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NYSC Portal 2024 Registration and Camping | Stream 123

NYSC Portal for current Batch registration: Here is a general guide for or all the streams ( 1,2 and 3); the NYSC Portal is open for registration and other key functions for prospective corps members going for their service year.

As a Nigerian graduate, I understand the enthusiasm and emotions that surround being deployed for the national service, most especially if you have long expected to the call-up letter.

While waiting for mobilization, I saw lots of fake news websites that never provided me with the right answers and wasting my time with false hopes during my own time.

In this guide, I am here to ensure you get things done and also have enough time to focus on other things that matter. The NYSC portal is always open and awaits your actions when it is right but nothing will ever work unless your institution submits your name.

It is from this list that your school submit that you can access your status from the NYSC website. Having known that NYSC on its own does not produce the names of students that will go for the service, it is critical that you get your initial status update from your school NYSC office.

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How do I know if I am mobilized for NYSC?

To check your NYSC mobilization status, visit the NYSC Senate/Academic Board list portal at https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc2/VerifySenateLists.aspx. Choose your institution, enter your Matriculation Number and Surname, provide your date of birth, and then click the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status. If you have any uncertainties, feel free to contact your institution’s NYSC coordinator for further assistance.

Does that works or not? the rest of this guide is designed to help explore and make the best of the NYSC portal as you journey.

Essential Guidelines for NYSC Registration and Mobilization of Graduates

Dear Prospective Corps Members,

We understand the significance of a smooth registration process for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and to ensure your compliance, we have outlined crucial information for your guidance. Please pay careful attention to the following instructions:

Website Addresses:

Ensure you access the NYSC portal through one of the following URLs:

Registration Essentials:

  1. Have a functional email address and a Nigerian (GSM) telephone number for registration.
  2. Safeguard your login credentials (email address and password) for future NYSC portal access.

Locally Trained Graduates:

  • Use correct Matriculation numbers for registration.
  • Only those on the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists from their Institutions can register.

Foreign Trained Prospective Corps Members:

  • Refer to the Foreign Trained Mobilization Requirements here for detailed information.

Document Authenticity:

  • Submit genuine documents; presenting fake documents will lead to demobilization, decamping, and prosecution.

Passport Photograph Specifications:

  • Ensure your facial features are fully visible without distortion.
  • Frame your picture centrally with a white or off-white background and no shadows.

Biometric Verification:

  • Register personally; do not use proxies.
  • Biometric data collected will be used for verification at orientation camps.

Payment Information:

  • To receive call-up numbers via SMS and print call-up letters online, pay N2,786.24 (refer to the NYSC portal for payment details).
  • Those who opt not to pay can collect call-up numbers and letters from their respective schools.

Special Cases:

  • Married female prospective corps members must upload marriage certificates, evidence of name change, and husbands’ domicile details during registration.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised that orientation camps are not suitable for accommodation.

Geo-Political Zone Contacts:

  • Contact the following telephone numbers if you face mobilization challenges in the respective zones:
    • South East: 08092142614
    • South South: 08102790538
    • North Central: 08092142661
    • South West: 09038034460
    • North West: 08092142616
    • North East: 07018836388

Part-Time Graduates:

  • All part-time graduates must register online and print their exclusion letters online.

Foreign-Trained Graduates:

  • Use Nigerian phone numbers during the online registration process.

We hope this comprehensive guide facilitates a seamless NYSC registration experience for you. For any further inquiries, please contact the relevant telephone numbers provided.

What you can do in NYSC Portal

During the time of registration, before the process and even after you might have served the nation, here are few features and functions of the portal:

1. Checking Senate List or Equivalents

One of the crucial steps in the NYSC online registration process is verifying your name on the Senate list or its equivalents from your school. This list confirms your eligibility for national service.

To do this on the NYSC portal, navigate to the “Check Senate List” section. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list that reflects the students approved by the university to participate in the NYSC program. Ensure your name is on this list before proceeding with the registration.

2. Viewing the Graduation List

The Graduation List is another vital component of your NYSC registration. It showcases the compilation of students from your institution who are eligible for national service. This list is usually published by your school, and you can access it on the NYSC portal.

By checking the Graduation List, you confirm that your academic qualifications align with the NYSC requirements, paving the way for a smooth registration process.

3. Following Biometric Instructions

Biometric verification is an integral part of the NYSC registration process. The NYSC portal provides clear and concise Biometric Instructions to guide you through this step.

Biometric data, including fingerprints and facial recognition, adds a layer of security to the registration process. Follow the outlined instructions carefully to ensure a successful capture of your biometric information, which is essential for identity verification during the service year.

4. Checking the Status of Your School

To stay informed about the accreditation status of your institution and its programs, utilize the “Accredited Institutions/Programmes” section on the NYSC portal.

This feature allows you to verify the current standing of your school, ensuring that it meets the necessary criteria for participation in the NYSC program. Stay updated on any changes or updates regarding the accreditation status of your institution to avoid complications during the registration process.

In summary, these core activities on the NYSC portal play a pivotal role in streamlining your online registration experience. By checking the Senate list, viewing the Graduation List, following Biometric Instructions, and verifying your school’s status, you contribute to the accuracy and efficiency of the entire NYSC registration process, setting the foundation for a successful and fulfilling national service year.


When will NYSC Registration start?

For the current year, the NYSC portal opens 2-3 weeks before the mobilization for each of the streams or batches ( A, B, or C). To remain up to date with all current information about your current registration, this guide is here for you.

First, you will need to head over to the NYSC portal – it is same with last year and last stream. There, you will get every necessary update regarding your deployment.

Are NYSC member Federal workers?

From the letter issued to corps place of primary assignment, it is explicitly stated that NYSC member should be treated as staff of the organization. This statement makes it clear that for the 8-10 months of service in any organization or office, you are considered a federal worker since your entry status remain NYSC.

Can NYSC be done twice?

By law, NYSC registration and service year is only stipulated to be carried out once. It is also noteworthy that NYSC can be deferred but there are terms to that which you can enquire from your school’s NYSC coordinator, for assistance and direction.

How can I locate NYSC Secretariat in my state?

Irrespective of the state you are posted, here is how to figure out where the secretariat is located:

NYSC Portal: How to find your secretariat

As at the time of updating this guide, I reside in Kano State where I served, and assuming I want to find the office, I will do a simple google search with the keyword “NYSC secretariat in Kano state” You will have the list, with their contacts.

Ultimately, you will be provided with these information from your camp and in this regard, there is no case to answer.

Which NYSC Camp is the best in Nigeria?

Enugu state camp ( Awgu) is considered one of the largest cam; Ondo State orientation camm ps fingered as the finest and Plateau and Lagos State orientation are also in the list of top reviews but hay, look up!

I serverd in Karaye ( a remote village in Kano state); it is close to river and it was during a very cold harmattan season.

What informed my decision that NYSC is not about the beauty of the camp was the amazing experience we has with both the official who are mostly military personnel, our follow comrades and the entire community was nothing but superb.

So, while considering options to fill in as your preferred state, do not worry about the location more than your intention to offer your nation the best.

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