10 Cheapest Canadian Universities for Local and International Students

10 Cheapest Canadian Universities for local and international students is an article that is put together to help both local and international potential students who have been asking questions about the cheapest Canadian school and possibly apply for admission to study in those schools.

There are also several other opportunities span across the country of Canada worth taking advantage of an example is: Free Education in Canada for International Students

Studying in Canada is a very good option in the sense that the schools over there are cheap and affordable, students can be taught with different language options such as English and French.

One of those things that students do consider while choosing their country of study is the environment, the Canadian environment is highly developed and conducive for local and international students to come and study.

The Canadian education system has a very good reputation unlike other western countries, many international students prefer to study in Canada because of many reasons such as low tuition fees, ease, and comfort of living, and a great reputation.

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Why should I consider to study in Canada?

When you carry out your comparison test between Canadian universities and other western universities in the world like the UK, USA, you will discover that a Canadian university degree is much easier to acquire than other western universities.

Canada has a Reputation

The Canadian education system has been credited for their type of educational system, Canadian universities and their certificates are well recognized worldwide

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Simplicity of living

Most times students do face this challenge of daunting themselves during their study in a different country, but in Canada, the type of living and the environmental conditions helps the students to cope very easily.

Tuition and Fees in Canada for International students

In Canada tuition fees for international students depends on the program of study at the time of making this post, meanwhile, the following are the breakdown of the tuitions.

Bachelors degree tuition range from $ 7,203 to $49,800 this is an annual tuition

Masters degree tuition ranges from $3,222 to $42,850. 

Having given the tuition fee for international students it will be pertinent if we also explore the top universities in Canada as of 2020.

Top Universities in Canada

Canadian universities have acquired a large reputation when it comes to good teaching and carrying out excellent research.

Recently the Canadian school has been known for attaining perfection in telecom and cyber research.

Canadian universities have achieved so much that attracts smart people to their well respected and prestigious degree programs.

It is a place you can get a quality education in various courses like Law, Medicals, Engineering, etc, with a worldwide recognized certification on Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. Below is the list of top Universities in Canada

Toronto University

The University of Toronto was established in 1827, the university has been known to be the Canadian institution of learning, discovery and creation of knowledge.

The university has taken pride to be the center of world research that is known to invent and innovate.

Students of Toronto university has the opportunity to learn from their sound work leaders through different methods of teaching and research with alumni and partners

The University of Toronto has produced more than 560,000 graduates that have a positive impact on the world

Bachelor Degree       $42,870-$49,800

Masters Degree         $6,900-$22,640

Official Website: University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is well known to be a world center for academics and research that is ranked up to be among the top 20 public universities in the world ranking, it is also known as North America’s international university.

The University of British Columbia has always welcomed students from different parts of the world.

Currently, the students, faculty, and staff are globally selected also the university international research partnership and publications helps to collaborate on a world global scale

Bachelors Degree $25, 978-$36,588

Masters Degree     $8,605

Official Website: University of British Columbia

McGill University

Mc-Gill university was established in 1821 is one of Canada’s best universities. McGill is known to be admitting students from different parts of the world.

Currently recording a large number of international students from over 150 countries. The University is accredited for its diverse international research that is very intensive

Bachelors Degree                $16,815-$45,263

Masters Degree $16,816

Official Website: McGill University

McMaster University

Mcmaster University was established in the year 1887, through the work of estate senator William Macmaster who is a member of the Canadian early senate after the confederation and inaugurating of Canadian president of the imperial bank

The university is a research-intensive student-centered study dedicated to increasing human and societal health and well being, ranking 75 in the world.

Mc master has a total 33,147 which includes both the local and international students from 120 countries

Bachelors Degree                                                 $20, 808-$27,978

Masters Degree                                                    $16,761-$17,096

Official Website: Mc Master University

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is a government university that is located in Quebec Canada. The institution was founded in the year 1878 and made up of 3 faculties which are theology, law, and medicine.

The university has up to 67,389 including international students that are totaling 10,000 though 7000 are Canadian permanent residents of the country.

Bachelors Degree                                 $13,048-$16,990

Masters Degree                                    $16,372

Official Website: University of Montreal

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Cheapest Canadian universities for Local and International Students

The cheapest Canadian university is divided into different categories depending on the academic program going for:

Brandon University

Located at Brandon Manitoba Canada

Tuition: $7,203

Degrees offered include BA, BBA, Bed, BFA, BM, BN, BSc

The university at a large extent encourages international students residing at Brandon to apply with the university application process.

