List of Countries to Get Job Abroad without IELTS

17 Countries to Get Job Abroad without IELTS or Study [Updated]

IELTS not required countries for Jobs abroad, as it is mostly referred to, are those countries where you can apply and get a job without having IELTS as a mandatory requirement. Some of these nations may also accept international students to study and work in the countries without IELTS as the yardstick for acceptance.

To study and work abroad, for most countries, IELTS serves as one of the most pronounced eligibility requirements for candidates who wish to study or work abroad from different countries in the world.

One job ( career opportunity) abroad that we want you to access, in these recent days, is the Dubai Golden Visa Requirements (Cost, Duration, and Eligible Groups).

However, in this post, we have carefully made this list to help you and also provided links for other numerous career opportunities around you. If you are in Nigeria or intend to learn the complete processes, here is How to Seat for IELTS Exam in Nigeria

Also previously, we also made a compilation of Best Menial Jobs People do in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

This was from firsthand information and we feel it may be interesting to any of our readers.

List of Countries to Get Job Abroad without IELTS

(Countries that do not require IELTS for Jobs abroad are:)

  1. Spain
  2. Dubai
  3. Poland 
  4. Italy
  5. Singapore
  6. Japan
  7. Malaysia
  8. India
  9. France
  10. China
  11. Japan
  12. Greece
  13. Hungary
  14. Russia
  15. Israel
  16. Philippines

When applying for Visas to live or study abroad, many applicants are always faced with the challenge of passing the IELTS test.

To circumvent this difficulty, Jobreaders have taken time to put together a list of countries to get jobs without IELTS.

Most Asian countries, South American countries, Southern European countries, African Countries.

And, of course, that was not the only List of Countries to Get a Job Abroad without IELTS around the world.

Your choice depends on your choice of job and destination country.

You need to also understand that these countries are not making IELTS compulsory as part of the requirements for entering because they do not want foreigners in their countries.

But because they want you to work or study in a friendly environment; where the English language will not pose as a barrier to you.

They are doing everything possible to ensure that everyone who is in their countries understands the basics of their primary language.

They are strategically making sure that language does not cause any problem for you while you work or study in their countries.

Which countries need Ielts for job?

IELTS is proof of English Language Proficiency for work or study in most countries in the world.

However, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia, USA takes lead in the list of countries that require IELTS for migration purposes.

(Countries That Require IELTS for Jobs Abroad)

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Holland (Netherlands)
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Germany and many others

It is also known that most English Countries require this test score from their potential migrants and employees from various parts of the world.

To get a job abroad without IELTS you need to know about these countries that accept employees from other countries without IELTS.

Here also, the article is organized with links for students who seek scholarships to fund their courses abroad.

More than 25,000 companies all over the world recognize IELTS (International English Language Testing System) to be a part of their job recruitment factors.

It is generally believed by employers that if you have passed the IELTS test successfully, then you can communicate in your new environment with your co-workers, clients, and customers effectively in the English language which has a high advantage to the organization where you will be working.

IELTS is acknowledged by many employers for job recruitment, professional bodies for assessment, schools, and governments for immigration purposes.

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the main global English language tests that non-native English language speakers.

These groups (foreigners) are required to undergo a test when applying to live and work or when seeking admission to study in a school in another country, mainly English-speaking countries.

This international standardized test (IELTS) is one of the requirements stipulated by employers in English-speaking countries to foreigners applying for jobs in their companies to test for their proficiency in the English language before employment.

Other International English Tests You Could Take Before Being Employed Abroad

Some of the English language tests which you could be made to take while processing your visa to work or study in an English speaking country apart from IELTS are the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) and OPI/OPIc (Oral Proficiency Interview/Oral Proficiency Interview – computer). 

You could be required to take one or more of these tests depending on what you are applying for; be it to work or study abroad.

Alternatively, you can also consider one of the best countries in the world that with a higher acceptance rate for international students and career immigrants. Read: 107+ Scholarships and Jobs Opportunities in Canada 2021

Why You Need To Take IELTS

As a non-native speaker of the English language and a job applicant seeking to work abroad in an English-speaking country, most of the time, you need an IELTS assessment to be able to start your dream job abroad.

IELTS tests for your four basic skills in the English language (which are reading skill, writing skill, listening skill, and speaking skill) as they are mandatory for your success in your new job or study program.

