Students who wish to participate in the Cameroon study abroad scholarship programs must apply through the school for international Training for the unique opportunity to explore social Pluralism and Developments within the country.

From the cultural perspectives, students must take a survey on the epic number of ethnic groups that work towards living harmoniously and developmentally stance. SIT scholarships Includes

The Compton fund scholarship enables the students to take part in the engaging SIT program that is geared towards the environment or development such as Cameroon. special treatment is giving to students who are a minority

The SIT fund is open to all the students and this means that every student are entitled to apply and win the scholarship, though it is being awarded on the basis of need

The scholarship fund which is also known as the diversity fund is reserved for those students that are underrepresented in the study abroad program, which may be those from a minority group or financial and social disadvantaged

The HBCU scholarships are majorly for students who are from historically black college and presents the proof of financial need.

Sally Brags Baker scholarship award programs are fashioned for female participants that are well sound and recognized. This type of scholarship is based on the individual’s dedication to multicultural differences and love for peace and Understanding.

The University of Maryland provides the students with a summer study abroad program in Cameroon. The program is fashioned to be mostly theoretical journey in postcolonial studies.

The University Of Maryland also presents the students with a general study abroad scholarship to individuals with a 3.0 GPA minimum as well as Demonstrated financial needs for funds.

An amount up to $2,000 will be awarded depending on the need and number of the student’s recipients


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