissions at the university, emphasizing the rigorous standards and selectivity maintained across diverse applicant pools.

Aspiring students, whether from the local or international sphere, navigate a highly competitive landscape, striving to secure a coveted spot at this esteemed institution known for its academic excellence and rich history.

What is the Cambridge University graduate students’ acceptance rate?

Other top-ranking platforms/studies have come to a conclusion, based on the previous admission sessions, that the average Cambridge acceptance rate is 15.7%, this is when you consider the acceptance rate for international students and other important admission categories.

Kindly Note: The University of Cambridge admission and its associated applications can only be carried out via the official website of the institution. Our goal at Jobreaders.org is to provide information that is designed to help you learn.

We also suggest you carry out more independent research, based on what you want to learn about Cambridge University. Also, aspiring students are advised to pay attention to what qualifies them as students of the great institution and focus on tailoring the kinds of applications that stand out.

Next in this guide is the tuition/fees information at the University of Cambridge. As part of our goal to exhaust every useful information that aspiring students and researchers need around the school’s admission, we are proceeding to explore what is the tuition at Cambridge.

Tuition at the University of Cambridge

Tuition at the University of Cambridge differs based on two significant factors. One is based on the level of studies ( undergraduate, Master’s, other higher studies and research).

The second basis upon which you can decide the tuition and fee at the University is based on whether the student is a domestic or an international student.

Tuition/fee for international students at the University of Cambridge is 12,732 GBP. This tuition is based on the range from 2017 to 2018 and this gives you only an idea as the session one is applying for matters in terms of current tuition.

You can also compare: Stanford University Acceptance Rate 2023 | Tuition & Scholarships

Admission to the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and currently has over 6,645 academic staff with about 29 listed study programmes. This institution is ranked 1st in Europe and takes the 2nd position in the list of best universities in the world.

This section sums up the steps and details for admission at Cambridge, and further guides interested applicants to the respective official portals.

Requirements for Admission at the University of Cambridge

With over 300 courses at the University of Cambridge, it could pose a challenge to list all the course requirements for admission at the various faculties and schools. The University of Cambridge accepts a variety of qualifications such as:

  • 1. European Baccalaureate
  • 2. International A Levels
  • 3. Other International Baccalaureate

These admission requirements can  also be viewed on the school’s general entry requirement page

The University of Cambridge Language Requirement

Here is a list of minimum English language requirements:

  1. IELTS Academic 1 – normally a minimum overall grade of 7.5, usually with 7.0 or above in each element
  2. TOEFL Internet-Based Test (IBT) – normally a minimum overall score of 110, with 25 or above in each element
  3. EU students – competence in English at C1 standard as demonstrated as part of a school-leaving exam (eg the Abitur)
  4. Cambridge English: C2 Proficiency – accepted with a minimum overall score of 200, with no element lower than 185
  5. Cambridge English: C1 Advanced – accepted with a minimum overall score of 193, with no element lower than 185, in tandem with other evidence of competence in English
  6. Singapore Integrated Programme (SIP) – please contact a College admissions office for further advice

How to Get Admission to the University of Cambridge

Aspiring students and sponsors have a 100% chance of getting their desired admission into this school, and by following a few simple steps.

There are 6 distinct steps to getting admission at the University of Cambridge and they are:

  • Step 1: Decide on the college and choose.
  • Step 2: Check the Assessment and requirements.
  • Step 3: Choose a College
  • Step 4: Submit the application.
  • Step 5: Prepare and face the interview.
  • Step 6: Wait for a decision.

Note: As a student, once you have made a decision on the college and course to apply for, you should head to the official admission portal of the institution to start your online registration journey.

Students coming for undergraduate studies should visit the university’s official undergraduate admission portal for online registration. For graduate studies at the University of Cambridge, students should visit the graduate admission portal for more guides and registration.

NB: Seeking admission into the University of Cambridge, students should note that they may be required to submit a transcript outlining details of their qualifications as part of their application.

The University of Cambridge Scholarships 2024/2025

At the University of Cambridge, there are popular financial supports for all students towards the general cost at Cambridge. This aid includes financial suppress for international undergraduate students, funding supports for postgraduate students, the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust, Gate Cambridge, Student Funding Search and other full and partial financial aid.

Does Cambridge University offer full scholarships?

For example, the Gates Cambridge scholarship funds outstanding applicants from outside the United Kingdom, to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree.