Always ensure you have a skill or experience before you start applying. Apply for some skill acquisition program opportunities here.

Related Guide! Do you want to learn how to get a fully funded scholarship as an international student? Kindly watch this video:

What are the Different Types of IELTS Test

There are two types of IELTS tests available for you, which depend on your objectives. One is the IELTS Academic while the second is IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic: You are required to take this test if you are applying to study in a school in countries that are native speakers of English.

The purpose of this test is to measure your proficiency in the use of the English language that will be suitable for an academic environment.

It demonstrates and evaluates if you are qualified in the use of the English language to start your academic training or study program.

IELTS General Training: You will need to take this test if you are applying for a job in countries that are native speakers of the English language.

It practically tests your strength in everyday use of the English language.

The test considers your ability to use the language effectively and efficiently in everyday work environments and in social gatherings.

These two tests are marked in the same way but serve different purposes

For instance, if you are considering traveling to Canada or the UK for a job, to live, or to study, you will need to take the IELTS test to brace up your UK Visa Application Process.

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) Academic or General Training are the available options for you.

See also: Canada Visa Requirements Here and also the Estimated Cost of Study in the UK with a Part-Time Job. These blocks and links are for students who wish to study in any of the countries.

It has been also noted that studying in a country increases one’s chances of employment in the nation.

Understand the Format of the IELTS Test

As a candidate who is about to undertake the IELTS test, you must first understand the formats of the test in order to perform very well in the test.

This is because even in conventional exams if you understand the exam formats before you get to the examination hall.

There is a good probability of scoring higher in the exam than those who do not know the formats before taking the exam.

In any of the IELTS, you will need to undergo the first three parts of the test in a day, in this chronological order: Listening, Reading, and Writing.

Note that these three tests are taken at the same time without any form of break.

However, you will be given the last test which is the test that tests for your speaking skill in English after the break which comes after taking the first three IELTS tests.

Though on some occasions, you are given the test the following day or seven days before or after the time of undergoing the first three parts.

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How to get Job in other Countries

Getting a job in other Countries is not as difficult as it has been presumed to smell, by the agents who strive to earn a living.

This is not actually related to this post about a list of Countries to Get a Job Abroad without IELTS.

But in the actual sense here is what you need to learn about getting Job in other Countries:

Destination Clarity: As an international resident, you must study your destination country, to know the terms of any job opportunity you may be presented with.

Eligibility: Jobs for foreigners are may have some level of disparities with that of others, but you need to align with the companies’ policies and demand for international employees.

Find the Recruiter: There are great platforms like LinkedIn, free web blogs, and other digital platforms where one can search for jobs in other countries. You can ask questions regarding the comment section. 

But in all, it is recommended you remain committed to searching and discerning for your career opportunities.

Situation Where You Can Get A Job In IELTS Compulsory Countries Without IELTS

It is not questionable if UK countries, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and more will allow you to start a job without IELTS in their country.

Entrance to these countries without IELTS is almost impossible for you despite the fact that the IELTS exam is not as difficult as rumored by people when you adequately prepare for it.

However, there are companies and Universities in all of these International English Language Testing systems compulsory countries that will consider you on some special occasions.

And that is when you have proven beyond a reasonable doubt to the company in concern that you can do the job excellently or you won a scholarship award that does not require IELTS by the awarding institution.

It is now left for you to decide which country is best for you from the ones I listed above.

Please, always check for their Visa requirements and policies put in place for foreign workers before you rush to apply for your dream job.

But the real question remains, do you need these Countries to Get a Job Abroad without IELTS?

Here is Our Motivation

We did not make up this list on our own because we know you are very serious about the search.

Even though some of these countries might have made changes to their policies regarding these basic career requirements one of the things you have to believe.

The belief is that there are more than tens of countries in the world that do not require IELTS to offer you placement and other great career opportunities.

APPLY NOW: List of Ongoing Scholarships for Eligible Students around the World

You can also make further research using your destination/dream countries.

For instance, you can search for “Does Canada require IELTS from Immigrants on Jobs” on Google or through any other search engine of your preference.

Here at Jobreaders we are concerned with how to make your career worth an amazing one.

On this website, we share global career opportunities, jobs, and top-notch scholarship insights.

But in all, we make sure it aligns with the goals and needs of a young global leader. You can visit our site to like and follow our page.

Good luck!

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