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10 Most Powerful Passports in Africa (2021 Ranking)

20 Most Powerful Passports in Africa by Country (2023/2024)

Discover the most powerful passports in Africa by country because one of the factors that decide the strength of a passport is the number of countries that each holder can travel to, without visa restrictions.  Based on reliable bilateral data collected by top ranking sourcing in the world, you will be learning about the strongest

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17 countries to get a job without ielts

17 Countries to Get Job Abroad without IELTS or Study [Updated]

This is a detailed post on the list of countries to Get a job abroad without IELTS with ease around the world. By that, let us look into the number of countries to get job without IELTS as mandatory requirement to school or to live and work such destination. As usual, at – we

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Make Money Online

5 Super Skills to Make Money While Studying Abroad

In this guide, you will be learning about the top profitable skills to make money while studying abroad or living anywhere in the world. As a student who desire to relocate abroad for studies, you will not need the kind of job that could take up your whole hours of your time, and keep you

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Jobs Canada for Foreigners without Work Permit

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners without Work Permit in 2021

There are jobs and career positions in Canada that do not require work permit. Depending on the province you may not need to go through the stress of coming to Canada with all the documents in popular lists. If you aspire to live and work in Canada, this post will go a long way to

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Dubai Business Gold Visa for Entrepreneurs (what you must know)

Dubai Business Golden Visa for Entrepreneurs (what you must know)

The Business Golden Visa for entrepreneurs offers permanent residency to non-national and non-resident entrepreneurs who wish to set up business operations in the UAE. Apply for this Visa and stand the 100% chance to enjoy amazing benefits which your home countries might not be giving to your growth. Requirements Entrepreneurs from within and outside the

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Dubai Golden Visa Requirements (Cost, Duration and Eligible Groups)
Dubai (United Arab Emirate State)

Dubai Golden Visa Requirements (Cost, Duration, and Eligible Groups)

Confidently apply for the ongoing Dubai Golden Visa and secure space for yourself, family, and friends. The visa calls out for competent personnel with intellectual abilities in applying, with the aim of achieving rapid economical, technological growth in the country. This was announced on Sunday by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister

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