The institution is said to have established a long relationship with the international students and provides one on one professor interactions and research privilege that are not available at other big universities.

Universite De Saint-Boniface

This particular university is located at Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tuition : $7,482

The university offers degrees ranging from a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Social work, Translation, Science, Nursing, Business, and Education. The university also offers a master’s degree program.

Universite De Saint-Boniface is a French-speaking institution and requires all the students in their institution to speak French though some programs require a higher level of English proficiency

University of Guelph

The institution is located at Guelph, Ontario

Tuition: $9,730

Offer Bachelors Degree programs in different disciplines such as Art, Biological Sciences, Business & Economics, Engineering & Physical Science, Social & Applied Human Sciences

International students who are seeking to gain admission into the University Of Guelph always receive assistance from the university with visa applications, English language study, housing, and access to a counselor specifically for international students

Canadian Mennonite University

The university is located at Winnipeg Manitoba

Tuition: $10,003

Offers a wide range of Degrees for three and four year BA, Bsc, BBA, and Masters programs

Canadian Mennonite University welcomes international students and also goes a long way to encourage them to apply because of their variety of experiences and perspectives that they may come with.

International students from this institution are to choose from 19 major bachelors studies

Memorial University of Newfoundland

The university is found to situate at st john’s, New foundland 

Tuition: $11,460

Offers different types of academic programs from bachelors to the Master’s Degree certificate

In this university international students are greatly welcomed and also encouraged to apply.

These institutions understand the challenges of international students, so they offer different services like students advising and mentorship, internationalizing office, and international groups.

Cheapest Masters Degrees in Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Located at St johns New Foundland

Tuition: $3,222

The institution provides a wide variety of advanced degrees from masters and Doctorate programs which is both on-campus and online studies.

The university programs include Humanities and social sciences, Professional programs, interdisciplinary program

University Of Northern British Columbia

The location is at Prince George, British Columbia

Tuition: $3,297

Offers degree programs from MBA, MSc, MSc, Med, MEng, MScN, MSW, Graduate certificates, and Doctoral programs. you can also find this information useful17 Best Post Graduate Scholarships in Canada for all students

The location of this University is in Calgary, Alberta

Tuition: $3,693

Provision of course-based, research-based masters and doctoral degrees in different subjects

Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University is located at Burnaby, British Columbia

Tuition $3,743

With a variety of graduate programs ranging from applied sciences, Art and Social Sciences, Business, Communication, Art and Technology, Education, Environment, Health Sciences, and science\

University of Saskatchewan

The university main campus location is at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Tuition $4,358

The university offers over 80 Masters and Doctoral degree specializing in research and medical fields

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Free tuition University in Canada for International Students

There is no University in Canada that is offering fee tuition except those universities that has an online program.

These days people do prefer online study because of so many things and they do offer courses such as Associate, Bachelors, Masters degrees in business, Computer Science, Education, and Health sciences.

Cost of Living in Canada for international students

The cost of living is one of those things that students are supposed to put into consideration while choosing Canada for a place of study.

The major cities in Canada seem to be expensive but that does not mean that one cannot get an affordable place for students to stay in the metropolis which is still within the budget.

Funding and Support giving to International students

One of those things that you benefit from studying in Canada is that it saves you from spending too much on tuition, but even at that you can still apply for funding or scholarships. 

In Canadian universities, there are so many scholarship grants for international students, though it is exclusive for students from different countries. You can check here for scholarships

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How to Apply For Canadian University

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When applying as an international student, you should know that the requirement will differ from that of local students as you will be required to provide student application attached with the letter of recommendation, resume, and educational record.

Other Documents that may be required are

Proof of finances

English Proficiency

International application

Passport information

A translated copy of the passport

when you staying longer than six months, then you will be required to get a student visa. While applying for a students visa the Canadian government will require some vital information from you which are

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Proof of finance

Proof of health and general well being 

Proof that you have no criminal record

University acceptance letter.

The student’s visa can be done online and it doesn’t cost more than CAD 150 as of the time of making this post.

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Frequently Asked Question

Which University in Canada has the Lowest tuition fee?

The memory university of Newfoundland offers the lowest tuition in Canada for the advanced programs. Their tuition cost for the masters and Doctoral program is up to $3,222

When you come to bachelors studies the institution that has the lowest fee is Brandon University with the tuition of $7,203

Are Public Universities in Canada Free?