Another top Cambridge scholarship is the Trust Awards which awards full scholarships to about 500 students yearly and also supports between 1100 and 1400 students who are residents.

Aside from the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust, there are a handful of other scholarships and financial aids tailored to support students from the EU/EEA and international students.

To learn more or begin your free online application journey for any of the University of Cambridge’s scholarships, students are to visit the scholarship portal for the most current information and application, respectively.

University of Cambridge Application Fee

As an aspiring student, in the course of applying for any of your desired degrees, it may be required that you pay a certain application fee of £60.

The application fee paid to the University of Cambridge is a standard charge that supports the processing of the application, and the development and maintenance of the system used in the process.

NB: The application fee is required mostly for international student applications. However, students from certain regions enjoy the application fee waiver at the University of Cambridge.

How much is University of Cambridge application fee for international students?


The only admission application fee required for international students is £60 and the University of Cambridge accepts this payment via electronic means, during students’ application via their official application portal.

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Other Things Readers Want to Know about the University of Cambridge

Here are a number of frequently asked questions, with answers regarding what could lead to success at the University of Cambridge. For us to help you get exactly what you are looking for, we are striving to provide as many useful guides and reviews as possible.

Let us start with what others are asking about the various windows for student’s offer of admission to this institution:

What GPA is needed for Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge require a GPA from at least 3.4 to  4.0, and this implies that providing higher grades makes the applicant more competitive. The Average MCAT Score required is 514 while MCAT needed ranges from 499 to about 522.

How much is Cambridge University tuition fee?

The most current Cambridge University tuition fee is 13,400 GBP per year for students from the EU/EEA while international students also pay an average of 13,400 GBP per year.

Which school in the UK has highest acceptance rate?

Universities in the UK that have higher acceptance rates are those schools that easily offer admission to eligible domestic and international students; in this list, we have the likes of the University of Sussex with up to an 83% acceptance rate.

Do we have alternatives to Cambridge University? Yes. Getting into a number of other globally recognized schools in the UK could be a lot easier.

Here is the list of the easiest universities to get into in the UK, for international students. Some of these schools have up to 90% acceptance rate for international students.

  • 1. Coventry University – 32%
  • 2. York St John University 90.8%
  • 3. University of Wolverhampton -90.8%
  • 4. Ravensbourne University London – 88%
  • 5. University of Sussex – 83%
  • 6. Plymouth College of Art –  85%
  • 7. Aberystwyth University – 97.6%
  • 8. Bishop Grosseteste University – 70-80%
  • 9. University for the Creative Arts – 77%
  • 10. Cardiff Metropolitan University 90.2%

How to get into Cambridge University as an international student?

In 2023, a reliable study has earlier published a guide that projects average tuition fees for students from the EU/EEA to be 13,400 GBP per year, at the University of Cambridge. For international students, the cost is not limited to the average tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA are 13,400 GBP per year.

Is the University of Cambridge hard to get into?

With the University of Cambridge’s acceptance rate staggering between 205 to about 21%, it is clear that it is one of the hardest universities to get into.

In 2021, the university welcomes about 20,426 applicants and only offered 4,710 admissions. Statistics from the previous and present admission and application ratio suggest that it may not be 100% easy to get into the University of Cambridge.

However, your chances of admission at Cambridge remain absolute, irrespective of your background and level of study.

Which is better Oxford or Cambridge?

Inasmuch as we tend not to dive into caparison, here are just a number of core factors to decide which is better between Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Based on globally accepted ranking, in Teaching Oxford ranks 5th while Cambridge ranks 7th. In Overall ranking, Oxford takes 1st while Cambridge takes 3rd position.

How do you get accepted into Cambridge?

To gain admission into any of the 300+ available courses at the University of Cambridge, students need to meet the basic requirements such as the Language Test (7.5 in IELTS Academic 1), the 3.5+ GPA ( or alternative) and other basic requirements that are listed here.


A foundation has been established with this guide, that to stand out and be part of the global institution as a student, students must meet certain stringent conditions – ranging from the University of Cambridge acceptance rate, to the tuition outside financial aids, the courses options and a number of other requirements.

It is also worthy to reiterate that to gain admission into various study levels at the University of Cambridge, there is no limit to the nature of admission offers here. This institution extends its offer of admission to people of all races, academic backgrounds, and financial status.

Do you desire to settle at the University of Oxford, here are a number of words from students [Watch the video below:]

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