2021 University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate and Scholarships

The University of Cambridge Acceptance rate is not just 21 percent as it has been popularly known, aspiring students and parents need to understand their chances and other opportunities as they seek admission continuation.

Cambridge University Acceptance Rate for many years has been on a competitive side making it highly demanding for students who aspire to study there. Knowing about the university tuition and acceptance rate is very crucial and vital.

However, looking for admission with little knowledge about your dream college, institution or university has always been the common mistake most students make today when choosing a university to study, this has resulted in them losing their admission opportunities.

For instance, if you want to study at Cambridge, you need to know about the Cambridge University graduate acceptance rate before applying.

This is because of its quality education standards offered. And also a high employability rate that puts most of the university graduates in a better position of being employed after school.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students

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It also houses students’ loans, transfer information, emigration for students and career persons into the United States.

Why Study at the University of Cambridge?

There are several reasons why you should consider studying at the University of Cambridge. Aside from that, it’s known as one of the oldest and prominent universities globally, it offers quality and outstanding teaching with top best instructors/lecturers across the world.

More so, Cambridge is comprised of various faculties and departments in different academic subjects and many Colleges which made it a collegiate university.

Hence, when talking about the safest places to live or study in Britain, Cambridge is one.

The university offers varieties of courses in different fields and levels to both citizens and international students which gives students from all around the world a chance of studying at the university.

The fact remains that Cambridge University has a teaching system that provides you as a student to be tutored or taught by qualified professors that are world-class leaders in the area of specializations.

The university has one of the highest student retention rates in the UK. The University is regularly in the top three in the world for employer reputation in the QS World University Rankings.

University of Cambridge Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students at the University of Cambridge are opened to various opportunities. 

There are over 30 undergraduate courses at Cambridge covering more than 65 subject areas in the university for you.

Note, these programs are 4-5 years program.

Whether you are a citizen or international student, you have a chance of getting admitted to the University.

The University of Cambridge focuses more on undergraduate students to nurture and train them properly.

The University of Cambridge’s undergraduate acceptance rate is 21%.

What is the Cambridge University Graduate Students Acceptance Rate?

The Cambridge University Graduate Students Acceptance Rate is on a low level, the studies are very intense and very intellectually demanding.

The University has high academic entry requirements. Below is the acceptance rate for Most competitive postgraduate programs at Cambridge University.                                        

Postgraduate Programs                          Cambridge University acceptance rate

Finance                                                                                                    9%

MPhil in Developmental Biology (4yrs)                                                               9%

Engineering and MPhil in Basic and Translational Neuroscience  10%

Ph.D. (Probationary) in Philosophy                                                                    11%

 Apart from the regular Master’s and Ph.D. program, the University of Cambridge has another special graduate program that you will fine interesting.

What is the Cambridge University USA student Acceptance Rate?

Applicants from the USA should note that offers are usually made on an individual basis.

Currently, the best way you can be admitted into Cambridge University as a USA Citizen is by five or more Advanced Placement (AP) Scores at grade 5.

Hence, you must have high passing marks on your school qualification and a high score on the SAT (I) Reasoning Test or ACT, are expected.

According to statistics, in 2016 347 Americans applied to study at Cambridge, 40 were accepted, but only 20 ended up at the university.

Note, SAT II (Subject) Tests are not normally viewed as being equivalent to AP Tests.

As an applicant, you are required to disclose all the tests that you have taken and the scores.

What is the Cambridge University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Cambridge has a strict policy against accepting applications from students to transfer to it from another university.

As a result of this strict policy, Transfer Acceptance Rate is very competitive.

So it is important that if you are applying as a transfer student, you ensure you follow the guidelines and instruction to the latter.

In summary, the Cambridge University Transfer Acceptance Rate is 7%

What is the University of Cambridge Acceptance rate GPA?

One major challenge students always face when it comes to knowing their GPA is how to calculate it accurately. I don’t put the blames on them because calculating GPA is not an easy thing at all. it can be very stressful.

But with our student GPA calculator, it can be easier.

As a student, you can easily calculate your GPA by inputting your scores per course as much as 50 courses.

What is the University of Cambridge Admission Requirements?

It is very important that before you consider studying at any university, you know the admission requirement.

This will help you know if you have a chance of getting admitted to such a university.

 Just like every university has its admission requirements that any aspirant must meet before apply so also is the University of Cambridge.

So, before you can consider studying at the University of Cambridge, you need to know the University of Cambridge Admission Requirements.

Currently, over 3,000 international students are allowed to study at the University of Cambridge.

As expected, the University of Cambridge has different requirements for its programs.

But for this section, we will address the admission requirements for all programs on a general note.


The University of Cambridge is one of the safest universities in the world that you can think of studying as an international student.

Apart from being one of the safest universities, it offers top-notch education services that can’t be compared with most universities.

However, before you can get in, you must meet up with the university acceptance rate which is highly competitive. But the good news remains that if you work very hard you will get admitted.

Does the University of Cambridge Offer MBA Scholarships?

Students who seek to obtain their MBA degrees in the prestigious university can learn more about the various scholarship opportunities, and also apply as when due.
In our previous post, we highlighted the scholarship schemes, funding patterns, eligibility, and requirements.

People also Ask

Aside from the acceptance rate for the University of Cambridge, people also ask a few important questions. Answers directed towards these questions may, perhaps, foster your chances and shape some processes for you.

What GPA is needed for Cambridge?

Every school has well-set requirements and for Cambridge, the acceptable standard is to score at least a – on the SAT or – on the ACT.

The required CGPA is that students maintain of 3.7. This is all you need to navigate the journey of the globally admired citadel of learning.

Is Cambridge being harder than Oxford?

Cambridge being harder than Oxford or any other institution in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and elsewhere is individualistic.

We have been able to provide you with the requirements, you can also use this link to learn more about Oxford. The comparison is meant to be yours, because scaling through the standards for one school’s admission process, maintaining minimum CGPA is not all that you have to face.

You may decide to base your own judgement on the following:

• Financial demands
• Environmental Friendliness
• Curriculum Adherence
• Opportunities and lots more

But from this block, you ought to have learnt that the Cambridge University Acceptance Rate is not all that you need to learn as an intending fresher or parent.


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