The institutions in Canada which include universities and colleges do not offer free tuition for both international and domestic students. But the tuition fee is reduced to an affordable rate.

How much does university cost in Canada?

Canadian universities have placed their fees which is dependent on several factors such as the course of study, your location i.e international or local students for postgraduate, and undergraduate level. 

Canadian students that wish to study in Canada are expected to pay up to CAD 6,463 per year for a bachelors degree while those going for the graduate program are to pay CAD 7,056 a year

For international students, the average tuition fee in 2019-2020 is estimated to be $29714CAD per year though it may vary depending on the course of study.

 The average postgraduate tuition in Canada for international students is up to $17,744 and it was known to have increased from the previous year

What is the hardest university to get into Canada?

The hardest university to get into is the Royal Military College Canada.

There have been different opinions from different students from various universities about the hardest university to enter. 

But the observation was that the Royal Military College of Canada is the hardest to enter.

Why it was considered to be the hardest is their mode and requirements of entry which is mandatory that you met the requirement for military service, obtain a high grade with a very good leadership skill that must be demonstrated.

The interesting part of this is that they have a low acceptance rate every year and this leads to turning applicants applications away

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Which course is best in Canada for PR?

In Canada for you to succeed in Public relations, you must undergo some Public relations courses which are the Canadian Experience Class, Quebec Experience Class also provincial Nominee Programs.

The main course that has to do with Public relations is as follows

Media and journalism

Engineering management

Finances and Business

IT and Computer Science

Masters of Business Administration

What is the best course to study in Canada?

Canadian universities have a wide variety of courses which is valuable and appreciated in every part of the world. Below is the list of best courses to study in Canada

MBA courses

Computer Science and Information

Business and Finance

Core Engineering and Management

Physical and Earth science / Renewable

Agricultural Science & Forestry

Bioscience, Medicine, and Healthcare

Medial and journalism

Psychology & Human Resources

Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial
science & Analytics

Is it cheaper to study in Canada or the USA?

Comparing the cost of study in the USA you find out that the cheapest tuition university in Canada is Brandon University with the tuition of CAD 7,203 per year for a bachelor’s degree.

While in the USA the cheapest is USD7,744 per year for international students going for a Bachelors degree

Financial aid is always very difficult to get in the USA as an international student.

But in Canada, most universities offer financial aids to international students

Cost of Accommodation is another thing to consider, in Canada the cost of living in a hostel is CAD 3,000-7,500 per academic year. 

For off-campus the cost is up to $820 per year though it largely depends on the location and the type of accommodation.

In the USA the cost of Accommodation, which is average apartment start with 600-3,000 USD one-bedroom apartment in Boston

While off-campus you will be getting a shared room for 450USD.

There are many more to talk about but this shows that Canada is cheap to study

Which university in Canada is easiest to get into?

Three Universities in Canada are found to be easy for students to enter and they are:

University of Windsor

Western Ontario

University of Saskatchewan

What is the cheapest university in Ontario?

Dominican University College is the cheapest for international students in Ontario. The tuition fee for an international student is CAD 12,500 while that of local students is CAD 4,365.

The Dominican university college is one of the first university colleges in Canada capital of Ottawa. It has a record of 250 full time and part-time students

How much is a Canadian student visa fee?

Canadian students permit visa cost CAD 150 including extension.

Those that their status has expired after 90 days are expected to go and apply for restoration which cost a fee of CAD 200

How much does a 4-year degree cost in Canada?

The tuition fee for international students in Canada is CAD 20,000 per year.

And what it implies is that a three-year course degree program costs CAD 60,000. Some courses like medicine and engineering are more expensive than others.

Can international students get loans in Canada?

Some loans are meant for international students, but the only condition attached to it is that the students must be enrolled in one of the Canadian schools.

The international students, as well as the USA students, are eligible for this loan to be able to cover up with their cost of tuition, housing, food, insurance, and educational materials like books.

While giving out this loan so many things are being considered such as student’s home country, expected graduation date and school attended.

 If you’re an international student that wants to get a loan here is the link

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Why do international students pay more in Canada?

There are so many reasons for this but the most acceptable reason why international students pay higher than Canadian student is, the international students does not pay Canadian taxes that is used to support the countries higher education.

Though tuition cost varies from school to school, course to course, region to region.

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