Fully Funded Scholarships for Local and International Students (Apply Now)

Full scholarships are fully funded scholarships from top institutions, bilateral governments, and states with bursaries for local and international students.

This page contains over 1020 scholarships for students from different nationalities in the world, diverse disciplines, and myriads of aspirations into more than 5000 schools in the world.

How to Apply

Since the full scholarships are fully funded opportunities designed to take care of students’ study expenses, there are no application fees attached to the various scholarships posted under this category.

Simply select from the number of scholarships below, ascertain your eligibility status from the guidelines and the objectives explained on the various pages, to start your application.

Your added advantage is that you can go through our list of reviews on best schools, great tuition fees, and other opportunities that can help you achieve your academic and skill goals from anywhere in the world.

In cases where you are not eligible for any of these full scholarships, you can search through alternatives here that can cut your tuition fees or offer financial support.