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Here is a complete list of all the ongoing Canadian Scholarships for international students and Canadians, to study in Canada. See details below, for applications and other processes.

The links below also cover details on how one can work and study in Canada; some have clear details on how to secure legitimate Visa to Canada but primary, how to get fund to cater for your studies in Canada.

Scholarships in Canada

These are mostly the scholarships opportunities for international students in Canada or Canadians.

They may include fully funded scholarships, tuition based scholarships and other scholarship opportunities for scholars who may have the interests in Canada.

These are set information that mostly share the scholarship opportunities, application details and deadlines and all the tips and necessary information you may need  in order to scale through your journey for a good scholarship search and funding.

These Canadian scholarships may include fully funded scholarships for Canadians

Other Career opportunities in Canada

You can also use the column below to search for job openings in Canada (this options aren’t just meant for the students who care to study and work in Canada, but those whose visa has work permit).

You can start accessing these career opportunities from our homepage.


How to Apply for Canadian Scholarships

Interested and qualified scholars, for any of these scholarships below, are advised to proceed with application, only when they have read and properly understood the terms of these offerings.

However, you don’t need anything more than the right information in order to win scholarship awards anywhere around the globe.

And just like you must have read here, Canadian Scholarships come in shoes and in sizes.