Category - Scholarships by Countries

Scholarships for Students by Country (Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D Opportunities)

You can apply for these fully funded scholarships for students by Country and for students who intend to study abroad from their respective study levels and country of origin.

Apply for these scholarship opportunities to be fully funded to master your dream courses and career.

These 2020 entry includes Undergraduates Scholarships, Master Scholarships, with other funding opportunities for Postdoctoral researches (or PhD Scholarships).

Scholarships are great opportunities for students to fund their dreams from any aspect of studies; irrespective of their financial background and we believe that you are eligible to apply for any of the scholarships below.

How to Apply for these Scholarship Opportunities by Country

These are information that students are always invited to apply for, irrespective of their discipline, country or age. However, you are to know the criteria for any of the opportunities before you continue with submitting your entry.


To apply, make sure that you are eligible for the opportunities, to avoid expecting for opportunities that was not meant for people in your category.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Scholarships by Country?

Every student is eligible to apply for these scholarships.