Children Learning Reading Program | Review for 2020

Children Learning Reading Program | Review for 2020

Any parent will agree with me that it is heartwarming to see your kid make progress while still at an early age. Whether they have made their first steps, learned how to speak, or you’re coaching them on how to read, we must admit that the moments are jovial.

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Reading is a skill that transforms every kid positively. It brings about a culture that benefits the kids in every stage of their life, especially when it comes to social, mental, and educational development.

Phonemic awareness helps children learn how to interpret and read written and printed text quickly. Notably, it’s a program for parents with children that are between the ages of 2 and 6.

The fact that it’s simple, easy to follow, and broken down into steps, makes it incredibly effective. Here is a video I made of my two-year-old son, using an ABC puzzle to name every letter.

After using Children Learning Reading for a couple of weeks he had learned to recognize the entire alphabet.

They’ll broaden their speaking and cognitive thinking ability. The problem comes when you try to get the attention of the kids.

You’ll have to struggle a bit. Thanks to this program. It helps you know how to get the kid’s attention as you teach them how to learn.

 Teaching your toddler to read while still at home is a brilliant move. You’ll, however, need to learn how to do it, to get everything going on rightly.

In this Children Learning Reading Review, we have shared everything you need to know about the program. Let’s now dive in.

What Is Children Learning Reading?

The Children Learning Reading is an online program that guides the parents in teaching their kids how to read. Parenting and raising a child has never been easy. It is a full-time job.

With that in mind, this program is specially designed and very different from other programs out there.

It features a step by step approaches that have been proven to work for every kid.

These approaches do not take long, and your kid will show positive results within a few days. The simple exercises, when followed for 15 minutes in a week, the results are evident.

The printed text helps you kid to develop phonemic awareness, making it possible to read fluently. It is available in audios, PDFs, and videos. These essentials make the learning bond strong, and kids are happy to have their parents help them.

At times, you might feel the need to teach your kid, but don’t know where to start. This guide highlights various approaches that make teaching easy and fun.

Watch this:

You can instruct your kid anytime and at any place since you can access the program through your digital devices.

Who Is It For?

This program is designed for parents with young children aged 2-7.

This is NOT a program where parents just pop a DVD into the player or sit the child in front of the computer screen.

Parents, you’ll be actively involved to help your toddler or preschooler learn to read phonetically through a simple, effective, and step-by-step program. It’s worth your time. Seriously.

But please take note that this is a digital package, there are no physical products to be shipped to you. Everything is downloadable to your computer upon your purchase.

Who Has Authored Children Learning Reading?

Jim Yang is the author of this program. Being an author and a parent to four children, you can be sure the program is from a legit source.

That’s not enough, Jim Yang has also been teaching kids how to read most of his adult life.

The author has used the program to teach is kids. By following what he has indicated in the program, all the kids have benefited and could speak fluently before they turned three.

Jim is known for his extensive research on matters of childhood development.

From research and finding published by Oxford University, it is evident that the kids’ development phase occurs within the first 7 years.

Between 2 to 3 years, the reading functions are at the peak, and that’s what Jim course targets.

Children Learning Reading: The Target Audience

The learning reading program targets every parent out there who has a kid aged between 2 to 7 years.

This is the age when kids start trying to speak, and coaching them enables easy pronunciation and differentiation of sounds.

If you notice that your kid has issues with reading, and they are above seven years, that doesn’t mean they cannot benefit the program.

The techniques applied here are efficient in such circumstances. You’ll be happy to see how quickly your kids learn because they have used the phonemic mindfulness.

If your kid is at home, pre-schooling, a primary youngster, or in kindergartens, they’ll need this course.

The program worked for Jim Yang four kids, and it will work for you. It helps the youngsters learn about vocabulary understanding and constructive sentence articulation.

 As a parent, you know that it is not easy to teach a kid. This program helps you overcome the challenges.

The approaches are very applicable, and you must be committed to ensuring the kids benefit fully. The skills help in their academics.

The Children Learning Reading Program Gives A Complete Overview Of The Following Topics:

Utilizes phonics – the connection between a letter and a sound it makes.

Increase the child’s learning ability as well as improve reading fluency.

Make the learning process easy, faster, and shorter.

How to properly use the technique of blending

Introduction on the use of phonemes and phonics

The basic building blocks of learning

Introduction of simple words and advanced words

Simple and fun activities to practice new concepts

Introduction to digraphs

Short stories and rhymes

Features of Children Learning Reading: About the Program and the Benefits

The Program Has Two Stages, Both stages complement each other, with stage two being much more straightforward. Stage one has 28 lessons, while stage two contains 22, bringing it to a total of 50 lessons.

In stage one, the 28 lessons are modified in an easy to read approach. It includes all the introductory material, alphabets, and then sounds.

The method is in such a way that a child can easily transition from one lesson to another. Stage two helps the kid learn more.

Here, the reading skills acquired in stage one are enhanced through the introduction of letter combinations. At the end of the two stages, the kids pronounce words and read sentences effectively.

Detailed Focus on Phonemic Awareness The program highlights a lot when it comes to sounds. You’ll gain skills on how to instruct the kid when it comes to phonemes.

The approach in this course is scientifically proven, and kids will be capable of generating sounds from words within no time.

It Targets the Child’s Developmental Stage According to the author, Jim Yang, early stages are the best time to teach your kids.

They will quickly grasp the ideas. Besides, the program aids in brain development. Studies have also evidenced that impacting the reading skills on time makes the kid grow in confidence.

It is Simple, Efficient, and Comprehensive Children will have no issues learning how to read.

It is very engaging, and the methods used are extraordinary. Being specifically meant for children, the content is kids friendly, making the lessons lively.

Everything is simple and straightforward. What the kids learn is very comprehensive and applicable.


  • The program extensively teaches and helps your child to develop phonics and phonemic awareness skills.
  • Great introduction in the main e-book that clearly discusses the importance and benefits of early reading, and the steps involved in helping your child to learn reading.
  • Easy to follow and it’s all spelled out in the step-by-step lessons.
  • A chance for you to learn phonics too. I’ve never learned phonics as a child so I benefited from the lessons too.
  • Audio clips that demonstrate the correct pronunciations of all the letter sounds. I sure needed this as I wasn’t schooled in phonics.
  • The lessons are short to match the short attention span of little kids and the busy schedules of parents.
  • Super-effective, and it will be so rewarding to see the reading progress of your child after each lesson. It’s certainly a rewarding experience for me.
  • There are printouts (Premium package) that you can print, cut, and use in your lessons with your kid. My son loves the printouts and would ask to play with them even after the lesson is over.
  • This program is cheaper than the more branded and award-winning baby reading programs.


  • You have to spend time daily to help your child learn. Consistency and daily parental involvement are crucial in helping your child learn to read successfully.
  • In Stage 2 of the reading program, occasionally I came across a lesson where there are some words that didn’t come out as quite right when I sounded them out. As I said, I’m not trained in phonics instructions. Maybe these are sight words… I should have checked out the ebook.
  • If your child is a slow learner, keep in mind your child will show progress a little later. What you need to do is work with the child’s pace, so as not to frustrate or lose him or her.
  • It is enjoyable for the kids because they want to learn visually. With a combination of stories, rhymes, and pictures, learning becomes very exciting. It is because it attracts the kid and parent attention. The Program is Available in Multiple Options It comes with many files. Other than the main manual, there are other text materials available for you. You’ll also have access to the MP3 audio files and a lot of lesson videos. 

Get a package here:

Children Learning Reading Review: The Truth Behind the Program


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