It will be very important to note that the educational system in chad is fashioned with the french style of education and teaching which includes the language. The system of education is geared to international students' bodies where they are being taught with French, English, Spanish, German and Japanese language.

The Chadian system of education made it compulsory that the requirement for admissions is a B which is an average of a 3.0 GPA.

Other English requirements include

An O-Level in the English Language

TOEFL (550 Score)

A 6.5 score in IELTS.

List of Some Scholarships for Chadian Students

CICOPS Scholarships for Developing countries

This type of scholarship award is giving to students who show interest in acquiring a certificate in the master's program.

The scholarship is hosted and sponsored by Italy and the recipients are only the Chad students and some other developing countries. The scholarship award benefits include class travel, boarding, and accommodation expenditures with a stipend worth 150 Euro per week

Prestige scholarship of Excellence in Data Science University of Strathclyde UK

The scholarship is made available for students from Chad and some other African countries who wish to study the master's program at the University of Strathclyde. The particular scholarship program is in recognition of academic excellence in the field of Data Science for Policymakers.

Up to 5000 pounds will be awarded to applicants that applied for a full-time masters degree in Data Science for Policymakers in the UK

The Griffith University International Scholarship in Australia

Griffith University call for applications from suitable candidates for the Griffith international scholarship programs. This particular scholarship is open to the chad students and other international countries that are eligible to apply.

The scholarship is made available for students that want to further their studies to the level of Masters's Degree.

The scholarship worth is up to the sum of $6,000 to cover tuition payments for two years, payments of $3,000 for course work, and the other $3,000 for certificate